Former FBI Special Agent Finds 17,514 Georgia Voters with Out-of-State Forwarded Mail Addresses


A former FBI special agent spent several hours scouring the over 580,000 registered voters in the Peach State. Derek Somerville found over 57,000 cast ballots in a county DIFFERENT than where they reside. And Derek found over 17,000 ballots with OUT OF STATE mail requests.

Via Derek Somerville on Facebook:

Don’t think there are voter issues in Georgia? I have 57,793 reasons to reconsider that.

I’ve personally spent the last several days painstakingly analyzing 580,226 registered Georgia voters from current state-provided voter rolls who submitted a US Postal Service Mail Forwarding Change of Address request at least 30 days PRIOR TO the November 3rd election.

TRENDING: BREAKING GEORGIA UPDATE: Judge Issues Restraining Order for 10 Days Preventing Defendants from Destroying or Erasing Dominion Voting Machines

FACT: at least 57,793 Georgia voters cast their vote in a county that is DIFFERENT than where they previously instructed the USPS to forward their mail.

FACT: 43,507 (75%) of these individuals DID NOT vote in person on election day.

FACT: 17,514 of these voters asked the USPS to forward their mail OUT OF STATE to non-APO/DPO/FPO military addresses. 89% are over the age of 25 and likely not college students.

It’s been a few years, but most of you know I’m a former FBI Special Agent. Prior to that I worked in the US intelligence community. I’m a trained federal investigator who was assigned to Public Corruption cases. There are others more experienced than me, but this if far from my first rodeo.

With few exceptions, a person submits a USPS Change of Address request because they have permanently moved and want their mail rerouted to their new address. Under the 1993 National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), states may use that USPS Change of Address request to “identify registrants who may have changed residences” and “remove the registrant from the voter rolls after satisfying all requirements of the [NVRA]”.

Many of these incidents can be legitimately explained. Not all reveal nefarious intent or coordinated efforts. Some voted Republican. Some voted Democrat. But after investigating a random sample of these voters, it’s abundantly clear that thousands, if not tens of thousands, voted in our election who do not reside in the county in which they voted…or even in Georgia.
Demand officials investigate these 57,793 and, if warranted, remove their votes from the November 3rd general election and remove them from the voter rolls before the upcoming Senate run-off.

Don’t think there are voter issues in Georgia? I have 57,793 reasons to reconsider that.

I’ve personally spent the…

Posted by Derek Somerville on Saturday, November 28, 2020

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  1. With all that is going on it is obvious the liberals are just getting people used to what life will be like under communist/nazism rule.

    1. Communism and Nazism/Fascism are two completely different things.
      Each type of government seeks to subjugate their subjects but in different ways, neither is for the greater good of their citizens.
      This situation is exactly why the democrats oppose and protest voter ID laws in order to vote, because showing your ID before voting, makes it harder to cheat or stuff the ballot box. And the near constant childish rants/ravings of the current POTUS isn’t helping the situation either.

      1. Sorry Vince, the various forms of communism (each system is different) and “fascism” (14 countries since 1933) are two sides of the same statist coin. A commie refuses ALL property rights, and a “fascist” (a sloppy term to label all Marxists who aren’t commie) allows some for certain classes of people. Both are far left, both are totalitarian socialist, and both require mental illness to believe in. Both can also be simply called “progressive” as they are what the various progressive organizations around the US and Europe in the 30’s supported as the path to the future “utopia”. It was after socialist Hitler attacked socialist Stalin that the mostly far left media and the various prog groups decided “fascism” (Germany and Austria were National Socialists, Italy and Spain were “fascist”) was suddenly “right wing” and mostly dropped out of prog approval. In the 1920’s and 30’s Russian communists called anyone who permitted ANY degree of property rights (the foundation of capitalism) “fascist”. When the far left communist revolutionaries of Antifa and Occupy (the same people) call everyone “Nazi” or “fascist”, they are calling you a “capitalist”. There are dozens of books from the 1930s that correctly label the two forms of leftist systems, such as authors like Murray Rothbard and Ludwig von Mises. A more readable and heavily footnoted book that details the ugly history of the left (progressives) since the 1880’s is “Liberal Fascism” by Jonah Goldberg (a Trump-hater like you BTW).

        The massive degree of obvious election fraud in 2018 and 2020 by the far left Dems is 100% grounds for civil war or expulsion of the 50 or so far-left saturated counties from the USA. BTW, Hillary won 57 counties (with over 2 million fraudulent votes) versus the 3084 that Trump (Americans) won. You are correct about voter ID and other such safeguards. But how is Trump fighting the massive institutionalized corruption of the America hating progressives “childish”?

        1. You don’t have to hate Trump or be a liberal to believe his four year self promotion fed decisiveness and destroyed the integrity of the highest office in the land. He isolated us from the rest of the world and defaulted on friendships and partnerships that helped maintain world stability. He ran on a promise to return power to the states but if you dared disagree with him he threatened to withhold federal funds that if achieved would destroy cities and ruin people. The courts turned him back every time.

          He either had no concept of the how the founding fathers separated powers or simply ignored the boundaries if they didn’t serve his purpose. He was turned back by the courts each time.

          He ran the White House like his second rate reality tv show. Any disagreement with him and you’re fired. He showed little loyalty to his staff. He undermined regularly. He would not listen to advisors. He would not accept science over his own opinion. He demeaned his staff. He took credit for the accomplishments of others. He made up demeaning nicknames for detractors like a middle school bully. He spoke in extremes, greatest or worst his only choices. He called promised a wall paid for by Mexico. We got neither. He accomplished some things with illegal immigration but at a high human cost and the destruction of legal immigration categories. He held DACA and Dreamers hostage for political gain. He aligned the presidents office with the likes of Alex Jones, Steve Bannon, QAnon, supremacy groups. He never backed off his Obama birther claims. He sought to destroy Obamacare but in 4 years all we ever got as a replacement plan was its coming. He loves street fights and will use any means to win. He loves chaos. He destroyed the leadership of many government agencies leaving them ineffective. Yes Mr. president a tariff is a tax ultimately paid by US citizens with the money disappearing into the general fund.

          I could go on all night. I’m a white Christian southern conservative who has been forced to write in votes for President rather than vote for a man I do not trust or believe. I still honor the office of the President, the flag, our military and police. My portfolio is doing great but it was doing great 4 years ago. Why? Because both Democrats and Trump have been printing money like crazy, holding fed rates near zero and defaulting control of our economy to the banking industry an moving wealth to fewer and fewer people.

          Now he claims the election was stolen. Every law suit has been dismissed or withdrawn. His legal team has been called an embarrassment bringing no viable proof of mass fraud or any power attempting to steal the election. Today, William Barr, one of his loyal and trusted supporters said the justice department has found no evidence of fraud that would amount to overturning any state election result. This after hundreds of Republican officials across the country have asked Trump to stop his antics and concede. He has harmed the core foundation of democracy and the smooth transition of power. How is he spending his time? Building three different political PACs from which he will draw hundreds of thousands of $ and continue his conspiracy theory drivel in an attempt to disrupt the political system in this country. Whatever misguided success claims are made about his time in office what will be reflect of his time in office and the things revealed overtime, Donald Trump will be remembered as one of the worst and most harmful presidents in history.

          1. Hear, hear! Thanks for the thoughtful assessment. PS This site claimed I had previously posted this. Wrong! Something very fishy…

          2. Very well written. I am an independent voter and believe that both political parties have some pros and some cons. Yet the United States is free and open to opposing beliefs for many years and, in my opinion, that changed with Donald Trump. He continually made verbalizations with the indication that a Democrat cannot be an American and the Democrats mission is to destroy America. Joe Biden wants to represent both Democrats and Republicans as they are Americans. That is one reason I voted for Biden; he wants unity while Trump continues to encourage hatred and division in America. While on the subject; the Gov. of Michigan, has done a wonderful job of trying to control the Covid virus. She has never deserved the outright lies and slander of Trump. Thank you Gov. Whitmer

  2. The election is being stolen no matter what. I just read that the corrupt Dominion server just got stolen yesterday. The Powell team has no clue where they are now. Time to find and hang hang traitors.

  3. What a stupid article – 1. A “former” FBI agent? Unless he is employed by the Commissioner of Elections for GA he would would not get access to these ballots. 2. He reviewed over 580,000 in several days? If he did 1 ballot every 15 seconds (which is really fast), then it would take him over 150 days to do this task. The guy is full of bullshit. If you are going to make up something then at least make it plausible

    1. It is actually very easy to review thousands of records in a very short time by creating two files, one with data from the foreward addess request and one with identifying data of the ballot, and then let the computer do the work by doing a file comparison.

    2. Try reading it again, he said nothing about looking at ballots, he said he compared voter rolls to change of address requests.
      I bet you believed all the “former” FBI agents who said Trump colluded with Russia didn’t you….

      1. No, there was no theft of a Dominion sever. Everything is backed up and redundant. Besides, 0ver 96% of ballots were paper ballots and recounts have validated the original counts.

        1. Furthermore, I had worked as an election worker for over 5 years in a variety of positions. I recently relocated and chose not to be involved with the 2020 election. If I had not moved; I had been selected to be Chairperson to oversee the votes of 9000 plus voters. My simple point is that election poll workers are complosed of both Rep. and Dem. who work side by side and oversee that votes are properly counted. The fact that paper ballots are safe is very true.

  4. Hahaha….. but the people running the election in the state of Georgia….Republicans found no trace of anything. This article is a joke as is all of the claims of fraud and cheating. Trump lost….it’s pretty simple!

    1. Clue for you Joe, democrats have been stealing elections for decades, if not for the Chicago mob Kennedy doesn’t become President in 1960 and we all know how that worked out for him and this won’t work out the way all you Biden supporters think it will either…..

    2. My parents moved from Atlanta to Ardmore, Tn six years ago…and my dad received a Georgia absentee ballot form in the mail. I don’t know how intentional any of this is, but there are people getting ballots from out of residence and there will be people using them.

      1. John, it’s not getting a ballot the is hard part. It’s attempting use it and actually get it counted. You heard William Barr say that most cases of what is being called fraud is by particulars meaning individuals. In some cases it is mistakes and in some it is an actual case of attempting an illegal vote. Most of those are caught before the state is called for a candidate. But the validation process continues as they review irregularities, identify duplicate voting (which Trump actually recommended), check on out o state addresses, verify identities, check signatures, etc. These things occur in every election and are committed by Republican democrats. The real numbers that might have gotten counted are of such small numbers they do not impact state races or presidency results. State after state election officials from both sides of the isle have said this was best and cleanest election in history.

        Shame on the insurrectionists attempting to overturn the results. It’s Trump and his minions that are trying to steal the election by banana republic tactics.

  5. Was listening to Rush today (Mark Stein at the helm today) and he mentioned a tweet from Lynn Wood saying Lynn was working to confirm some info he’d received implying that China (no idea on whom in China) had bought Dominion Voting for $USD 400 million on 28 OCTOBER… has anyone heard anything similar?

    1. I heard that as well but the “China” the article was referring to was the Chinese Communist Party which is the government.

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