The Morning Briefing: Katie Hill’s Rehab Tour Is an Incurable News Cycle STD


Doctor, It Burns

For seemingly the fiftieth time in the four months since she was forced to resign in disgrace from Congress for being an unscrupulous sleazebag, Katie Hill is back on camera and doing what Democrats do best: reassuring the public that the blame for her wrongdoings should be directed at everyone but her.

This, of course, is a page directly out of Hillary Clinton’s playbook, which adds ten or fifteen new pages of excuses to it every day.

Treacher wrote yesterday about the launch of this phase of Hill’s rehab tour, which got a generous assist from the thoroughly execrable imp George Stephanopoulos.

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Hill could very well be the worst human being of all the low-life Dems who have recently crawled out from under wherever it is these people hide while they’re pulling the wings off of flies for fun. She used the first whiff of power she ever had in her life to take advantage of people. Had she been allowed to rise in the ranks of the Democratic Party, Hill might have gone full “Teddy Kennedy Off a Bridge in Chappaquiddick” more than once in her life.

Hill would have us believe that she is the victim of “biphobia,” which I’m pretty sure doesn’t exist in the wild. At worst, people just tend to be confused or annoyed by bisexuals — I mean, pick one, already. No one is running around with a big anti-bi agenda.

Hill has another irksome publicity turn today:

We see the Shrieking Harridan Brigade already running interference for Hill here, talking about a “nude photo scandal” and not mentioning the whole sex with staffers thing.

The members of the MSM will be relentless in their efforts to give Hill’s reputation a complete makeover. One simply does not hold a Democratic politician accountable for his or her actions in today’s America.

Americans are also known for our embrace of second chances and redemption. A key component to any redemption story, however, is the genuine expression of remorse on the part of the one seeking to be redeemed.

In Katie Hill’s mind, Katie Hill never did anything wrong.

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