Secular Reproductive ‘Health’ Education Is Teaching Our Kids to Have the ‘Self-Control of Farm Animals,’ Says Priest


Sex education has run amok in America to the point that actual adult film stars are hired to teach little children every possible practice known to mankind before they’ve had their first kiss. What is it doing to our young people? Are they safer, happier, and more equipped to handle life? Father Robert McTeigue says no. As a professor of philosophy and natural law, and a Jesuit priest, McTeigue has studied every aspect of human sexuality from the scientific to the philosophic points of view and in his experience, no one is any happier after adhering to the secular dictates of human sexuality that is pushed on our children through the public schools and media.

“If you get sexual ethics right in your life, nearly every aspect of your morality falls into place, and if you get it wrong, nothing else is going to work,” he told PJ Media. Repeatedly we are told that teaching children abstinence does not work. McTeigue disagrees. “A lot of the statistics the sex-educrats refer to are about as reliable as having the tobacco manufacturers talk about second-hand smoke or lung cancer,” he said. “It’s like trying to get accurate information about abortion from Planned Parenthood.”

“They don’t really want ‘comprehensive’ education,” McTeigue said. “Because then I would teach sex education and I’ll teach them that taking the pill is more [consequential] than taking a handful of Tic Tacs and latex doesn’t work like magic.” Contrary to the constant claim that latex-protected activity is “safe,” many diseases that are skin-contact-transferable are not inhibited in any way. Current statistics show that one in four people has herpes and STD rates among young adults are a constant problem. None of the education they’ve received from the “experts” appears to be helping.

“There are all kinds of STDs which are cancer-causing, which can rob you of fertility, which can disfigure you, which can kill you that are transmitted through skin contact rather than the transmission of bodily fluids,” said McTeigue. “Planned Parenthood telling young kids that putting on a condom can be a fun part of foreplay…but if you do that, congratulations, you also have enough exposure to get a skin-contact STD.”

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“When did sexual pleasure become the greatest good?” continued McTeigue. The philosophical difficulty of elevating pleasure to a “right,” as current morality says, is extremely problematic. “If you have a right to sexual pleasure, that means no one can say no to you. Is that the direction you want to move the culture?”

Throughout human history, the practice of selfishness leads to unhappiness. “Anything that is fundamentally selfish is destructive,” said McTeigue. “Being other-centered, being sacrificial, being generous, being life-giving; that’s the basis of joy.” When McTeigue would teach his class he would ask the students a simple question. “I want you to think of your ten most promiscuous friends. How happy are they?” None of his students could ever come up with an example of a promiscuous yet happy and well-adjusted individual. “We’ve been getting it wrong. [What’s being taught in our schools] is recruitment for a destructive lifestyle that’s going to make some people rich.”

“What do we think is going to happen after raising generation after generation of people who’ve got the self-control of farm animals?” said McTeigue. “How is that humanizing? Animals don’t have free will, they don’t have immortal souls, and they’re not destined to see God face to face. In the marriage relationship… fidelity and mutual self-sacrifice are supposed to be a mirror of how Christ loves the church and how the church loves Christ…how very different from just being a dog in heat!”

Modern education teaches kids that all urges should be followed since they are no different from animals. “If you’re going to make us just animals, then consent doesn’t matter and welcome to the jungle,” said McTeigue

Father McTeigue goes into much more detail on this week’s episode of The Fringe podcast. VIP members can hear the whole interview including McTeigue’s advice on teaching kids sane sex-ed and much more.

Megan Fox is the author of “Believe Evidence; The Death of Due Process from Salome to #MeToo,” and host of The Fringe podcast. Follow on Twitter @MeganFoxWriter


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