The Morning Briefing: On a Scale of Mao to Stalin, How Bad Would President Bernie Be?


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Gramps Ain’t Playin’ 

Despite the fact that he has been a fundraising machine and firmly in second place throughout this Democratic run to the 2020 presidential nomination, Bernie Sanders has been little more than the commie curiosity who no one really thought would knock off Joe Biden.

Now that there is a very real possibility that Bernie could win the first two nominating contests it’s worth pondering the consequences of this loon getting any more power.

I know, most of you are probably in agreement with me that a Sanders nomination would practically guarantee President Trump’s re-election. I do, however, always get nervous whenever a candidate with consistent fundraising power just hangs around. It’s best not to get too cocky when the one who may blindside you is from a fringe that would unravel the fabric of the Republic.

It’s very telling that Sanders is so far left that even 2020 Democrats think he’s out there. Our very own VodkaPundit chronicled the agita that Bernie gives the Dem Establishment.

Sanders has now given us a glimpse of what a nightmare he would be if given the reins to the Executive Branch.

Bernie’s fascist, authoritarian bent is, of course, part and parcel of the commie way he so fancies. He will need to get everything done via executive action because most of America won’t be encouraging their representatives to travel down his path.

What’s most disturbing is Sanders’ dismissiveness of the Legislative Branch. It’s as if he wants it gone entirely, which is not unusual for those leaning to the commie side of things.

He doesn’t want to be President Sanders, he wants to be Supreme Leader Sanders.

And he’s getting a little too close to making it happen.

A Word From the Satire Portion of the Briefing

Yes, we are all fans of the Babylon Bee here, but there are other satirical sites out there doing good work. In the interest of mixing things up and keeping them fresh, I’m going to begin a rotation with tweets from the Bee, The Onion, and Reductress. It’ll be fun, I promise.

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