Pat Gray: ‘It’s pretty difficult to do this show right now’

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“It’s pretty difficult to do this show right now,” Pat Gray said on Wednesday’s show. Pat’s comment came on the heels of intense censorship policies implemented across social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Pat explained how the censorship of conservative voices is unlike anything that he had witnessed his lifetime.

“We are in a place right now where it feels uncomfortable to look at what our country [America] has become, but it is more important than ever to pay attention,” Pat said.

Pat expressed his sentiment about the apparent acceptance of socialism in America and he explained the view many conservatives share about the negative impact socialism has on a country.

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“We have to educate our youth on what is going on right now,” Pat suggested. He went on to explain that if kids have any clue about socialism, they are told it means social justice and democracy.

Watch the clip for more from Pat and to hear one idea on a path forward.

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