The Morning Briefing: Trump Thrills Daytona 500 Fans and Gives New Meaning to ‘Flyover Country’


The Power of the Incumbency Compels You

President Trump is certainly enjoying all of the inherent advantages of incumbency as he campaigns for re-election.

While the Democrats are flailing and trying to figure out how to count votes or not nominate a communist, the president is using that nice big plane of his, flying all over the country and trolling the poor dears.

On Sunday, Trump swept out of the sky over the Daytona 500, electrifying the huge crowd while buzzing it in Air Force One before pacing the field in his presidential limo nicknamed “The Beast.” Megan wrote all about it and the reaction (the positive stuff, anyway) yesterday.

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This is Trump in his element: the center of attention of a massive audience, big production value…all the trappings of the biggest bully pulpit in the land.

The complaints that many Republicans still have about Trump — which I find to be beyond tedious at this point — are the very things that will most likely propel him to victory in November.

His reality television instincts for selling the brand are unparalleled, and he is bringing all of his salesmanship skills to this fight.

His relaxed demeanor — he’s clearly in his element right now — stands in stark contrast to the flailing you-know-what show going on with the Democrats these days. A November election isn’t won in February, obviously, but there is a lot to be said for a solid, spectacular launch, which Trump is pulling off.

Sunday’s display in Daytona no doubt struck fear into the hearts of the Democrats. While Florida may not technically be “flyover country,” the term is really used to apply to all of the right-leaning voters who don’t live in the coastal media bubbles.

The symbolism of the president of the United States literally flying over an appreciative flyover country crowd was positively brilliant. The Daytona 500 is always exciting, but the announcers were commenting on it being unusually so this year before the race because of the president’s arrival:

Apologies for the typo there, Twitter’s lack of an edit option continues to annoy.

The size and enthusiasm of the crowd’s Trump has seen this year have been something to behold. 2016 was an historic election in that it showed that the once-almost unbeatable power of the mainstream media was weakening.

Now, we’re seeing that the relentless drumbeat of negativity in the press regarding the president has had almost no effect once one gets away from the effete kombucha-swilling freakshows on either coast.

The Democrats would like to forget that the people who were so excited to see the president on Sunday exist. They certainly aren’t crafting any sort of message to appeal to them. The president is using everything at his disposal to shine a light on that fact.

It’s kind of fun to watch.

(Note: the race was postponed due to rain and will resume today at 4 p.m. ET)

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Bee Me

The Kruiser Kabana

This isn’t a comedy interview but I still enjoyed it because it shows Carson’s brilliance for interviewing and getting the most out of his guests. He never tries to steal the show, always focusing on the guest. Also, the guest lists were better back then.

I won’t be working with power tools or much patience today.


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