The Morning Briefing: Notes From #CPAC2020 Day One:


A Quick Update

Welcome my friends from CPAC 2020 and apologies for the truncated Briefing today. Yesterday was a looooong travel day and, while I endeavor to bring you the best in political commentary, I do occasionally get slowed down by irksome mortality.

I’m here at CPAC, which is the largest annual gathering of conservatives. It’s my first time back at the conference since President Trump was inaugurated in 2017. I don’t know what the last couple of years have been like but I can honestly report that the feeling here now is positively electric.

The people here are buzzing with energy, enthusiasm, and hope for November.

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I’m going to spend the next couple of days endeavoring to bring you news for not only tomorrow’s Briefing, but Monday’s as well.

I will keep doing updates for the next couple of days. When the president gives his speech here, I promise to give some fun insider coverage. No, really, FUN.

Let us now barrel into what should be a glorious election year.

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