Portland Leftists Targeting Federal ICE Facility in Late Night ‘Protest’ (VIDEOS)


Leftists in Portland are once again facing off with federal agents as they have staged a late night “protest” at their Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility.

By 11 p.m. local time, arrests were already being made and an unlawful assembly had been declared.

On Wednesday, the leftists vandalized the federal ICE building and the state’s Democratic Party headquarters. During the incident that night, the rioters were seen carrying pepper ball guns, fireworks, shields, rocks and “electronic control weapons similar to Tasers.”

The scene on Saturday night seemed to be similarly planned.

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Approximately 100 leftists were chanting “no borders, no nations, abolish deportation!”

It should go without saying that the media treaded lightly with their coverage, despite the fact that the hooligans were attacking a federal building.

The situation at the facility is currently ongoing. The Gateway Pundit will provide updates if the situation escalates.

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  1. These scumbags need to be fired on in order to get calm in the city. You would only have to kill one and the rest would stop. If they didn’t, kill another one. These are cowards hiding with their masks being paid by George Soros. President Trump wanted to handle the situation, but DEMOCRATS SUPPORT THEIR ACTIONS. THEY ARE IN ON IT AND HARRIS RAISED MONEY TO GET THESE CREEPS OUT OF JAIL. SO MUCH FOR JUSTICE.

    1. Harris also promised this anarchy will continue and that it should. So where are the articles of impeachment against her?? Second question. Where is any Republican member of Congress with balls enough to make it happen?

  2. I hope that ICE uses the same lethal force that they used at the capital to protect a federal building and federal employees. This country can not have two sets of laws one for certain people and one for all others i am for the police using lethal force if they start shooting these people attacking them who are trying to hurt or kill the ICE workers. I guarantee if they shoot one just one the rest will run away and never come back. That is been the problem in Portland they let these criminals go and go the criminals were waiting for the authorities to draw a line in the sand. They never did this caused all their problems the criminals did not have any fear of being arrested and this caused their actions to go out of control. Arson, rioting that resulted in deaths, looting all of this could have been avoided of the law had been enforced from day one. We need to stop calling violent criminals aka terrorist protestors these are not protestors. Protestors are by definition are non-violent and are only trying to get their cause heard. These criminals are not trying to be heard they are attacking, damaging, burning private property etc.. There is only one way to handle them arrest them with what ever force they need it would be nice if they could take them away without using lethal force. The bottom line is if they need to then they have to this will lock up dangerous criminals who if they have a record should be denied bail or if the are charge with a violent crime no bail. This will result in these type of things from ever happening again Antifa and the leftist are weak little cowards if face by the authority not being told to not arrest them they will stop this crap immediately !

  3. Notice that now that we have a democrat president they are willing to send in federal agents against people they said last year were peaceful protestors.

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