Cosmopolitan publishes hit piece on Trump but BlazeTV’s Chad Prather sets the record straight

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Cosmopolitan magazine published an opinion editorial titled, “A ‘Blue Wave’ Can’t Happen When the GOP Is This Good at Cheating.” The premise of the article centered around the author’s disappointment that President Donald Trump received so many votes in the 2020 election.

In this clip, BlazeTV’s Chad Prather read the scathing article in which the author accuses Republicans of cheating for over 100-years and claims Donald Trump undermined the legitimacy of mail-in voting.

“The president spent more time undermining the legitimacy of mail-in voting—even though this is how he voted in Florida in 2016—than he did crafting a tangible political platform for which to seek reelection beyond “make America great again… again,’ the article claimed.’

Chad said his problem was not with mail-in voting, and that his issue was with the lack of voter I.D. laws.

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“We have to be able to confirm who it is voting,” Chad asserted.

Watch the video for more.

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