The Morning Briefing: Virtual Happy Hours Will Get Us Through This

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It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere

As Week One of the Grand American Quarantine Experiment was winding down when the weekend approached, the number of calls that I began receiving from friends who are not used to isolation picked up the pace considerably. The effort that people were making to check in on one another gave me hope for humanity, which has been in shorter supply than COVID-19 testing kits lately. Admittedly, I was bemused by the fact that people we’re checking in on me, as quarantine is my daily life. One of my cousins called on Sunday morning and asked how I was and I replied,  “Thanks for checking, but you realize that nothing about my life has changed, right?”

I thoroughly enjoyed joining a virtual happy hour with colleagues on Friday and some of my cousins and I are planning one for this week. In an odd way, I’ve been more sociable in the past week than I normally would be.

Yeah, the world has gotten that weird.

Honestly though, if last week was any indication, some of my friends may need to begin some virtual happy hour action at breakfast time just to avoid needing to be scraped off of the walls. We may need to do some social distance hiking, the weather is finely right for it here. We can walk six feet apart — the desert is big — and not share any trailmix.

This should be interesting.

Wake me when it’s March 30th.

Cocaine Mitch Is Not Amused

The Senate worked over the weekend to pass more coronavirus relief, all to no avail because the Democrats thought it was more important to spend Sunday barking election-year talking points about “corporations” than actually helping the American people. It was a truly despicable display of partisanship from the side of the aisle that loves to finger-wag at Mitch McConnell about being inactive and an obstructionist.

McConnell was none-too pleased. Some seasoned Capitol Hill reporters said that it was as “angry” as they have ever seen him. McConnell took to the Senate floor to castigate the Democrats and it is well worth a watch. Hopefully, the Dems will grow up enough to day to actually accomplish something.

I Love That He Never Lets Up

POTUS hit Twitter on Sunday to lash out at the MSM once again and it was glorious. Naturally, there was whining. The press has been even worse than usual during all of this lying over and over again about how the president is handling things. They are deserving of all of the scorn he heaps upon them.

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