The Morning Briefing: Let’s Stop Calling Them Never Trump ‘Republicans’


Clean Up On Aisle Failure

My various misgivings with the mainstream media and liberal bias are never-ending and well-chronicled. There are cyclical variations on a theme, with some themes cropping up more than others.

A recent peeve of mine is the continued use in the political press of the phrase “Never Trump Republicans.”

It’s been popping up more often, most recently in the news that “Never Trump Republicans” are trying to defibrillate Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep’s campaign in New Hampshire:

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Embittered “Never Trump” Republicans 
tied to former Ohio Gov. John Kasich have secretly schemed to assist Joe Biden’s campaign — because they think he’s the only Democrat who can beat the president and help them get “revenge,” The Post has learned.

Emails obtained by The Post show that two top staffers from Kasich’s failed, 2016 primary campaign and Ohio’s former GOP chairman, a Kasich ally, were among those involved in efforts to boost support for the former vice president in last week’s botched Iowa caucus and Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary.

It’s rich that this group is tied to Kasich, who was the worst kind of Republican before Never Trump became a thing. That a group of failed, flailing Republicans from 2016 are now trying to help a Democrat in 2020 only to see him fall apart is particularly delightful.

Here was my initial reaction to seeing this news about this group trying to save Biden:

The faux “Republicans” behind the Never Trump tantrum “Lincoln Project” are so desperate to destroy Trump and real Republicans running for office that they’re OK “even if that means Democratic control of the Senate and an expanded Democratic majority in the House.”

That’s not principled opposition, that’s backstabbing.

The media and the Nevers insist on using the word “Republicans” is that they want to create the illusion of some statistically significant, allegedly principled, resistance to the president from within his own party.

As the kids say, LOLOLOLOLOL.

Trump’s approval rating has risen because of higher ratings among both Republicans and independents. His 94% approval rating among Republicans is up six percentage points from early January and is three points higher than his previous best among his fellow partisans.

Ninety-four percent.

The Nevers aren’t a resistance movement, they’re a statistical gnat, continually being swatted away by reality.

And they are most definitely not Republicans.

Commenting Rules

I am going to be taking an active role in moderating comments from now on, so I thought I would establish some rules for interaction in this benevolent dictatorship of mine.

I don’t mind differing opinions — I’m a lifelong conservative who’s spent his career in the entertainment industry. It’s not like I’ve never had a lively political discussion with people who don’t agree with me. If, however, anyone wanders in just to troll with expletive-laden playground taunts, they’re out. For good.

I think we know who I’m talking about here.

Regarding the expletives: I have no language restrictions whatsoever on stage, so if I can keep it clean here, everyone else can.

Other things I won’t tolerate:



San Francisco Giants fans.

That about covers it.

The one downside, of course, to throwing the ban hammer at people who act like tools in the comments is that, in their fevered little minds, they view being banned as some sort of victory.

That’s only because none of them have ever actually won anything.

Let’s have some fun now.

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