Trump Makes First Public Comments Since Leaving White House – Plays Coy About Future Plans


Trump made his first public remarks on Friday after leaving the White House earlier this week.

Trump traveled to Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida on Wednesday morning with his beautiful wife Melania after delivering final remarks at Joint Base Andrews.

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A reporter for the Washington Examiner spotted Donald Trump eating at the Grill Room of the Trump International Golf Club with some friends and asked him about his future plans.

TRENDING: President Trump Gives Permission for US Troops to Stay at Trump Hotel in Washington DC (VIDEO)

“We’ll do something, but not just yet,” Trump told the Washington Examiner.

The Examiner reported that an aide to Trump intervened and “politely” ended the conversation.

Friday marked the second consecutive day that his motorcade drove the short distance from his private club Mar-a-Lago to his golf course.

[Trump] was spotted playing a round on Thursday morning but didn’t arrive until 1:20 p.m. on Friday and made straight for lunch.

He sat at his favorite table, his back to a window looking on to the rolling fairways and gurgling waterfalls of the course, and was dressed in a white golf shirt and his familiar red cap.

President Trump is reportedly talking to political allies about starting his own political party the “Patriot Party.”

The swamp is terrified of Donald Trump and his tens of millions of supporters which is why they are working to bar him from ever running again.

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    1. The best thing Trump has going for him is….Joe Biden. Trump needs to concentrate for the next two years on fielding candidates for 2022. This includes primary challengers to each and every Republican voting in favor of impeachment in either the House or Senate.

    2. Poor ole octogenarian Joe.. even with earplugs embedded 2 help him kno what 2 say .. he cant “compute” .. when walking in the WH after his inauguration & he passed the military guard he was told 2 salute the military guard .. but instead of saluting he “said” “salute the military guard” .. how absolutely embarrassing & scarey .. this man is our President.. shameless of the Democrats & his wife 2 let him go thru this & what will b many humiliations .. God help us !!

  1. President Trump may be relaxing a bit after a grueling four years in the White House, but you can bet his mind is
    working on something that will benefit our country.

      1. Ken, I believe Trump was wrong on some things, right on many . But obviously he is worse off financially than 4 years ago . So though he may be full of ego, gotta believe he cares greatly for the USA.

        1. $1.00 per annual wages (his request) received for catching hell for four years from those lemmings of Obama and Biden 8 years in office.
          Now Democrats returned to power and FIRST Day in office Biden cancelling/ reversing Trump’s policies /decisions.
          The inmates are in charge of the asylum…

          1. I would like to clarify one thing,DC is not a swamp.A swamp is a beautiful area created by god, where the inhabitants are only violent when hungry or protecting their own.DC is septic tank where 98% of the politicians reside. After the truck comes and hauls away the good stuff what is left clinging to the bottom and the sides are the 98% (parasites). PRESIDENT TRUMP thank you for all you did for AMERICA.You made a lot of people feel proud to be an American. Think seriously about the PATRIOT PARTY

          1. Yea sure him and his family did not make one dime. How about charging $600 plus dollars a nightto his Secret Service detail when he goes golfing at Maraloser, and boy did he ever break Obamas record for golfing in 4 years 2 ta 1 and Obama held office for 8 years. Oh yea thats right Obama won 2 terms, Dump Trump only did 1 term. Bet you contributed to his legal expenses you guallable Trumpers

        1. Hey Jerry K is it?!
          Your senile snow topped economically retarded dumbass Comrade B…has single handedly killed 11,000 American jobs, raised gas ⛽️ prices by killing the pipeline while helping his buddy Warren regain his 2B a year in railroad shipping fees, increased regulation for infrastructure rebuilding, appointed a dress wearing man to over see health department, kissed the asses of our enemy Iran & China “Who owns his ass”, re-entered the BS Paris accord which is expected to kill close to 4M American jobs when implemented with his economic policies package!!!
          AND all in one DAY!!!
          WHO said that dumbass can’t multitask!!!
          YOU MUST BE SO PROUD!!!
          You damn DemNazi traitor!!!

      2. right. Let’s see if President Biden donates his salary every year. He’s already shown hypocrisy by closing the Keystone pipeline work thus cutting thousands of jobs. My guess is very soon there will be buyer’s remorse….

        1. Already is! Price of gas has already jumped a quarter per gallon! Remember when Obama was president, and gas was at $5/ gallon, and all he could say was, “Americans can pay it!”, or some other such nonsense? Guess what’s coming for dinner! Higher taxes on EVERYTHING, and I expect there will also be shortages in goods now. Welcome to Venezuela, y’all…

          1. Your a fucking american red neck idiot trump is a disease to the world and was a enemy of my country …Canada if he ever came close to the border a good canadian would have put a bullet in his head….and america would not have been able to do a fucking thing about it …you idiot republican shits

          2. your swearing starts the tale of your intelligence … always has to be a troll in every country … Cananda must be proud of you

          3. Yea and who will profit from higher gas prices Chevron, Shell, Texaco all of Trumps white cronies,
            not the American poeople

        2. He does not have a clue what it’s like to live in the real world. The Keystone Pipeline is very important for the future of this country. I don’t think we will be able to pay $3 to 4 a gallon for gasoline. And electric bills will soar. I hope we are still a self sufficient nation after Biden and all the lefties get their agendas approved. GOD HELP US TO SURVIVE!

          1. God will help us thru this if that is his plan. He said he would never put more on us than we could stand.

          2. DianneLynn…
            The only disease 🦠 is YOU leftist DemNazis election stealing socialist scum!!!
            Burn 🔥 in hell you corrupt pieces of swamp 🐀💩!!!
            Enjoy your fake President while you can…so that fake ass Canadian educated California whore will be YOUR president!!!
            And you so deserve it…all you traitor ass CommieRats do.

        3. Trump didn’t need the salary. Remember he’s always talking about how rich he is. Oh, I forgot, he’s gotten way more than $400,000 from billing the government for expenses at his properties.

      3. I guess you love the illegitimate do nothing that all you demo’s put into office who will not do anything but ruin this country. Well let’s see how much you love him in 6 months or so down the road.

      4. Wisdom comes with age and experience,, Ken must be very young or have very little experience,,, like a lot of millennials.

      5. Words copied direct from the DemoRATS mantra. Must be another ignorant lazy millennium that can’t think, only wants to take!

      6. He left his multi-billion dollar a year operation to become President for $400K a year, which he donated to charity. How on God’s Earth is that benefiting himself? Does he have a big ego, absolutely, so do you.

      7. I used to know a Ken Knapp, he worked at TRW. pretty nice g
        uy, he would have been a Trump supporter. so this must be someone else.

  2. We support you but not the republican party and all the turn coats who do not have a backbone and only their wallet. Without support you do not have a party. That has been shown not but including stolen ballots and fraud that our court system also has not no backbone which indicates both parties and their crooks are running the country. People like yourself and Ted Cruz and company are fighting and up hill battle. Country is already going down hill in 3 days of Democratic control. Not looking forward to the future.

  3. You are the bright light in the dismal swamp of Washington DC. I pray that God gives you the knowledge and the wisdom how to use that knowledge in making your next steps.
    .. Always my President!!

    1. Trump and we the people will prevail because Jesus Christ has Blessed us exceedingly! We must be patient and wise! Wisdom my friends and patience and prayer!

  4. President Trump will most likely be the last great President and we must do whatever we have too in order to bring sanity back to the country. He is our best hope. We must support any effort to get him back in the WH. God bless our President and God bless America.

  5. You are still n will always be our president. We have already miss you. Stay safe n well. Love you and your family.

  6. I would switch to a patriot party.
    I don’t believe Kohls stopped carrying my Pillow for lack of sales.
    Kohls has way too much inventory they need to have better buying themselves. Sales were down because of Covid closings.

  7. First I want to say THANK YOU for All You have done and WILL Do! Second I want to say, YOUR still MY President…. biden will NEVER be my President and harris will NEVER be my VP, But neither will pence! And Third and mostly, GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ALWAYS! I’ve been on the Trump Train since day 1 and I’ll stay on board till the day you throw your hands up and I don’t see you doing that. So again, Thank You and GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALLLL HER GOD LOVING AND TRUMP SUPPORTING PEOPLE! 2021-2024 and BEYOND!

  8. it just goes to show the people how fu##ed up, misguided, socialistic and greedy our legal and judicial system really are. If the system was right we wouldn’t be having cockroaches in the white house and our government. Big problems are already started and in the works from the first hour. This is just the start.Wait until gas prices go to $6-7-8 dollars a gallon, your paycheck shrinks, your taxes go up, loss of jobs, unemployment goes up and there is no money for it, money taken from your savings,IRA, pensions etc. Remember this is just the beginning for you subjects, now be a good robot and put your mask on.

  9. ” The Best Is Yet To Come” I believe this to be true. You’ve done a outstanding job for our country and believed you’ll continue to do so, Mr. President. All for the Patriot party.

  10. Do not start a third party as they don’t work in a winner take all system like ours. If we were a parliamentary system like England, Australia etc they work because they go by percentages not winner all. Better off sticking with what you do best.

    1. If President Trump starts The Patriot Party, most of his supporters would join it, leaving the Republican party devastated. I am all for that! Then it will be the Democrats and The Patriots. God bless America & the Trump family!

  11. You got that right … the delusional democrats are running scared . They know if trump runs again they will have a fight on their hands . I know I’ll never vote again unless it’s for trump . i r a deplorable . The governor of my state ( governor wolf ) let the delusional democrats steal my vote , so voting is out of the question from here on out . If you see my name as a voter … it’s a fake vote . I didn’t vote . Unless it’s for trump lol the delusional democrats can’t let trump gain any steam , if he does he won’t be stopped unless by more corrupt ways which the delusional democrats don’t mind using as we all saw

  12. We are ready for a new political party. The Republicans , except for a few, have no balls. They do not fight for their party and for the American citizens they are representing. Just let us know when this new party gets started. Millions will join.

  13. Not sure a third party is the answer unless he’s able to bring on board the 76,000,000+ voters he had in 2020. I love everything he’s done for our country and will support him in his next bid. But, how many Republicans/Democrats can we get to switch parties, that is the key to change the entire makeup of our corrupt government. But, what do I know I’m only one retired veteran who just wants the justice system and small federal government to be a reality.

  14. We love you Mr President & will be out there waiting for your return. Good health & God Bless America & you and your beautiful family. We miss you already!!

  15. Forever Trump!
    I am a veteran that served under President Regan and guarded him proudly.
    I serve you President Trump, and with all my heart and soul, will stand together and band together with other like minded Trumpster’s. I will take a bullet for you and our America to bring this injustice to justice.
    God Bless you President Trump and your family and God Bless America!

  16. Lots of sick deranged spittle here. If you folks get your head out of your asses, & show a modicum of intelligence you could bring back the Republican Party!!
    Yet you act like cultists & disregard the truth. What policies were introduced that benefitted you? Unless you have a minimum of 7 zeroes in your net worth – you need to look in the mirror…you were hoodwinked since 83% of tax cut went to the top 10%… 30K lies told in 4 years, lied about vaccine in the store, no plan to challenge the virus, a businessman? NOT!

    1. Talking about having your head stuck somewhere, Louis you’re probably to see daylight through yours since your head is stuck so far in. Treatment meds were produced in RECORD time. A vaccine was produced in record time. Talk about lies, if it weren’t for illegals voting and corruption biden would not be in office now. Shame on the conservative side for not standing up for justice and the law. Seven figures? I don’t come close to 7 zeros and yet I along with blacks and Latinos who wanted to work had the best livelihood ever the first 3 years of his presidency. You are the poor hoodwinked soul as you soon will find out as you fall to socialism.

  17. Ok ok ok the bigger picture here ! Dianelynn Please post some more pictures of yourself. Cause dam girl your a sexy Canadian. I can overlook the whole shoot our President of the USA thing. Hopefully the secret service can. But again your smoking !

  18. I am a retired veteran and would join the patriot party in a heartbeat if it is formed. It is the right party for real Americans-those who love their country.

  19. We love you President Trump, you will always be my President, May God bless & watch over you and your family,

  20. you have international suporters from all over the world mister President, even though we can’t vote you’re a symbol for a better furure for the rest of the world!

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