Nadler’s Trump Hunt Is Dead and He’s the Only One Who Doesn’t Know


Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) on Friday outlined details of what he and the House Judiciary Committee will continue doing to further beat the dead horse that is his witch hunt investigation into President Trump.

To much of America, it came off as more of a cry for help. Here is a thirty-six second snippet of Nadler’s babble-fest:

For the past couple of years Democrats have been waiting for Robert Mueller to be their Santa Claus, delivering them a litany of impeachable offenses all neatly wrapped up with a pretty bow on top.

When Santa wrote them a letter in the form of the special counsel report and it didn’t include any clear mention of the presents, they were convinced that he would most definitely bring them in person.

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So they subpoenaed him.

When Santa came down the Capitol Hill chimney on Wednesday all he brought with him to give the Democrats was a big bag of coal, which he then awkwardly delivered.

Almost everyone but the Democrats knew it was coal.

Members of the House Judiciary Committee still think they got a present:

On the same day that Nadler and his Democratic cohorts on the Judiciary Committee found a reason to press forward some of the American people supposedly feeling all of that urgency were weighing in.

The New York Times ran an Opinion piece titled, “The Mueller Fantasy Comes Crashing Down.”

I’m so old I remember when the Democrats used to listen to everything the Times said.

This is from Dan Abrams’ Law & Crime:

Ross Garber, a CNN legal analyst, attorney and professor of Political Investigations & Impeachment Law at Tulane Law School, had a different take on the Friday news. In his view, the move by Democrats was “startlingly weak.”

“Chairman Nadler said recently the Judiciary Committee was evaluating articles of impeachment. This filing verifies that impeachment is under consideration,” Garber told Law&Crime. “It is a startlingly weak and ineffectual impeachment process. But it’s the process the House leadership has chosen.”

Vice News described Nadler’s folly quite succinctly:

Less than 48 hours after former Special Counsel Robert Mueller gave a halting performance on Capitol Hill, House Judiciary Democrats gave a halting performance of their own, holding a press conference to announce what is ostensibly an escalation in their investigation into Trump, while failing to deliver a coherent message about what exactly they are doing.

Even House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler appeared uncertain.

Asked Friday if their latest lawsuit for Mueller’s underlying evidence marked an escalation over where they were yesterday, Nadler responded, “Yes,” then he pauseld d to consider. “ I don’t know.”

More examples in the same vein could be offered, but this is a blog post, not a New Yorker article.

The point is that Nadler’s blinders are strong and they don’t appear to be coming off any time soon. They do keep him stumbling forward towards a goal that can only be described as “ORANGE BAD MAN MUST GO!”

They can talk about the American people all they want, but most of us grew weary of the political blood lust of the Democrats a long, long time ago.

Meanwhile, President Trump — the object of their disaffection — is having fun with Nadler’s flailing. On Friday night he did what he does best when he wants to needle someone, he took to Twitter:

Happy Weekend, everyone.

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