Dissent, Patriotism, and Insurrection: A Complicated History



homas Jefferson did not actually say, “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.” The dodgy New York City mayor John Lindsay did say it. Yeah, that’s a comedown . . . but it was the Sixties, Lindsay was the original “limousine liberal” — to hear Mario Procaccino, a Bronx pol of my youth, tell it — and who on the center-left wasn’t saying it by then? Vietnam had become Nixon’s War.

Decades later, as a U.S. senator, Sixties deb Hillary Clinton revived the thought, in her less-than-sonorous way: “I’m sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and …

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  1. More garbage from National
    The protesters on January 6th were there to preserve the Constitution which was being eviscerated.
    No one was there to overthrow the government. Maybe a few of the oddball antifa infiltrators Etc.
    Most were there to protest what they perceived as an illegal vote.
    18 states being denied their day in court over issues of standing with no explanation only made this worse.
    Please stop comparing the protesters at the Capitol to the arsonists a black lives matter and antifa.

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