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We Handled That Well

Let me begin this Monday by saying that I sincerely hope all of you managed to enjoy your Easter weekend as well as possible with the distancing thing going on. And I extend that to my Jewish friends celebrating Passover, and my non-believer friends who were celebrating not believing stuff.

I just wanted everyone to have a good weekend launch into Week 5 of the Coronapocalypse shutdown.

Yes, it’s so weird now that even I am worried about other people.

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Churches were empty for what is traditionally the busiest day of the year. Adding to the surreal feel of it all was the fact that so many were live-streaming services from the empty churches.

Many of my friends were dismayed by all of this. I, however, was moved by the eerie spectacle.

There was something beautiful in the way people of Christian faith rallied to make sure that Easter Sunday services would still be celebrated in some fashion. Viewing it all through a television or computer could be seen as detached and clinical, but I found it to be a wonderful testament to the spirit of true believers. We couldn’t have what we wanted, but we made sure that we celebrated the most sacred of day in the best way that we could fashion a community to do so.

This is personal and not at all news related, but hey, that’s how we roll here at the Kruiser Morning Briefing.

I took great comfort from the way people shook things up to come together over the weekend to celebrate their faith. It gave an overarching grandness to the present situation that made this crisis seem smaller and more manageable.

This too shall pass.

It’s the Christians I’m focusing on for selfish reasons, but I know that my Jewish friends were adapting over the weekend and my non-believer friends were still aware of the significance of believers not being able to worship as we are used to.

To me, something beautiful happened during this plague-plagued Easter: we realized that our faith wasn’t place-bound.

It’s in our hearts and it is all around us.

In my Roman Catholic faith tradition, Easter is just beginning. I pray that we can all be together in our houses of worship before the Easter season ends.

If we can’t, I feel good about our odds of adapting and doing the best that we can.


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Bee Me

The greatest Bee moment yet.

The Kruiser Kabana

Cheers is the greatest sitcom ever. We’re not discussing this.

If I find one good Week 5 habit you will all be the first to know about it.


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