Twenty Things That Caught My Eye Today: Armenians, Debate Prep, Bill Buckley, & More (September 29, 2020)




3. A Nigerian boy was sentenced to 10 years for blasphemy. Then people started offering to serve part of it. (Including the head of the Auschwitz Museum)




7. Two Charged in Coronavirus Outbreak at Veterans’ Home That Left 76 Dead

8. Black Appalachians find hope in national reckoning on race

9. Civic life is not political life


11. The Public Discourse is running a series of commentary on the election. Here’s one installment: Christian Witness Demands That We Defend Truth—and Reject Donald Trump 

12. Baltimore’s Respect Life Office aims to ‘widen net’ of pro-life movement

13. Preaching and the Election: How Not to Get in Trouble but Still Be Effective


15. Tevi Troy: Battle of the Preppers: Getting nominees ready for presidential debates has evolved into a complex and sometimes bruising process.

16. Fr. Raymond J. de Souza: Why Cardinal Pell Is Vindicated by Cardinal Becciu’s Firing

17. Bill Buckley pops up in an ode to PBS in the NYTimes:

My conservative father had no use for Tudor bedroom drama, but he loved the political drama of “Firing Line” and could do a fair imitation of the show’s longtime host, William F. Buckley Jr. This was the sardonic voice Dad deployed to question political pronouncements he disagreed with. At our house there were many: All three of my father’s children grew up to be liberals, and just as inclined to fierce debate as he was.

18. Marlo Safi: Dearborn beloved



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