Praying For an Easter Miracle – Remember Miracles Do Happen!


The whole world is praying for a miracle that will get us all through this China coronavirus crisis.  As this Easter weekend approaches, there are signs that another Easter miracle may come this year.

For the past few months the entire world was made aware of the deadly coronavirus coming out of China.   The stories began in late December and early January about Chinese individuals dying in the streets of Wuhan.  Then at the biggest celebratory time of the year in China, the Chinese New Year, the government shut down Wuhan:

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A young doctor, Dr. Wenliang Li, warned China and the world of the horrible disease but then suddenly even he succumbed to the virus:

Eventually the China coronavirus slowly swept the globe.

Fear and shortages of food and goods were signs that the coronavirus had hit your area:

Along with the fear and shortages came one of the greatest stock market declines in history.  The markets fell after a record setting three years to levels not seen since President Trump took office in 2017.

It then  became clear that the cost of the coronavirus was not just lives but the world economy:

Now as the world watches and prays there are signs that this Easter week may be historic.

By the 23rd of March the DOW closed at 18,591.  Slowly, since then, Americans saw the markets begin to rebound.  Today the DOW is up more than 3,000 points up since that March 23rd close.

The markets may be rising due to the hopes that the estimates first provided by world bodies were overstated.

The government bodies used by US experts to predict the number of beds, hospital rooms and ventilators cut their numbers by half today.

And they are still way over actual amounts needed this weekend.

The estimates for death in the US have gone down from 2.2 million to 81,766.  Hospitals are not seeing the rush of patients predicted – this was from California:

Hospitals around the country are thankfully not seeing the surges predicted – here’s news from Texas:

Here is news from Colorado:

Here is news from Michigan:

As the real results of the coronavirus begin to tabulate and more data becomes available, the picture is clear and more Americans are ready to go back to work to help build our great American economy back to where it belongs:

There are signs that this Easter week the coronavirus may have reached a peak and it may not be as severe as was predicted. 

This is our Easter miracle.  Miracles do happen.

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