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For the next few Fridays, we are going to keep things nice and light here at the Morning Briefing. I have the blessing of the Mothership to basically make this a beer blog at the end of the week. The world doesn’t have to be madness. Yes, we all know that beer blogging is my dream, but this is not really about that.

We need a respite from this real problem, and I am glad that I have the skills to provide that.

We need humor and community to get through all of this. If you look around in our virtual universe I think you will see that we are doing better than expected. If you are adamant about making a point to prove me wrong here I will delight in destroying you.

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I thought it fitting to begin our plague-induced beer reviews with a brew from Black Plague Brewing.

As I am a fan of IPAs and cleverly named brands I really wanted to like this one.

And so I did.

It is a smooth entry for those of you who are hops-curious and want to try an IPA for the first time. The bitterness associated with IPAs is taken down a notch with this beer. The colder, the better, with this one.

Beware though, even the lightest IPAs are strong.

Because I love you, dear readers. Let me know what beers you would like me to review. I will step outside of my comfort zone for you, but I won’t do crappy domestic swill.

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