Portland Riots: How Troubled Youth, Angry Moms Locked Arms to Upend a City


Sporting an open wound near his right eye after he was shot in the face with a pepper ball, Camillo Massagli put his trumpet to his lips in late July and blew the tune to the Portland protesters’ anti-police chant.

“Take it to the streets, and (expletive) the police. No justice, no peace.”

With his blood, he wrote “feds” on the ground, painting a red slash through the word.

Better known to protesters in Seattle and Portland as “the Trumpet Man,” Massagli, 26, with his long blonde hair and a goatee, has been a fixture at demonstrations over the last five months.

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  1. So if the “trumpet man” has been at the riots for the last 5 months, he hasn’t been at work! 26 years old, and no doubt being a parasite on his parents. So, the question is, why would anyone care what he has to say? He doesn’t have a job, and obviously not matured enough to realize he needs to support himself!

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