Being a decent, honest person is now considered “racist” in America

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The Knowledge is Power Program, also known as KIPP, has officially dropped the motto “work hard, be nice” from its charter school network because the innocuous phrase supposedly contributes to the fictional concept known as “systemic racism.”

This national slogan, KIPP claims, “ignores the significant effort required to dismantle systemic racism” and “places value on being compliant and submissive.” The phrase is also problematic because it supposedly “supports the illusion of meritocracy” and “does not align with [KIPP’s] vision of students being free to create the future they want.”

Katherine Birbalsingh, the headteacher of an experimental school in London for “underprivileged” students, objects to these changes. She has indicated that, contrary to the “social justice” agenda of KIPP, her school, known as the Michaela Community School, will remain as-is.

In a tweet, Birbalsingh did not beat around the bush in declaring, “I WILL DIE ON THIS HILL.” Her plan is to preserve both the motto and ethic of “work hard, be nice” because it serves all students, regardless of socioeconomic status, well in life.

“Working hard and being kind is NOT racist!” Birbalsingh added. “We have all lost our minds.” (RELATED: Read The time is NOW to close the useless and wasteful Department of Education to learn more about how the public education model turns students into drones who are unable to think for themselves and only know how to obey the state).

You can read other stories like this one about the destruction of education at the hands of “social justice”-oriented liberals at

Classical education has helped countless “underprivileged” students soar to great heights in their lives

Birbalsingh is an outspoken proponent of encouraging students to do their best while also allowing them to thrive in an environment where they are not having to live in a constant state of fear about being assaulted. At the same time, she wants them to succeed in life, which requires discipline, working hard, and yes, being nice when appropriate.

This does not mean capitulating to tyranny, however, nor does it imply that students should accept being conformed into compliant drones. This is what KIPP claims the “work hard, be nice” concept promotes when, in fact, the opposite is true.

Classical education, it turns out, has created some of the most free-thinking people in history. They were not mere followers of whatever they were taught, but rather soared to great heights, challenging the status quo and using the resources they were afforded at school to do good in the world.

Abolishing all this in the name of fighting “racism” will only hurt the children who are forced into this new curriculum paradigm, leaving them helpless and defenseless in an already exceptionally cruel and hate-filled world.

“I don’t think this is a conscious attempt by the elite to keep the underclass in its place, but if it were, it would be pretty effective,” writes Joseph Shaw for LifeSiteNews.

“Is old-fashioned school discipline a training in deference to the existing order? History does not suggest this,” he adds. “Great revolutionaries, both intellectual and political, usually had good, classical educations – in many cases, in fact, at the hands of Catholic teachers.”

Another misnomer about the classical education model is that it turns people into mindless robots “all running the same program,” to further quote Shaw. It instead equips students with the resources and skills they need to forge their own paths in life with the least amount of resistance along the way.

“Cooperation with it, inasmuch as it is still being offered in schools, is not a matter of conceding to structures of injustice, but of encountering cultural artifacts that, while always imperfect, are good in themselves, and gaining the tools necessary to do anything useful in life, including dismantling structures of injustice,” Shaw says.

“In the words of Katherine Birbalsingh, ‘I will die on this hill!’”

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  1. Without the tools to be able to apply deductive reasoning and apply logical processes, civilization will continue to vortex down where there will be no choice but to be a subservient drone; once again, those whom are attempting to oppose the standards of education which have been successful for centuries are using the reciprocal of what is considered if/then cause & effect logic to appeal to the emotions of what is convenient as opposed to the regimen of what is necessary.

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