The Morning Briefing: We Have Come for Your Children—Bernie Sanders Edition


Hand Them Over

Bernie Sanders began his week by floating one of those ideas that leftists swoon over: free child care and pre-K for all.

The rest of us recoil in horror at the thought of turning our children over to the government indoctrination mill that early.

The only reason Bernie Sanders is where he is right now is because public education’s goal is to churn out obedient little lefties. It’s a mission statement in elementary and high school, then it becomes a dark art form in colleges — public or private. The Left has been so successful at it that millions of Americans are willing to cede freedom to this raving lunatic because they truly believe he is going to give them free stuff.

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This is a subject I’ve been all over for years. In my book Don’t Let the Hippies Shower I humorously examined the radical takeover of the American education system.

Democrats don’t really care about poor, put-upon working parents. They’re the ones who are taxing people to death and making them work that much in the first place, after all. The goal here is to get their grubby radical hands on the minds of children when they are most easily molded. They sell this horror by portraying the government as a benevolent caretaker that’s there to comfort you:

It would mean that strangers were raising my child, you commie freak show. So yeah…no.

The other selling point for the early Thought Police invasion is that children purportedly thrive if you snatch them from the womb and toss them over to a preschool teacher with an IQ of 90. This ignores the fact that the generation that figured out how to put a man on the moon did it all without the benefit of a pre-K “education.” Not everyone even went to kindergarten back then.

So, no thank you, Senator Sanders, sane people don’t want your kind parenting our children under the guise of “help.”

Let parents be parents.

And let the government stay out of the way.

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