Police say juvenile who allegedly wrote racist messages against Black Lives Matter at a grade school playground committed a misdemeanor violation

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A juvenile could face misdemeanor charges for allegedly writing racist messages against Black Lives Matter with wood chips in a playground at an elementary school in Burlington, Wisconsin.

The messages were discovered in September at Cooper Elementary School but it took police months to identify a juvenile suspect and notify the public.

The wood chips were arranged to spell out the phrase, “die n***** die,” and “down with BLM.”

A spokesperson for the Burlington Area School District would not say if the juvenile suspect identified by the police was a student of the elementary school, and if they were to face punishment from the district if they were a student.

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Police Chief Mark Anderson said that the juvenile had committed a misdemeanor and that they are considering charging them with disorderly conduct charges for crimes committed against certain people or property.

The phrases were discovered three days after a heated school board meeting over a controversy stemming from a teacher that decided to teach her fourth grade class about the Black Lives Matter movement. Many of the parents in the district were outraged that she was teaching what they believed to be political propaganda in favor of the liberal movement.

At a later school board meeting in November, Black Lives Matter protesters interrupted the board members and demanded that more be done to curtail incidents of racism related to the outrage around the 4th grade BLM lesson. Police had to escort them out after the scene turned ugly with angry confrontations.

If the minor is charged with the Class B misdemeanor violation and found guilty, they could face up to a year in jail, or a $1,000 fine, or both.

Here’s more about the controversy at Cooper Elementary:

Parents angered over ‘Black Lives Matter’ lesson taught at elementary school


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