Are you ready for the Hillary Clinton docuseries on Hulu?


To quote Hillary Clinton herself, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” In March, Hulu will release a four-part docuseries on Hillary Clinton. Will it be a blockbuster hit for the streaming service or has everyone finally had their fill of her and her unending need for attention? It is titled Hillary which seems like a really unimaginative title.

Despite the ho-hum beginning with the title, the docuseries is described as historic by Hulu and will debut at the Sundance Film Festival. Wednesday it was announced that Hillary will attend the premiere and participate in a Q&A, along with the director. Who among us is surprised that Madame President will take the opportunity to deliver her opinions to a “star-studded crowd” in an elitist setting? The director, Nanette Burstein, spoke about access to Hillary’s life story. It includes Bill and Chelsea, too.

“This was a fantastic opportunity,” said Burstein. “Secretary Clinton gave me extraordinary access to her life story, which is utterly compelling. Beyond that, given the particulars of her narrative, we were able to highlight the history of the women’s movement over the last fifty years, and especially what happens to women who aspire to take on roles traditionally inhabited by men.”

The docuseries will have interviews Clinton, her husband former President Bill Clinton, her daughter Chelsea Clinton, as well as staff, friends and journalists.

The project will have moments that have never been seen before form her 2016 campaign, as well as what Hulu calls “biographical chapters of Clinton’s life and seeks to examine how she became at once one of the most admired and vilified women in the world.”

I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to believe that there is much of anything that hasn’t been previously released about Hillary Clinton’s life, even about her failed presidential campaign. According to the director, she was given “free rein to pose even the most difficult questions to Clinton.” The trailer for the docuseries doesn’t reveal anything we don’t already know about her and her life with Bill. It will be interesting to see what exactly the difficult questions are, though.

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Hillary has been releasing photographs on social media that are decades old. She did it with posts during the Christmas season, using old Christmas cards. Continuing along the same lines, a picture was posted on her Instagram account when the docuseries was announced. It looks to be between 20 and 30 years old. Maybe it shows up in the docuseries.

A Sundance director really loves Hillary now, you know, after watching the four-hour docuseries. He was a fan of Hillary’s before, though.

“It’s a more nuanced and much more personal [project], getting to know somebody as a person as much as their political life,” Sundance director John Cooper tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I was a Hillary supporter, but I don’t know if I ever loved her as much as I did watching this film. Her strength and intelligence. Seeing the struggle of her trying to [run for president] in a changing world. All the rules were changing. Things that were happening that would kick a candidate [like Donald Trump] out were making him stronger. It’s just fascinating to watch.”

The CEO of Hulu is a fan, too.

“Hillary is a deeply personal, reflective and unflinching look at the woman who is arguably the most recognizable female political figure in history,” said Randy Freer, CEO, Hulu. “Hillary is yet another example of Hulu’s continued commitment to elevating powerful and relevant stories about the human experience and joins our growing slate of original documentaries including award-winning Minding The Gap and Ask Dr. Ruth.”

There is a possibility that both Clinton and the Obamas might find themselves at Sundance at the same time. That would be liberal nirvana. The documentary “Crip Camp,” produced by Higher Ground, the production company opened by former President Obama and Michelle Obama will also premiere at Sundance.

I admit when it comes to Hulu, I’ll watch Hillary. I like documentaries, though four hours is a stretch. I’ll be curious about what she says. We all know she’s not going anywhere. She’ll stay on the stage as long as she can.

The Sundance Film Festival will be held from Jan. 23 to Feb. 2, 2020. Hillary debuts exclusively on Hulu on March 6, 2020.

I’ll end with this little post that appeared on Hillary’s Twitter account Wednesday. Why? I don’t know but let’s hope it’s not about encouraging her to run again. And, note – it’s another decades-old clip of her. It’s just weird at this point.

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