Wait… the Tyrant of Turkey is *still* getting invited to the White House?


Just this morning we were talking about the unfolding disaster in Syria near the Turkish border. This decision to start pulling our troops out rests on the President’s shoulders, but it was hastened by the fact that our supposed “ally,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was planning to move his troops in and begin taking out our Kurdish allies. Hence Trump’s call to get our troops “out of the way.”

So things are heading even further south in terms of our relationship with the Tyrant of Turkey. But wait! What’s this new news being confirmed today? We’d heard rumors of it in recent days and it was discussed on Trump’s last call with Erdogan, but it’s being reported that he’s going ahead with plans to have Erdogan come back to Washington again for another formal meeting at the White House. We have truly crossed over into Bizzaro Land. (Associated Press)

A day after threatening Turkey with economic ruin if it goes too far in invading northern Syria, President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will meet at the White House next month.

The announcement came one day after Trump publicly warned Turkey it would be in “big trouble” if any American troops in Syria are injured during a military operation Turkey is preparing to launch against Kurdish fighters who had been allied with the United States against Islamic State militants.

The White House earlier this week announced plans to move U.S. troops out of harm’s way in northern Syria because it seemed that Turkey was intent on moving into Syria to confront Kurdish fighters that it claims are terrorists that threaten its national security.

I know what some of the President’s more ardent supporters are going to say. If you don’t keep the lines of communication open, no progress toward a deal can happen. True enough, at least in theory. But there’s also a point where you’ve crossed over the River Crazy without putting protective pennies over your eyes. This certainly looks like one of those times.

Does the President remember what happened last time he invited Erdogan over for dinner? Fifteen of his bodyguards started beating down some protesters right in the middle of Washington. (Oh, and we later conveniently dropped all the charges against all of them.) He also took an American pastor captive and held him hostage in a Turkish prison for more than a year before Trump finally cut a deal to get him out.

The guy has recently started buying Russian missile systems and jets that aren’t compatible with all of our NATO hardware and will probably compromise protected data to the Russians. Before that he completely destroyed what was once one of the most promising democracies in that region, rewriting the constitution to give him absolute power and set himself up as president for life. He’s locked up journalists, teachers and political opponents. Reports of Erdogan having his critics simply assassinated are legion.

And now, on top of all that, he’s getting ready to send in his shock troops to start gunning down our allies. And you want to have the guy over for dinner? I’d really like to think that Trump is playing three-dimensional chess here and I’m just too dim to get it. But this simply looks insane.

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