The Morning Briefing: Super Tuesday—Fauxcahontas Farewell Edition


She’s Toast but She’ll Probably Burn a Little Longer

Super Tuesday was a super bust for the super unlikable Elizabeth Warren, the truth-challenged former Native American from Massachusetts. In her bid for the “Worst Candidate of This Cycle” title, Warren wasn’t even the favorite socialist in her home state, where she finished third.

As the kids like to say: that’s gonna leave a mark.

The question now is will this thoroughly awful, undeservedly proud stain on the American political landscape get the hint and leave the race? Or, as some have suspected, will Warren be this election year’s John Kasich, hanging around to serve no purpose whatsoever? With the right combination of hubris and dedicated donors, any candidate can stay in a race long past his or her shelf life. Warren gets a lot of money from academics who are always telling her that she’s the smartest girl in the room. That may very well be enough to let her linger like the odor of filthy socks in a teenage boy’s bedroom.

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As of last night, Lizzy was still putting on a brave face:

Who knows? A few hours after this briefing is posted Warren’s donors may tell her that they’re done and therefore so is she. I’ve seen many say that the Biden people would want her around for a while to siphon off progressive votes from Sanders. That may have been a consideration yesterday, but Biden seems to be doing just fine now and Warren wasn’t really helping that much anyway.

This WaPo piece offers pre-excuses for Warren that are absolutely pathetic. The gist is that Warren has a wonky, intelligent appeal that’s only accessible by a select portion of the electorate and there just aren’t too many of them.

The reality is that the wonk was never able to adequately explain the math behind her signature policy issue because the math was nonsensical.

Despite the media narrative, Warren is largely running on pure identity politics:

Barton spoke approvingly of Warren’s wealth tax. Also, she said, “on principle I am voting for a woman.”

The litany of excuses for Warren’s failure will be tedious, of course. We will be lectured for weeks, if not months, that America still isn’t ready for a woman president, blah, blah, blah. Warren is so prone to lying that she may even come up with a few that Hillary Clinton never thought of.

I will be very glad, however, that I soon won’t have to listen to Warren’s psychotic tales of a dark America that doesn’t exist.

I like it here.

Your Frequent Reminder That the Democrats Are All-In on a Drooling Paste-Eater

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Bee Me

The Kruiser Kabana 

OK then…

I have no idea why this felt appropriate but it did. Maybe it was the birthday.

Biden’s nanny/nurse is probably giving him extra Count Chocula this morning.


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