BBC video: It’s Merry Impeachment, not Merry Christmas, America


BBC decided to put Democrats and anti-Trumpers into the Christmas spirit by commissioning a non-profit choir in Washington, D.C. to perform “The Twelve Days of Impeachment” to the tune of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. Yes, really.

Apparently, BBC thought it would be a good idea to stick it to half of the American voters in order to celebrate the left’s victory. BBC is famously left-leaning. It is a British public service broadcaster with headquarters in London. It has an audience of millions across the globe. It included a little historical reference in the video. Throughout the video, there are cameo appearances from political leaders and participants in the impeachment hearings.

BBC captioned video of the performance with description of the impeachment’s historical precedent. “President Donald Trump became the third president in American history to be impeached, exactly one week before Christmas. He now faces a trial in the Senate that will decide whether he remains in office.” BBC then explained that they commissioned the “Washington International Chorus” to perform the politically savvy carol.

Are you not entertained, Trump supporters? Good heavens. Did the BBC commission an impeachment Christmas carol when Bill Clinton was impeached? Of course not. Granted that was a different time and social media didn’t exist but you get the picture. There is nothing off-limits to The Resistance when it comes to attempting to trash President Trump. Even the season of Christmas doesn’t slow them down, they just brought the holiday into their vacuum. That is the priority of the left, while Christians around the world are recognizing the birth of Jesus.

Who is the Washington International Chorus? According to its website, it’s a nonprofit that reflects “positive cultural encounters and exchange” bringing people together through song, or something. Did that highly political version of a Christmas carol bring anyone together? All it did was keep the divides in America’s current political landscape boldly drawn.

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The Washington International Chorus is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, tax-deductible nonprofit organization that exists for the sheer enjoyment of singing classical music. Singers are committed to performing music that is representative of various countries by tapping into the vast potential of cultural diversity in the Washington DC metropolitan and surrounding areas. We believe that choral music is particularly suitable for demonstrating the cultural richness of the world’s peoples and communities. We are a secular, classical chorus although as we explore other cultures’ music we sometimes include traditional and modern arrangements of indigenous songs.

Transcending mere language, live choral performance allows audiences to experience the beauty, complexity and distinctiveness of living cultural heritage. At the same time, it serves as a reflection of positive cultural encounters and exchange, in which diverse traditions and languages communicate through art and come together through song.

Maybe the BBC felt the need to gin up a reaction to impeachment because, for the most part, world leaders have been silent about it. I think they are taking a bit more reserved response to all things Trump after the video went viral of Trudeau and the others mocking Trump at the NATO conference in London earlier this month. Or, maybe they are all busy dealing with their own problems. Protesting and rioting are common these days in Europe, Hong Kong, and South America, too. Our European betters are savvy enough to realize that Trump may have been impeached by the House but he won’t be found guilty in the Senate’s trial and will not be removed from office. And, many Americans don’t even care.

In the U.K., The Times columnist Gerard Baker noted that the impeachment process, which has occurred more frequently over the past 46 years than in the first 186 years of constitutional history, has become a “routine” political weapon used amid the “heightened partisanship that characterises American politics.” The Guardian’s David Smith, looking towards a likely acquittal in the Republican-controlled Senate next year, wrote: “Impeachment naturally gives satisfaction to the president’s critics, like seeing a bully get a bloody nose. But it is now far from certain the bullying will stop or that Trump will even suffer for it.”

In France, Le Monde’s Washington Correspondent, Gilles Paris, wrote that despite damning witness testimonies, Trump’s hold on the Republicans was confirmed in yesterday’s vote and set the scene for the trial to go one way in 2020. Le Figaro pointed to Trump’s likely reelection next year, given his popularity in the polls and despite his “boorishness.”

Germany’s Die Welt remarks that Trump is “exactly the type of president the American founding fathers always warned” of when writing impeachment into the constitution, but adds that the “necessary” process will further divide Americans. “It would have been even worse if the US Congress had accepted Trump’s behavior as the new normal state of American politics,” writer Clemens Wergin said.

Spain’s El Diario remarked that the impeachment proceedings are probably not American voters’ top priority going into the 2020 election, adding that it ranks below climate change, the economy and healthcare.

The foreign press are acknowledging the impeachment but the leaders are silent.

Swing Left, a member of The Resistance, is a group formed after President Trump’s inauguration to provide an easy way for Democrats to volunteer in swing districts. The group has a Tweet encouraging supporters to sing an Impeachment carol. It’s not based on an elaborate message but more of a technical one – the federal statute on bribery. Remember, the Democrats tested words to use during the impeachment process and bribery polled well.

That’s not very entertaining, is it? The BBC can enjoy their ugly politicizing of Christmas for Americans but most of America is yawning about it. They continue on with their own lives and let the politicians fight it out. Meanwhile, Trump’s not going anywhere and all this impeachment theatre will likely end up in his re-election in 2020.

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