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It’s Healthier Than Touching My Face

Yes, there is still plenty of death, and grief, and sorrow, and murder (h/t Steve Martin) and we will get to all of that in the links, but first another “notes from lockdown/quarantine” installment.

Major League Baseball was supposed to begin last week and on Opening Day, MLB Network was airing classic games to help sports junkies get through the day.

There are few things on Earth that I love more than baseball, so one might have reasonably expected me to be getting my fix. I opted for denial instead, which I’ve found to be a most marvelous coping mechanism over the years.

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I didn’t want the reminder that baseball wasn’t here, and that it probably won’t be this year. I wrote in my column yesterday that most of my sports fan friends are still being extremely optimistic. They’re hoping for a truncated baseball season and a full NFL season. I firmly believe that it’s all done for the year.

My denial was working well until Sunday when my Pittsburgh Steelers (no, I’m not from Pittsburgh — it’s a long story about how I became a fan) spent the day celebrating their win over the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII on social media.

While kicking around on Twitter Sunday afternoon the Steelers account tweeted a video of my second favorite play of the game: James Harrison’s 100-yard interception return for a touchdown at the end of the first half.

I immediately fell off of the wagon.

I spent much of the day reliving my favorite moments from that Super Bowl on the NFL YouTube channel. To my surprise, the trip down Memory Lane was just what the quarantine doctor ordered. Revisiting happy sports moments was a nice respite from coronavirus news.

Then it occurred to me that having no new sports to watch for the rest of the year because of COVID-19 may be somewhat of a boon. I keep telling people that I am a recovering MLB and NFL addict, but it’s not true. I’m still hooked, and my teams break my heart every year. The thought of spending the rest of the year with just the happy moments on YouTube seems like a great way to ride out the social distance lock-down stuff. I can get back to disappointment in 2021.

Also, binge-watching sports on YouTube is much better for me than the junk food/booze combo that I was employing to occupy my time during the beginning of Coronapocalypse.

See? I can do silver linings.

Here’s the Harris INT:


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The Lightbringer Needs to Shut It

Barack Obama is again busy proving himself to be the most classless former president ever:

On Tuesday, former President Barack Obama ripped into President Donald Trump’s decision to loosen environmental standards, comparing “climate denial” to the original skepticism officials expressed at reports of the coronavirus pandemic. Yes, in the midst of a pandemic that is choking the economic life out of this country, Obama focused on climate change.

I really hope President Trump uses some of his legendary lack of filter to call out this idiot and tell him to shut his mouth. Not that the Idiot King would listen, he’s incapable of shutting up

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Bee Me

The Kruiser Kabana

When this is all over I am going to pursue my dream of becoming a cheesemaker.


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