Roger Stone’s Wife Hospitalized After Being Attacked By Leftist Goon While Walking Her Dog


Roger Stone’s wife was attacked by a leftist goon while walking her dog in her neighborhood on Thursday.

Nydia Stone was attacked so viciously that she was hospitalized and will require surgery.

“Roger Stone’s handicapped wife beaten badly by deranged leftist man while walking her dog in her own neighborhood, currently in hospital,” the Proud Boys posted on Telegram, according to a report from Big League Politics.

Stone’s spokesman, Rev. Randy Coggins, said in a statement that the attack took place in front of their home.

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“It is true that Nydia Stone was attacked by a leftist on a bicycle in front of their home and that she was already convalescing from a very bad dog bite sustained the week before and reported Broward County animal control. This re-opened a gash in her knee which required a visit to the emergency room,” Coggins said.

“Her injury will require surgery but she is home and doing fine and more angry than she is injured. It’s amazing how many hundreds of thousands of people have inquired with their questions and offered their prayers. The Stone family is grateful,” Coggins added.

Nydia and Roger married in Las Vegas in 1992 after meeting in the 1980s.

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  1. What? Did he have on his little red Mao cap, or, did he just identify himself, “I’m Antifascist”?
    I know it hurts, but just try a few facts, or bits of evidence

      1. Why Is The Demo Party ; Thee Party Of Accepted Homo Suck , Willing To Teach Their Son’s Its Ok To Lick , A Shit Stained Penis , For 3 Drops Of Aids Juice , Or Marry a Mans Rump Hole , For The Sake Of Fag Sex .. Its Thee Party Of Lick .

    1. Leftists are disgusting degenerates devoid of souls, empathy and intelligence. Mentally ill and fully supported by their criminal leaders. I’m enjoying watching people like AOC and Bernie Sanders screw them. Orange man bad? Yea, Biden, hold my dementia meds.

      1. Wow, so hateful and bitter. That’s all Republicans are. Hateful racist babies. The world is so embarrassed by you people. Who’s the snowflake now?

        1. Hypocrite. I just watched a video of tolerant leftist new yorkers saying how unity is so important. When asked about Republicans? Yea, your kind doesn’t want unity. You’re intolerant bigots and NY city deserves it’s misery. Vipers, that’s all the left is.

        2. Snowflake you ask? It looks a like you are. The Republicans did not riot all 2020 as did the liberals. DemoRATS were the ones calling the rioting of burning buildings, beating people up because they did not agree with them. As a conservative I am not able to a quiet debate with a liberal without the liberal shouting and swearing. Republicans love this country and the demoRATS want to tear it down. I fear what is going to happen to this GREAT country in the next four years and if we will even have the Constitution to protect us.

  2. Isn’t this a HATE CRIME? Any attack on a Trump should be classified as a hate crime since according to the main stream media, the democrats, the rino’s and the election vote tabulators we are a MINORITY.

    1. Dear Liberal Idiot,
      Your Saul Alinsky hero, the Democrat witch, still can’t let go that fact she lost in 2016 so who are you to judge? I so hope Republicans return the favor by harassing and making Biden miserable every day he illegally occupies the White House.

  3. Just more everyday violence from the left – it’s either violence, cheating or cancel culture – that’s all they know how to do – they’ve turned a lot of this country into socialist thinking idiots who have no idea or they just don’t care about the harm they have caused just for a short term power gain – don’t worry, it won’t last cause they don’t know how to lead and their policies are idiotic! We’ll see you dip***** in a couple of years after you destroy yourselves and the true republicans regain both the House and Senate by ridding ourselves of the RINOS and voting in some truly trustworthy Republican candidates who will do what’s best for the country instead of what’s best for their own personal interests!

    1. Lol says someone from the Republican party which has been carrying out lynchings on the disenfranchised for all of American history. Weak trash. You lost, and the world hates you.

      1. Your filthy kind stealing an election is not “losing” loser… When you die, you’ll wake up in hell and we will be there, toasting marshmallows on your stinking rotten screaming corpse! Suck on that you fucking Maggot!

  4. You won’t see this on MSM, because msm, leftist socialist democrats think that is fine.
    The leftist, msm, socialist democrats are using plays right out of hitlers nazi playbook along with salt alinsky, Mao, Lenin.

    1. No one thinks this is fine. But this is such a poorly written article that in no way identifies the attacker accurately as being “left”.

  5. First to b, Yes there is a place where they can get help. It is called prison. %0 years at hard labor should just about cure their problem.
    jeff you almost have it right. Gotta carry and USE for self defense. The democrats use it to instill terror and take control against the constitution. A new civil war is coming, be ready.

    1. The media is going to broadcast a daily body count, just like they did during the Vietnam war. Then, the public might realize it’s the media who is the real enemy.

  6. Maybe Democrats and Republicans will unify AGAIN to impeach Trump for inspiring this hateful violence too. Reminds me of the old excuse, “The Devil made me do it.” TDS is a real mental disorder.

    1. OMG you need help. Get a f-ing clue you d-bag. And by your twisted sense of logic and the truth Trump also inspired the ANTIFA/BLM riots who killed, injured, looted, and burned down our great cities. I bet you cheered that on along with the Fascists in Congress. But now it’s all Trump’s fault- he made all of you cheer violence? P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C

    2. Your”re an idiot! Trump DID NOT say go storm the Capital or injure people> He is a non violent President, but God forbid your pick, Biden and Cameltoe can insight violence and those SOB’S get away with it. You democrats are all deranged and YOU all should be in padded cells until YOU all can accept that Donald Trump won 4 yrs ago, YOU all still didn’t get over that and never will. I’ll never get over all the fraud and lies and schemes from the left to try to get him out of office. You call us deplorables, you are despicables.

  7. 99% of the HATE and EVIL in this country comes from the Left.
    How else could you explain their insistence that the wholesale slaughter of innocent babies is their “right?”.
    THAT is the essence of evil and demonic influence and behavior.
    God help us now that the foxes have been put in charge of the henhouse.
    This nation needs steadfast repentance and prayer.
    In Jesus’ Holy Name.

  8. There was an attack in San Diego over the weekend of a small group, 4-5, of Trump supporters. About 15 ANTIFA thugs dressed in black, carrying weapons, and waving ANTIFA flags stormed and attacked, hitting the Trump supporters with pepper spray, rocks, at one point a chair, and then beating one who had fallen with a baseball bat. There was a heavy police presence in the area. The Trump supporters were charged with a non-permitted assembly. THIS IS NOT THE COUNTRY I GREW UP IN OR CALL HOME. I AM A PROUD AMERICAN AND HONOR THE FLAG AND THE CONSTITUTION. I also RESPECT the opinion of others even if they do not align with mine. That is called freedom of expression. And after the San Diego incident, the attack on Roger Stone’s wife, the events of this summer ENDORSED and CELEBRATED by our elected members of Congress, does anyone wonder why the MAJORITY of AMERICAN CITIZENS feel disenfranchised in their own country? Or why after 4 years of constant attacks while President Trump was doing his best to clean the SWAMP and do what is in the best interest of the country why you may see frustration and anger? NOT violent attacks. NOT violent riots. NOT destruction of cities. NOT stealing an election and the majority choice of QUALIFIED REGISTERED AMERICAN CITIZENS. No- decent people who respect the police and laws of this country discuss differences and try to understand the opinion of others with the hope of coming to an acceptable compromise. Unless we as a country somehow come together and work together, no matter our differences, America as we know it is dead. But that will require a complete change of attitude from those who want to tear this country apart.

    1. Yes, I certainly am feeling disenfranchised!! Look at what we have to deal with! Most of the media is Leftist, most of the entertainers are Leftist, Obviously most of the the Democratic party is Leftist. Where was I when Trump gave his speech telling the Conservatives they needed to invade Congress and destroy things? The speech I heard, and I’m surprised that it was aired, was Trump telling people that if they were his followers that they need to stay away from that kind of activity. Of course the Leftists never heard that! Will there be a civil war? Unfortunately it looks like that there’s a strong possibility of that particularly where there is a large leftist population. Will the National Guard side with the left? Very unlikely. Will the US Armed Forces side with the leftists? Some will. Will the police side with the left? Maybe a few will. Mr. Biden needs to look at where the real power is and be very careful about where he treads.

  9. Just wondering where the outrage is from the democrats that a senior citizen got attacked?
    Oh that’s he is one of theirs so there will be no outrage, hell it won’t even make it on any msm outlet…
    Bleeping hypocrites each and everyone of them but that’s okay as I have witnessed Karma and she is vengeful and she will eventually catch up to these people.

    1. Really so every time you have a confrontation its about politics is sick. How about you deserve it no matter who your god is.

  10. I have renamed the democrat party and democrats to the demoncrat party and demoncrats.

    All you do is lie like your father. For you are the children of your father the devil, and you love to do the evil things he does. He was a murderer from the beginning. He has always hated the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, it is consistent with his character; for he is a liar and the father of lies. John 8:44 NLT

    What sorrow for those who say that evil is good and good is evil, that dark is light and light is dark, that bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter. ISA 5:20 NLT

    The demoncratic party and demoncrats are murders. They hate the truth because is does not support their agenda. Our founding fathers creation of the constitution was based on the Word of God and now the demoncrats are trying to undo it because they think they know better than God. They are trying to remove God from every aspect of our lives. Joe Biden is president because of our sins as a nation. The foremost sins of our nation is abortion, condoning homosexuality and making a mockery of Marriage that was created by God and allowed it to be perverted for the homosexuals. We had our opportunity to repent as a nation under President Trump and failed to do so. Now God will chastise us for 2-4 years to soften our hard hearts to return to Him. We must repent as a nation, over turn these sins and put our faith in God not politicians.

    I study current events daily and match these events up to Biblical Prophesy. Our nation is sharply divided between good and evil. This division will grow even deeper to the point of a civil war and bloodshed, again! Good must become so powerful in our nation that evil will retreat. It will take strong Christians to do it and not CINO’s (Christians In Name Only). I will define a CINO from a political aspect as one that supports the demoncratic platform.

    People think that you can separate your politics from your Christian beliefs but here is what God says:
    A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.

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