Cher endorses Biden on Twitter: “Don’t give up Joe”


Cher has delivered her all-important aging boomer pop singer and actress endorsement to Joe Biden. Her show of support for the old guy was shown in a tweet, as happens in 2020. Her lack of proper punctuation can give her tweets an unfortunate meaning. So, it is on-brand for Cher to tweet support for Biden while the tweet’s punctuation doesn’t quite nail the landing.

Several days ago, her tweets about the need for using her head, not her heart in choosing a candidate began. Above all else, Democrats hold the ability to beat President Trump on Election Day as the top priority when choosing a candidate. That message seems to have sunk in with Cher. She even re-tweeted a link to James Carville’s scolding to his party on their embrace of socialist candidates (Bernie Sanders) and included a quote, “THERE’S ONLY WINNING”. She frequently uses capital letters randomly in tweets.

So, she’s willing to be practical instead of emotional in her choice of candidate. She doesn’t think the current roster of candidates has anyone who can beat Trump. She tweets to describe what voters must look for – the usual litany of requirements follows.

Does Joe Biden’s record scream “MAGNETIC, LEADER TO BRING US TOGETHER, WITH IMPECCABLE-BACKGROUND”? No, of course not. Joe Biden is so subdued on the campaign trail that President Trump refers to him as Sleepy Joe. The troubling whiff of corruption surrounding Hunter Biden and Joe Biden in the Burisma scandal, along with the emerging story of the same kind of corruption with Hunter and China, certainly do not give good old Joe an “impeccable” background. The Biden family’s swampiness reeks. Yet, Cher persists. She points out what a terrible candidate he truly is while sounding resigned to support him.

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Then Monday she tweeted out a little pep talk for Biden. She tells him she forgot for a minute how great he is and she has his back. “Don’t give up Joe”.

Welp. If she had tweeted, “Don’t give up, Joe” the tweet would have been clearer than reading as though the Democrats in general shouldn’t give up on Joe’s candidacy. Maybe it’s just me.

She ends her stream of conscious tweeting about Joe by saying he’s smart, honest, and “civil” who won’t “Have 2 Learn On The Job.” Ok, boomer.

Bless her heart. She’s a smidge younger than Uncle Joe, at the age of 73, but she wants to let him know he’s not too old for the job. She believes in life after love with candidates, if you will pardon the pun. I’ve got you, babe. As the far-left spoke up and criticized Cher for her choice of candidates, she took a swing at Bloomberg to appease them.

In re-affirming her support for Biden, she also amplified her attack against Bloomberg with a not exactly subtle: “💸[What the f**k] 💰 is 💸 Bloomberg 💸”

It’s interesting that Cher almost excuses her choice by claiming to be a neophyte in politics and that she “studies everything”. Cher is one of the charter members of the Hollywood chapter of The Resistance. She has slammed Trump over and over again on social media. There is no indication that an end is in sight.

Joe Biden is pleased with her endorsement. Lord knows he can use all the help he can get at this point.

I don’t think Cher needs Joe’s help as an opening act, though. It’s the other way around – he could use her help to open up a last-minute rally in Nevada since she’ll be in Vegas with her “Here We Go Again Tour”. “If I Could Turn Back Time” would be a good choice.

I’m a fan of Cher’s music. I have a vivid childhood memory of my parents taking me and my sister to see her and Sonny perform in a dinner club in New Orleans, back in their early days. Her politics, though, leave me cold. At least Sonny was a Republican.

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