The Morning Briefing: Bolton’s Book Leak Will Be the Latest ‘BOMBSHELL!’ Dud for the Dems


Here We Go Again

Had I been able to accurately predict the alcoholic cat lady levels of desperation and insanity that the Democrats would be driven to by their inability to let 2016 go, I would have paid closer attention to a few things from the time President Trump was sworn in.

One thing I’d like to have done since January of 2017 is keep a running tally of each “THIS IS THE THING!” that was supposed to have unraveled Trump’s presidency and — in the fever dream of the Democrats — magically pull Hillary Clinton out of her box of breakfast Franzia and install her on her throne.

Although the pace of the “episodes” has slowed, we must be in the tens of thousands by now.

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For the first six months of 2017, it seemed as if there was a new one every day, usually in the form of an anonymous leak that was certainly 100 percent positive going to the ONE THING that did in ORANGE MAN BAD.

The leak about John Bolton’s book that happened over the weekend is the latest these wearisome strings of attacks. In yesterday’s Briefing, I questioned the timing of the leak.

Team Schiff needs a Hail Mary. They limped the articles of impeachment over to the Senate with an incomplete case and Trump’s defense team is quite good, despite what you may read in the mainstream media. The Bolton leak keeps the Democrats’ hope of helping Mitt Romney fulfill his turncoat destiny and insisting upon calling new witnesses to keep this charade on life support for just a little bit longer.

Sen. Rand Paul has another theory about the timing of this leak and I kind of like that too:

North Carolina Republican Mark Meadows spent a good part of Monday imploring Republicans to keep focused and not get distracted by this “coordinated” effort by the Democrats to “change the narrative” in their desperation. That seems most to the point and, if true, would mean that the Democrats know it won’t be a real game-changer.

Still, they have to act as if it will be. Almost every other mention Bolton’s manuscript has the word “bombshell” in it, further lending credence to Meadows’ claim of coordination.

As Alan Dershowitz pointed out yesterday, even if all of the Bolton stuff turned out to be true, none of it rises to the level of an impeachable offense.

Should this play out the way the rest of the bombshells have –and there is no reason to think it won’t — it will have all of the effectiveness of one of those Iraqi SCUD missiles from the early 1990’s that more often than not landed fifty miles off target and not explode.

The Democrats are going to keep this up, of course, which will only help the president. There are even signs now that they might even completely lose their minds and nominate Bernie Sanders, which would practically be a dream come true. Let them keep tripping down this road until November.

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