Mother punched through SUV window by unhinged leftist who didn’t like her Trump flags — all while victim’s daughter, 11, watches from back seat

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Leftists continue to lose their minds — or believe they can get away with blatant violence — in public places full of surveillance cameras.

What are the details?

Police in Fall River, Massachusetts, said a mother was driving with her 11-year-old daughter in the area of South Main and Hall streets last week when two women in another vehicle apparently didn’t take too kindly to the mom’s flags supporting President Donald Trump that were flying off both sides of her SUV, WHDH-TV reported.

Police provided the station with surveillance video showing the initial part of the confrontation, as the Trump supporter’s vehicle is within the yellow oval on the left side of the screen while an arrow points at the suspects seated in a vehicle on the right side of the screen:

Image source: WHDH-TV video screenshot

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The women pulled up to the victim’s vehicle, exchanged words about the flags, and then violently assaulted her — as her daughter looked on from the back seat, Fall River Police Lt. Jay Huard told the station.

“[The mom] was trying to attempt to de-escalate the situation by telling the two females to get away from her car,” Huard added to WHDH. “She put her window down to … communicate in a better fashion, and at that point she was punched through the open window.”

Police shared a surveillance image showing the suspects fleeing the scene in a gray Nissan Altima, the station said.

‘We need respect’

Concerned resident Jessica Spauone told WHDH she’s outraged by the incident: “I hope they find them. That is so rude and disrespectful, and they should pay for what they did.”

She added to the station that “we need respect. People have lost that humanity; we need that again. People need to bond together and learn how to love each other.”

Image source: WHDH-TV video screenshot

Huard told WHDH his department has been responding to an increasing number of crimes related to the presidential election.

“I would just say maintain your composure,” he added to the station. “Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, and let your voice be at the polls.”

Image source: WHDH-TV video screenshot

Anyone who witnessed the alleged attack is urged to contact Fall River detective Luis Vertentes at 508-324-2796. Anonymous tips can be phoned in at 508-672-8477.

Fall River Police Search For 2 Women Who Attacked Trump Supporter

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  1. I wish one of these snow flakes would approach me like this. I’d give them such a beat down. I’d enjoy it too.

    1. My thoughts exactly. They won’t go after people like us that can and will defend themselves. They are cowards, all of them on the left!

  2. Why won’t one of these assholes come after me? I’ll show em how a Republican defends himself. Come and attack me! I dare you!

  3. I have a don’t tread on me flag and a Trump flag flying on the same flag pole I can’t understand how some so called Americans can stand for Biden and wanting to give up their freedom they need a good beat down how disrespectful to those who gave their lives to keep this great country free.

  4. All those looney lefties afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome, and who act out like psychotic brats against another person should have to be seriously fined when caught and mandated to attend a rehab program, like Alcoholics Anonymous, until they have learned to act in a normal, rational manner and gain a rational perspective on American history. This should be paid for at their own expense.

  5. They say let law enforcement handle it, I say that won’t work but what will work is if these people who think it’s okay to attack others simply because they don’t share their views get the snot knocked out of them then maybe they will think twice before doing it again.

    Bullies only understand one thing and that is treating them as they treat others and yes these people are bullies….

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