AOC: Let me shoot you some knowledge from famed economist “Milton Keenes”


A leftover from yesterday. We all have our brain-freeze moments, and she’s not terribly bright to begin with, but how does an economics major cough up “Milton Keenes” when referring to Keynes (pronounced “canes”)?

It’s like a diehard baseball fan praising legendary Yankees slugger “Baby Roth.” Or “Babe Gehrig,” maybe, since she’s obviously thinking of Milton Friedman too. Whose economic theories are … not normally confused for Keynes’s.

Now I want a reporter to ask her what she thinks “MMT” stands for. If she’s going to transform the U.S. into a command economy, she should at least have to demonstrate a third-grade grasp of left-wing macroeconomics first. Ten questions, multiple choice to make it easy on her. Question one: “When economic growth is strong, deficits should _________” (a) shrink, (b) grow, (c) stay the same.

I guess the GOP wouldn’t answer that one correctly either.

Meanwhile in New Hampshire, the Democratic Party continues to creep closer to handing its presidential nomination to AOC’s candidate of choice:

A second poll of New Hampshire also has Bernie back in front of Pete Buttigieg, 24/22, after trailing him by a point yesterday. Both surveys find Amy Klobuchar rising on the strength of her debate performance on Friday night and Mayor Pete slipping as some moderate voters migrate from him to her. Sanders and his socialist fans couldn’t have asked for a better outcome from that event, as a little Klomentum in New Hampshire on Tuesday could splinter the centrist vote in Nevada and South Carolina. Bernie’s consolidating the progressives, no one’s consolidating the liberals — exactly the conditions he needs to sweep the early states and build up irreversible momentum.

Watching a bunch of traditional pols like Biden, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar attack each other while the nontraditional populist in the race sneaks through to victory after victory to their collective ruin feels familiar somehow. I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Anyway, AOC went on to acknowledge later that she goofed in her economic spiel here and of course had meant Keynes, attributing the mistake to a “typo.” How do you make a “typo” in a spoken statement?

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