US enemies may be planning EMP attack as civil unrest hounds Capitol

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Enemies of the United States may be using the various political crises at the Capitol to prepare and launch an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack, according to cybersecurity experts.

Since last year, the U.S. has been skating on thin ice with the tumultuous Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and recently the second impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Trump’s ardent critics at the House of Representatives are also proposing to bar him from the nation’s nuclear codes during his last few days in office.

Peter Pry, executive director of the EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security, said that these domestic crises create a “golden opportunity” for America’s greatest enemies to launch a surprise offensive.

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“The U.S. political crisis is being closely watched by Russia, China, North Korea and Iran as a potential golden opportunity for aggression, including the worst-case nuclear electromagnetic pulse attack,” Pry said in a recent interview.

America in danger of an EMP attack

Pry warned that America’s domestic crises may wear down national security and expose the country to an EMP attack. An EMP is an invisible and silent burst of electromagnetic energy that fries electronic equipment and usually knocks out the power grid.

A successful EMP attack on the country will cause a nationwide blackout and the shutdown of critical infrastructures like communications, transportation, food and water supply and sanitation. These conditions can last as long as a year and cause the death of many Americans due to societal collapse.

In an article for the Hill published last year, Pry sounded the alarm about a potential surprise EMP strike by China. The latter’s plans, according to Pry, are all evident in Chinese military writings.

“Even a super military power like the United States, which possesses nuclear missiles and powerful armed forces, cannot guarantee its immunity … In their own words, a highly computerized open society like the United States is extremely vulnerable to electronic attacks from all sides,” said Pry.

Domestic crises further put the U.S. in danger. “Totalitarian and authoritarian states view leadership crises and periods of deep domestic political division as invitations to aggression,” Pry said in the interview.

He warned of the danger posed by the people who infiltrated last year’s BLM protests. According to Pry, these individuals display a “swelling counter-culture anarchy and self-condemnation” reminiscent of the 1968 riots and anti-war protests that are recognized as the turning point in the nation’s defeat in the Vietnam War. (Related: PROOF: BLM activist posed as Trump supporter before Capitol false flag.)

To make matters worse, House Speaker and Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi demanded the Department of Defense to remove Trump’s access to the nuclear codes. This move “is probably far more dangerous to U.S. national security than the mobbing of the Capitol,” Pry said in reference to the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol Building in Washington D.C.

Civil crises can lead to “WWIII Cybergeddon”

Pry warned that these civil crises can lead to a “World War III Cybergeddon,” where the internet and electric grid go down. When that happens, a total of 295 million people (or 90 percent of Americans) could die within the first year due to starvation, disease and societal collapse.

Pry believes that the United States is simply unprepared for a large-scale disaster, as proven by its inadequate response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As he noted in the Hill article, the U.S. spent decades and billions of dollars preparing for biological warfare and funding health and defense departments, which should have contingency plans to protect Americans from lethal biological weapons. Yet these departments failed to manage the pandemic and instead pushed the country to the worst economic crisis it has seen since the Great Depression, according to Pry.

In the midst of this, America’s foes are watching. “Hostile foreign powers surely have noticed the panicked, incompetent U.S. response to the virus that shut down a prosperous U.S. economy,” Pry said.

America’s domestic crises are a real threat to the safety of all Americans. Learn more about the many ways foreign enemies are destroying the U.S. at

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  1. Seems like a very likely scenario for America…If you believe in End Times Bible prophesy, then you very well know that there is absolutely NO mention of America in the End Times…Only Gog and Mogog, which is Russia and China..So the old saying by our enemies that the US will be conquered from within is coming true…America prepare for the worst time in human history, for God is about to exact punishment you could never dream of !!!

      1. Yes Janell Revelation speaks of Mystery Babylon in the last times and tells of her downfall she holds up the golden cup has seven spires on her head. I believe it could be the statue of liberty in New York City. I have always thought that that would be the city because Revelation speaks of a City that sits on the waters. Also says that ships coming to her ports would mourn because of her destruction.

    1. Not too late to repent, and be Saved by the Blood! I hope and pray that people will wake up, before it’s too late for them! And, I read an interesting treatise explaining the America was the “Whore of Babylon” spoken of in Revelation. Praise God in all things…

    2. Unbelievable! You can’t brainwash all of us , we need to band together and get to the real truth so we can fix the real problems.
      PATRIOT, I know you want to make money, but you need to show us the proof and the facts, not the hearsay.

  2. Thank goodness the Pentagon didn’t listen to that old hags request. That would have left us vulnerable to a nuclear attack from numerous other countries that hate us. Throw Nancy to the lions for such a stupid request.

  3. i tried my best to help people understand that D. Trump is the only option to succeed irrelavant to what was thought and propergandered against him, and thats from me a south african.

    1. All the government has to do, in the event of a National Emergency, is declare Martial Law! This negates the Constitution, and makes it not only possible, but very likely, that they would then confiscate any running vehicles, food, and firearms you have. Instantly, everything YOU own, now belongs to the Government. Just like that. Anybody vote FOR Biden, or AGAINST TRUMP? You deserve what’s coming at you…

      1. Oh, I forgot… they will want to “Restore” order and the smooth operation of Society, so, you will be assigned to do jobs they want or need done, based on your training and ability. Guess what’s gonna happen to the infirm and old…

  4. Nancy Pelosi is the biggest threat to America! She and her henchmen will bring about destruction to America! She should be removed with a button!

  5. America is in the Bible, we rescue the remnant of Isreal. This is fear tactics that they want to use to keep society in check and bowing to them the government.
    America is the only country that has supported Isreal except for when Obama was in. I believe we will go thru some chastisement because the church has sleep thru abortion and same sex unions.
    But we will not be destroyed because we a lot of Christians that still believe and support Isreal.

  6. I have heard that here is a way to combat EMP. With what’s called a “Farraday cage”, that’s basically a metal screen tent, with a large capacity ground wire. Don’t know if it would really work, but it might be worth exploring. Hope government can get its * * * * together this time…..

  7. A good read “One Second After” by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournell (sp?) This book gets deep in to the EMP scenario and the obvious aftereffects. Not for the faint of heart.

    1. My friend, Niven and Pournelle are both wonderful hard SF writers. However, I think the book you refer to was written by William R. Forstchen. Your point is sound.

  8. What does it tell us about the scotus when they refused to hear arguments Re: Texas lawsuit about election fraud. That was injustice roberts who led the pack on that. Why? obozo and the demoncraps are holding over his head the fact that he is on the flight manifest to pervert, pedophile epstein’s island for a little play time with
    underage girls and boys. As to injustice roberts preference it is unknown. If you recall he flipped at the 11th hour as to the mandate under the unaffordable healthcare edict it was a penalty or a tax to not carry hc insurance. It is a not a secret that injustice roberts hates PRESIDENT TRUMP and his decision to refuse to hear the case was based solely on that deep seated hatred. There are other so-called prominent politicians on flight manifests headed to and from epstein’s pedophile island. Perhaps our unduly elected sleepy creepy hair sniffing sexual deviant joe biteme.

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