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The Week Four WuFlu Wind-Down finds us all heading into an online Easter weekend that is going to require a little adjustment. And when I say “adjustment,” I mean “alcohol.” Well, that’s what I’ve been using for adjustment, anyway.

The three-note news cycle — virus, economy, and awful media — continues unabated.

There was, however, a weird twist on the Wuhan Chinese Bat Flu saga that bears mentioning, if only for the slight change of pace.

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Treacher had a hilarious bit of reportage yesterday about China’s agricultural ministry giving the country’s dogs an upgrade from livestock to pets:

Last week I told you how the Chinese city of Shenzen is reacting to the breakout of COVID-19 the Chinese virus by banning the consumption of cats and dogs. I also told you how racist it is to talk about Chinese people eating cats and dogs, because it relies on the racist assumption that every single Chinese person in the world eats cats and dogs. Some of them don’t, you racist!

I was very disappointed in the racist decision-making process of Shenzen’s municipal government. You’d wouldn’t think Chinese people could ever be so racist against Chinese people. But now the racism is spreading even faster than the virus.

Jane Li & Mary Hui, Quartz:

In a newly published list of animals categorized as livestock in China, the country’s agriculture ministry made a surprising announcement… dogs are no longer to be treated as mere livestock, but as loyal companions.

“Alongside the development of human civilization and the public’s care toward protecting animals, dogs have now evolved from being traditional livestock to companion animals,” 
the notice dated April 8 read (link in Chinese)…

Around 10 million dogs and four million cats are estimated to be slaughtered and eaten in China every year, according to Hong Kong-based animal welfare group Animals Asia, but the practice is coming under increasing criticism from the country’s growing ranks of pet lovers.

I encourage you to read the whole post because Treacher doesn’t waste a word in his satirical takedown.

As I wrote last week, I am more than comfortable with saying all of the bad things about China now. Cultural sensitivity be damned. Commies lied, people died. So yeah, I will ridicule their bat, cat, and dog-eating ways, all the while advocating for a painful but necessary economic breakup with the ChiComs.

I celebrate Canine Emancipation Day in China, thrilled for the nation’s pups.

My cat, however, is curious about his cousins’ status over there.

This Will Be Everyone by the End of Next Week

A Round of Appreciative Applause Is in Order

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All three of my satire faves had home runs and I couldn’t pick one.

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The Kruiser Kabana

There are a couple of really good moments in this one.


Week 4 wrap-up: I wonder if beer, jalapeños, and cheesecake are a good breakfast combo?


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