The Morning Briefing: Spare Us the Wrath of the Commie Beta Bernie Bros


Mini-Stalins Do Not Impress

James O’Keefe is currently in the midst of rolling out what I now think is my favorite sting project of his, and I’ve known him since the ACORN days.

O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Action is doing a characteristic slow-play release of some hidden-camera footage obtained from inside the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Megan wrote about the first one last week, where some beta tool named Kyle Jurek — a Sanders staffer — is blathering on about burning cities, hard labor in gulags, and generally fan-girling over Josef Stalin.

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Sanders defenders were quick to dismiss Jurek as an anomaly, assuring the general public that your typical Bernie Bro isn’t a raging commie.

Say hello to paid Beta Bernie Bro Martin Weissgerber, whom Megan wrote about as well.

Well, that escalated quickly.

Marty here wants to get armed and learn how to shoot so he can go subjugate those of us who are already armed and know how to shoot.

As strategies go, this one is a little lacking and lagging behind.

The guillotine threat may seem violent but it’s probably just an indication that Marty is more likely to cry at Les Mis than he is to take up arms and battle anyone.

Sanders’ supporters are representative of the man they are working so hard to get elected president. I haven’t been referring to Bernie as a commie for all of these years because I want to be snarky, although that’s often a secondary goal.

I call him a commie because he’s a commie.

And a wannabe fascist.

The Sanders Doctrine consists of rhetoric that is heavy with mentions of being punitive to any individuals or groups Sanders deems unacceptable to his New World Order. One doesn’t achieve his types of goals in a representative republic. A heavy-handed commie dictatorship is more conducive to turning a country into Bernie World. (Sandersland? I was torn.)

As such, Bernie attracts the Jureks and Weissgerbers of the world — scared little boys who are desperate to become part of a collective that will help them not soil themselves whenever a stranger says “Boo!”

When the Sanders types come into power, it’s kids like this who they put in charge of things because they’ll ruthlessly work out their mommy and daddy issues via their subjugation of the citizenry.

In a free America, they’re merely a couple of hipster wusses.

Let’s keep it that way.

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Post-apocalypse hairdos are going to be tragic.


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