Whitlock: Ignoring the concerns of Trump supporters will destroy America

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Wednesday afternoon, angry, unarmed, mostly peaceful protesters stormed the Capitol. They caused hundreds of dollars in damages to “The People’s House,” the taxpayer-funded building where elected lawmakers work.

They took pictures seated at Nancy Pelosi’s desk. They shoved furniture out of place. They pushed their way past unprepared and overwhelmed law enforcement. They shattered a window or two.

If not for police shooting and killing an unarmed, female 14-year Air Force veteran, the protest staged by Trump supporters would have more in common with a 1950s fraternity panty raid than political riot.

Here, I guess, I should apologize for not joining the rest of the media in feigning outrage and calling for the trespassers to be tried for treason. But I’m neither outraged nor feeling vengeful because of their act of civil disobedience.

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I understand it. It was an inevitable repercussion from 2020 and what we’ve all witnessed the last decade. It was Sir Isaac Newton’s third law come to life.

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

For four years now, the billionaire and millionaire elites who control academia, the mainstream media, politics, popular culture, and the sports world have framed Trump supporters as racist deplorables worthy of elimination from society.

These same elites spent the past decade elevating Michael Brown, George Floyd, Jacob Blake, Rayshard Brooks, Eric Garner, and other resisting criminal suspects to icon status while simultaneously raising bail money for protesters willing to riot, loot, burn, and vandalize in the name of racial justice.

This blatant hypocrisy will not go unchallenged. You cannot ignore the desires, concerns and feelings of 74 million citizens. You cannot write them off as Nazis and answer all their complaints with allegations of racism or sexism. That’s fascism.

At this point, the Deplorables should be commended for their restraint. Antifa and Black Lives Matter search, burn, and destroy well into the wee hours. The Deplorables returned to their hotel rooms by nightfall and watched our lawmakers return to work inside the Capitol by 8 p.m.

The critics say President Trump provoked Wednesday’s political “violence.” His refusal to concede a corrupt election baited his followers to overrun the Capitol with flags, put Ashli Babbitt in harm’s way, and do enough property damage to delay the Electoral College confirmation three or four hours.

Fine. Guilty as charged.

But our president for the next two weeks was not Lee Harvey Oswald, a lone provocateur. He had plenty of collaborators. They work on all the major and cable news and sports networks. They play in the NFL and NBA. They represent both political parties, hold high positions in Hollywood, at Netflix, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The people wagging their fingers the hardest at Trump and the Deplorables sanctioned, financed, and promoted political violence throughout all of 2020 and for much of the past decade.

Ashli Babbitt’s blood is on the hands of Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg as much as, if not more than, on President Trump’s. That’s why Dorsey and Zuckerberg rushed to silence Trump on their respective platforms, Twitter and Facebook.

Political tension and violence are fomented, planned, and monetized on Silicon Valley’s social media platforms. Wednesday’s “violence” hit the wrong target. The Capitol is where global elites exchange cash for influence and privilege. It’s where $150,000-a-year politicians become multimillionaires building cozy relationships with Big Tech lobbyists and American corporations looking to curry favor with China.

The Capitol is sacred ground for elites. The way you might revere a church edifice is the way millionaires and billionaires revere the Capitol.

The NBA multimillionaires said they played with “heavy hearts” Wednesday night after seeing the Capitol desecrated. They made twisted, illogical analogies between nonviolent civil disobedience and the rioting, looting, and violence that occurred in Minneapolis, Atlanta, Kenosha, and across this country all summer.

“It reminds me of what Dr. Martin Luther King has said, that there’s two split different Americas,” Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown told reporters. “In one America, you get killed by sleeping in your car, selling cigarettes or playing in your backyard. And then in another America, you get to storm the Capitol and no tear gas, no massive arrests, none of that.”

Brown is right. There are two different American realities. There’s the false reality world created by and for elites and their groupies. In this world, progressive elites feign concern for poor black people by championing the cause of a tiny handful of black resisting criminal suspects harmed by white police officers tasked with subduing them. The elites have no interest in the thousands of black men and boys killed annually due to random gang, street, and drug violence. Those black lives do not matter. Progressive elites live inside a social media matrix where they call the Crips and the Bloods to protect them from the police.

The rest of America lives in an alternate universe driven, at least partially, by reality, facts, and common sense. We don’t see the norms of Western Civilization as the root of all evil. We have no interest in disrupting the nuclear family. We don’t think the storming of the Capitol is analogous to the months of looting, arson, shooting, rioting, and anarchy we watched throughout 2020.

Philadelphia 76ers coach Doc Rivers, a man I greatly respect, lives in a different reality than I do. His interpretation of Wednesday’s chaos baffles me.

“No police dogs turned on people, no billy clubs hitting people. People peacefully being escorted out of the Capitol,” Rivers told reporters Wednesday. “So it shows you can peacefully disperse a crowd. It basically proves a point about a privileged life in a lot of ways. I will say it, because I don’t think a lot of people want to: Can you imagine [Wednesday], if those were all black people storming the Capitol, and what would have happened? That, to me, is a picture worth a thousand words for all of us to see, and probably something for us to reckon with again.”

What is he talking about? We’ve watched buildings burned to the ground this summer. We’ve seen “protesters” prowling the streets of Atlanta with semi-automatic weapons. We’ve seen protesters berate and spit on police officers. David Dorn, a 77-year-old, black retired cop, was assassinated. Parts of Portland have been under attack from Antifa and Black Lives Matter for months.

There have been no dogs, no billy clubs.

We don’t have to imagine how law enforcement would react to black, lawless protesters. It has aired on CNN, MSNBC, and FOX News all summer. The police have been remarkably restrained.

The media, athletes, and celebrities have treated black protesters as heroes. Politicians have taken knees and worn kente cloth to show allegiance with black protesters. Every national sportscaster and head coach has gone along with the facade that police pose a greater threat to black men than black men. We’re inundated with television commercials promoting Black Lives Matter. The NFL has celebrated criminals involved in drive-by shootings. A laundry list of media personalities have taken turns rationalizing every violent, lawless action taken by Antifa or Black Lives Matter. No one cares that George Floyd stuck a gun in a pregnant black woman’s belly or that Jacob Blake sexually assaulted a black woman. The New York Times commissioned a group of black female reporters to rewrite American history to fit the narrative of the critical race theory taught at our academic institutions.

The concerns propagandized by the ministers of black victimhood are a high priority in American society. Sinners are excommunicated from their employment. There is so much money, fame, and adulation from joining the Church of Black Victimization that white people such as Shaun King and Rachel Dolezal have disavowed their natural heritage to identify as black.

A Trump supporter? He or she is an American pariah. A racist. A coon. An idiot. A sellout. Someone to be silenced or ignored.

Trump supporters will not go away quietly or peacefully. It’s their country, too. Their concerns are legitimate. The lawmakers they chased to the basement of the Capitol sold out the American working-class man and woman.

They sold out my mom and dad and the way of life that allowed me to rise from poor to a life of comfort and privilege. My dad was a small businessman in Indianapolis who owned a tavern that catered to hourly, union factory workers. My mother was a factory worker in Indianapolis and Kansas City.

The black people I grew up with, the ones who frequented the Masterpiece Lounge and went on bowling trips with my mom, were not global citizens. They were hardworking high school graduates who wanted their kids to move up the economic and social ladder.

They had a lot in common with Trump supporters. We can’t see that common ground now because the mainstream media and social media have us so irrationally polarized that we think skin color explains everything.

Skin color does not explain the Trump phenomenon, the passion of his followers. Trumpism is rooted in a rejection of the elitism, idolatry, and secularism pervasive in modern American culture.

In September 1620 — four hundred years ago — 102 passengers boarded the Mayflower, fleeing southern England and the elitist society constructed there. They were the original Trumpers, the dregs of European society in search of freedom of religion and expression.

Trumpism is the cry of American citizens uninterested in adopting the cultures and customs of France, China, Italy, Cuba, Venezuela, Canada, or any of the other places global elites romanticize. Trumpism is the cry of the working class who believe the Big Tech billionaires are building an America that cuts them out of the American Dream. Trumpism is the cry of Americans who value authenticity over the fraudulence of political correctness.

The price of ignoring their cries will be war, a civil war.

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  1. My heart hurts today for our country. Our country will never be the same going forward, due to the corruption in our judicial system. I can say, going forward the next four years I will not have a president running my country for that person is corrupt and don’t deserve to be sitting in my White House.

    1. I agree 100%. It is now clear America has a corrupt media, corrupt judicial, corrupt legislature, corrupt law enforcement, corrupt intelligence, and soon corrupt executive.

        1. Impeach Pelosi and Shummer the two left Communists . Stick Pelosi in her extra large ice cream freezer ! She is the one who planned the attack on the Capital ,with her Antifa Goons !!

          1. THANK YOU for saying that!! It wasn’t Patriots that “stormed the Capital”! It was Antifa and BLM!! Look at the videos from people who were there on the ground! The police let them in! I saw it! They opened doors for them! This reporter is only partially aware! I’m so sick of this!

    2. I was there in DC on the 6th. I didn’t know what was going on the Capitol. What I saw was an enormous crowd (I got the photos to prove it) very concerned for our Republic, disgusted at the way the demonrats have treated us “the deplorables” and the President, the media presstitutes lying and the election fraud, for starters. I, my friend and others listened to the President, but felt that he was just re-hashing what we already know. I even spoke with a nice fellow who drove 13 hrs from southern Illinois, who asked us if we were disappointed. To which, we replied, “Yes”. I was hoping for some action, some moves by the President to do something against the law breakers.

    3. Trump lost the Election but if we can get rid of the black and brown vote he would have won, they should not have been able to Vote then it would be the way we want it to be, America would be like it used to be, they would not be mangers at our company’s and we could stop any of them that we think might be dangerous and be able to shot them without being charge with a crime.

        1. hay I have some Neanderthal in me you racist asshole I bet your black and part of BLM that why you hate Neanderthals

      1. You are a poser. Quit trying to impersonate someone you don’t understand. You’re entire attempt was to try to get people to agree with you so you could post this elsewhere later and say, “Look at all these evil racist white folk.” You are part of the problem and divisiveness in this country.

    4. We are looking at the new U.S.S.R… the United States socialist republic!!! We are so f**ked no one can even fathom how bad it will be. Sniffy joe and heels up Harris will never be my president!!!

  2. Who ever wrote this article knows what they are talking about. I was a democrat for a long time, then I went into business for my self and I became a republican because I wanted the government to get out of my way and let me run my business the way I wanted to run it.

    I am tired of the politicians who go to Washington, serve for a few years and retire as millionaires. How is that possible?? Graft and PAC’s that make them wealthy. Laws they pass DO NOT help the middle class every day working people, the Trump administration tried to change that and the elites, swamp, did not like that. We MUST remember the middle class, local business people and every day people!

    1. Love your comment. I’ve always been skeptical of democrats. I have a friend who was never political at all, who has discovered after “thousands of hours of research” the real democrat agenda. He discovered that it’s not pretty since he owns a lot of firearms and doesn’t want them to be restricted, outlawed or seized.

    2. Really how did he do that. Oh thats right give a 10 % tax cut to the rich and corporations. So you and I can pick up the slack. Stop lying to yourself.

      1. I got part that tax cut and I made fourteen dollars an hour, it added $42 back to y check, so do some facts checking be you post. DumdXXS

  3. Absolutely agree with what was written. The crooked low life elites are going to walk into a buzz saw they can’t get out of. If America goes into another civil war the last one will look like a walk in the park. The death and destruction will be horrible. The fact that the whole election was a fraud and the criminals like Biden, Harris, and the traitors with them will not know how to handle it. Biden should hide his head in shame as about 75 or 80 million people will not recognize him or her as president. He needs to stay in the basement and the only way she could even get close to president was the way they cheated the people.

  4. Watch for God to use a president with only 12 days left in his term to expose the corruption in American politics—and in the wicked human nature that infects all of us. And when you see Biden’s “victory” ultimately overturned, have no doubt as to who is responsible!

    1. God has turned his head to the truth. Joe Biden and family, Pelosi are functioning Catholic people walking this earth. I would not walk with them because their understanding of God that they project is unbearable. Are they still getting communion? Very sad

    2. Have Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Millions of us have been praying for our country and our President for months. He heard them and He’s hearing them now. He knows the heartbreak in people’s hearts across the country. This is His Will at work. America, the self proclaimed One Nation Under God, is being shown exactly how close America is to losing Him. Or perhaps He thinks America has walked away from Him. Just remember, God Almighty will be victorious.

  5. Before anyone jumps on the band wagon and starts calling me names, please hear me out!!!!! What happened to Mrs. Ashli Babbitt, is nothing to laugh or joke about!!!! But please, once again hear me out!!!!! To me it is really very funny, “THAT AN UNARMED WOMAN IS SHOT AND KILLED IN WASHINGTON, PROTESTING WHAT HAS HAPPENED, BUT NOTHING LIKE THIS HAPPENED IN THE CITIES RAN BY OTHERE DEAMONCRATS!!!! NO ARRESTS, NO SHOOTINGS OF antifia or blm when burning and looting was happening!!!! All people have to think is why a unarmed woman protesting the fake election is killed and no rioting or burning of buildings in D.C. or any other city, but let a police officer shoot and kill a criminal, and all h$ll brakes loose!!!! Can anyone tell why this happens, and please don’t quote what the msn is putting out!!!!

    1. Ahh duh…She trespassed into the Capital building with destructive intentions while the VP and senators/congressmen were present. Surprised more weren’t shot. Capital police showed much restraint seeing how crowd was conducting a federal offense. RESIGN or IMPEACH!

      1. So if you trespass on public property that your tax dollars pay for and you’re unarmed I can still shoot you?
        Sounds kind of stupid when you put it that way huh….

      2. The fact that anyone died is on Trump. What we witnessed was a failed coup. Trump planned this from the start. He invited the “protesters” to Washington, baited them with lies and told them to go to the capital and “Take back Amerika” you want to put blame on someone? Look to the White House. Trumps legacy will be that he attempted to destroy democracy and sold out his own supporters.

        1. Coup, In part and with the chief prerequisite is control of all or part of the armed forces, the police, and other military elements to take power from a government. How in the Hell does this particular protest satisfy this part of the definition?! Words have meaning; except for leftist.

  6. The attitude of the political elites and the Main Stream Media towards the Trump supports is reminiscent of the attitude the British had of the Boston Tea Party! Those low down colonials ruined perfectly good tea by tossing it into the harbor was an act of Civil Disobedience that led to the Revolutionary War! We do not need a revolution but a clean up of the DC Swamp through the ballot box and if necessary through Civil Disobedience!

  7. Republicans should begin articles of impeachment as soon as Biden is sworn in, there is plenty of evidence against him unlike with Trump.

  8. The article speaks volumes, I would love seeing it on social media for all to see, well written, anyone up for civil war?

    1. You must realize how much of the companies are controlled by liberals. I will be changing my phone service from AT&T because they own CNN. REMOVING MY NAME FROM FACEBOOK, STOPPING THE BIRD TO TELL ME THINGS. ALL IN ALL WE ARE TOLD what the socialist want us to believe. The posts here are better true news then what we are fed by: CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, AND MANY OTHERS. I AM USING MY MONEY TO SUPPORT COMPANIES WITH MY BELIEFS AND TAKING AWAY MY MONEY FROM LIBERAL TYPES. WE MADE THEM RICH NOT TO DESTROY US, BUT THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE DOING.

    2. No, not civil war. Don’t even think war, that’s horror on a massive scale. Just dissolution on a limited basis. I call it TEXIT. Start with Texas leaving the Union. If other states want to leave too, they may join us.

  9. Glad to see this so well written, for all to hear or see! Everything, including the comments are so Very True!!
    Thanks so very much for your Patriotic Time & Effort to try to Help Our Country & Expose the Corruption & Hopefully we can Save OUR COUNTRY!
    I 1st registered as a Democrat to be able to vote, then Bill Clinton cost the taxpayers millions of dollars with Monica dealings, so I immediately changed to REPUBLICAN!!!!

  10. We don’t plan to be ignored.
    We will Ignore Biden.
    If he dares to send Beto and the thugs then all bets are off.

  11. I wish everyone who can read would read this article as it could open a lot of eyes. The main drawback of my wish is that a large part of the left can’t read.

  12. This article was right on. Saying exactly what I’ve been saying for months. Well written article.
    Both Biden and Harris believe they can effectively run this Country, this Nation. Within 6 months Biden will be gone, and Harris will sit in the Oval Office. Harris isn’t smart enough to run anything, much less a Country. Oh, she doesn’t have to be, she’s just the puppet, her strings are being pulled by someone. On her own Harris couldn’t get the nomination, so those puppeteers put her on Bidens ticket. She is completely out of her league. Neither one will ever be my president. If you have to cheat to win, did you really win?

  13. Anyone with half a brain, knows that this was a set up. We even watched some video of the cops opening a gate, so Antifa could come in. It was not Trump people that broke in, it was the demorats private little army, Antifa. Some of the stations have already identified some of them, as they were beating on the windows. I am a patriot, and I am a Trump supporter, and always will be. Joe Biden is not now, or ever be my president.

    1. That’s right Mary!!!! We are being LIED to on MASSIVE scale and there is VIDEO EVIDENCE to prove it!!!!

      1. So it’s okay for Trump to grab your daughter or you by your pussies? Trump can rot in hell for all his sins and you can join him.

  14. After learning that the people who entered the Capitol Buildings were ANTIFA who were bused into the area in escorted buses I believe the incursion was another stunt paid for by the Democrats as a ploy to undermine and discredit President Trump and his actual Supporters. I believe it was staged to advance the Democrats goal of a one world government which by necessity would be Communist in fact and in action.

    Enjoy your freedoms while you are still free to exercise them because if Joe Biden is allowed to take control they will be a thing of the past.

  15. Ignoring wishes of republicans will destroy America? Isn’t that the plan of the democrats (aka communists/socialists)? And hasn’t that been the plan ever since Obama was in the White House? And don’t they hate President Trump because he upset their plans? God bless America. God bless Donald Trump. And God help us conservatives.

  16. They should have moved nasty Pelosi’s office to the rest room so that she can be near the place where crap belongs along with Nadler and Schiff and the rest of the democrap party

  17. TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT NOT BIDDEN. Democrats need to be arrested and jailed for treason. Republicans not much better or they would of stopped election and made the 4 states in question re vote. Legal voters only ones who were registered legal.If cheating put in jail .Voting to stop at 7 pm.No write in or machine voting. Have army to watch voting booth no outsiders allowed in.Looters jailed or shot if need be.

  18. This article describes the Trump followers perfectly. If the elitists and politicians don’t wake up soon, they will experience the wrath of trumpism. Give us our freedoms back and we will go quietly into the night and enjoy life as God intended. The choice is yours.

  19. For all that it is worth, POTUS has succeeded in showing all Americans that our government institution is amongst the most corrupt and despicable governments in all of the world.

    There is a Democrat and Elitist movement whose goal is to strip the middle class of its earned wealth… petty as it may be for one reason… as we grow and succeed, we take additional wealth from the elite in this country and they don’t like it at all.

    Our government swamp and our main stream media thrive on the wealth of the elite. Does anyone actually believe that the swamp creatures that we all send to Washington become multi-millionaire’s while earning a mere $150,000-$200,000 annually and live such extraordinary lifestyles? Of course not! Their nests are feathered by the corruption and bribery that they live by!

    There are just so many on both sides of the aisle that are guilty as I am charging. They deserve physical beatings and even death in many cases for their sins against “we the people”.

    Note that you virtually never hear any one of them refer to us with their own inclusion. It is always… “THE American people” deserve this or expect that, but never “WE American people” deserve this or expect that! Contemplate that… they are a breed that talks down to us… references us as sub-serviant! Pitiful!

    In my opinion, we are very ripe for another civil war. I have no reservations in stating that I am ready, willing and able to do my part in fighting to restore the America that at least half of us know we are entitled to live within.

    If we let things go status quo, we are toast and we deserve it.

    Need I say more.

  20. Whitlock is correct. I just watched Sleezy Joe give his speech this afternoon. He emphasized that if you say something to people enough times people will believe it. He was addressing Trump’s repetition that the election was corrupt. When well over 520 complaints about corruption come from one state alone, videotapes from security cameras confirm it, election workers refuse to allow GOP election watchers entry to the counting hall, voting machines are proven to be mal-programmed, dead, non-citizen, and underage voters vote, well…. this is just hearsay without proof. Trump was instigating riots based on lies? When BLM and Antifa kill people, torch businesses and cars, this is peaceful protesting. When right wingers want entry to Congress and work a little vandalism, that’s wholesale rioting and violence caused directly by Trump’s instigation and he should be hung. When this happens in other countries, we Americans almost always support the insurrectionists. When it happens here it’s holy horror. I want to know how many times the Dems: Pelosi, Schumer, Biden repeated their lies until their insane followers believed them? Meanwhile, remember Ashli, a martyr, who gave her life to some trigger-happy cop, when a simple tear gas can, smokebomb, or rubber bullet could have stopped her advance. Damn the Dems, I support my President Trump. I will continue to support him.

  21. The democrats plan has always been to “Divide and Conquer” U.S.! The Worse Virus ever to infect Our Country is the Democrat Party. Name anything the democrats have done that is Good for the Country…name it. What did we get from the Obama/Biden Reign of Never-ending Scandals? They and their Gang got Rich, we got the shaft!

    President Trump has done More Good for Our Country in Four Years than the democrats have done for the last One Hundred Years!

    Biden and Harris were Not the “DULY” Elected and are nothing more than Usurpers who will infest Our Government and destroy the Greatest Country Ever to Occupy this Planet!

    Remember Obama’s famous statement? (I am Paraphrasing) Our Country is Great and I am here to Change it!

    How did his “Hope and Change” work for you?

  22. What al says above is true. Follow the money! Facebook donated 400 million to get more Dems only to vote for Liberal causes to destroy America. Verizon and Comcast both donate huge sums of money to Democrat candidates.
    Use the same tactics they use against conservatives. 75 Million people need to take their dollars elsewhere. STOP their funding where ever and however you can. Pass that on to friends and family members and tell them why.

    Also, work to convince friends family members or whomever you can of the corruption in DC. Pass around articles like the above to all those you can. They spread lies we have to spread the truth. The left has been brainwashing the next generation in schools and colleges for the past 30-40 years. Our cause will not be changed or accepted overnight the fight has to go on. Pass on articles of truth like the one above when you can. Do research prove the left wrong when you can. The time to be silent has passed we can no longer stay quiet. Most of all support those with similar views back them up stick together. When you want to quit and give in remember there are others out there that want an America the way it always has been FREE.

    For those commenting on Civil War. As much as I thought about the same look what has happened to those who broke into the Capital. The left is labeling them as traitors. The penalties are super high like 10 years in Prison and bankrupting type fines. We have to beat them at their own game. It is far better for all to stick together and win the war not the battle.
    Thanks to the Author of the above article too, please keep up the good work too!

  23. The Founding Fathers must have been clairvoyant, for they gave us the 2nd Amendment to defend ourselves against what is happening now.

  24. they are going to impeach our president trump they should know all hell will break loose in the USA when they do

  25. I am an 80-year-old Veteran who was a democrat for 52 years . This party started a downward spiral to the far left with the Clinton and Obama Presidency. when It wanted to run Hillary I changed parties and dam glad I did. The fiasco at the Capital could have been avoided, had Trump supporters realized the possibility of infiltration of Antifa would turn the show of support into a catastrophe. I am going to take the same stance that the democrats and No Trumpers took He is not my President. As for Biden, he has been elected fraudulently as President I will tolerate 4 years of him as president as he holds the office but I will not accept him as my president I and several friends on the 20th 0f January have decided to turn off our TVs and not participate in the inauguration as a way of shunning the election. If everyone who attended the rally did the same. Fake News and Biden would get a shock as to how many disapprove of his Presidency. The next step would be 75million voters quit paying taxes until Congress get their act together. If there’s no money coming in and they don’t get their $150,000 dole It may dawn on them who that salary comes from and see if they can throw half this country in jail for not paying while they sit on their ass and do nothing for the average middle class of all Americans. This Congress has too many who have been in power too long 30 40 50 years Presidents serve for up to 8years. We definitely need term limits for Congress. When they in as long as some they become greedy power-hungry cheaters who will do anything to keep their positions even fraud..

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