More Biden: Trump’s lying when he claims I’ll ban fracking


Is Donald Trump lying about Joe Biden’s position on fracking and energy production — or just exhibiting better recall? John has already discussed Biden’s attack on Trump over rioting in cities and his claim to be able to heal the nation. Any credibility Biden has on that claim (and there’s not much, considering Democrats ignored the rioting during the entirety of their convention) should evaporate with this whopper:

Is Trump lying? In May, Americans for Tax Reform put together this video after Biden clinched the Democratic nomination, in part by throwing in with Bernie Sanders and the far-left Green New Deal crowd. ATR anticipated that Biden would try to protect his Pennsylvania flank by flip-flopping on fracking and energy production at that point:

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Two months later, Biden began his retreat:

Lest we get caught up in a discussion over new fracking, we should recall that Biden’s energy plan in the primaries didn’t end at fracking restrictions. In a debate just this past March, Biden pledged to end all drilling in the US, whether it was through fracking or traditional drilling for oil and gas:

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Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said Sunday he would prevent oil companies from drilling as part of his effort to combat climate change.

“No more subsidies for the fossil fuel industry,” he said at the CNN debate. “No more drilling on federal lands. No more drilling, including offshore. No ability for the oil industry to continue to drill, period. Ends.”

Biden hasn’t called for an all-out ban on oil drilling before, which would have a radical, negative effect on the U.S. energy industry.

That’s a ban on all domestic production of “fossil fuel,” not just fracking and not just oil. That came from Biden’s own lips less than six months ago on national television. Someone’s certainly lying, but it’s not Trump.

This is not just evidence that it’s Biden who’s lying about his energy policy — at least at some point — but also that it’s flat-out insane. The US needs low-cost energy now more than ever to help rebuild the American economy after the devastation of the COVID-19 shutdowns. Shutting down all domestic drilling would send those prices through the roof. Biden would once again put US economic recovery in the hands of foreign producers, to an even greater extent than we have experienced before.

That’s not the only US interest involved either. Biden’s plan has disastrous foreign-policy consequences as well. It would give a tremendous boost in international power to other producers. Russia, Iran, and China (coal, as Biden mentions here) could not possibly be happier with an American energy policy that shut down all domestic production.

Perhaps the media might take an interest in this point and ask Biden to explain his entirely contradictory public statements on energy production. And perhaps that’s why Biden is making sure they don’t get an opportunity:

Oh, I don’t think that’s the only headline for today’s speech. One could also say, “Biden Micturates on PA Voters’ Heads, Claims It’s Raining.”

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