Antifa rioted in Tacoma Sunday night, smashing windows and setting fires in the street


Saturday night in Tacoma, Washington there was an incident involving a police car and crowd of people. The police car showed up downtown because people were doing donuts in the street.

A crowd had gathered to watch and police were called. When a cop pulled to try to break up the activity his car was surrounded:

A Tacoma police officer who arrived in an SUV with its lights and sirens on soon found himself surrounded by people who were banging on the stopped vehicle and its windows in a threatening way.

Tacoma police said that fearing for his safety, the officer tried to back up but was unable to because of the crowd. While trying to leave the unsafe situation, the officer drove forward and hit one person and possibly others, police said…

When the officer got to a safe location, he called for medics. The man was taken to a hospital. Police had originally said the pedestrian had minor injuries but have since said his condition is not known..

This was all caught on video from several angles. Be warned this is graphic:

People at the scene were immediately outraged over what happened. One person was arrested at the scene. Police have said the officer involved is 58-years-old and has been on the force for 29 years but have not released his name.

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This all happened Saturday night but Sunday night a group of people in black bloc showed up in Tacoma and began to march through the streets, smashing windows and setting fires:

A street preacher near the group was attacked:

They attacked this guy too. Not clear if he was with the street preacher.

Then a fire was lit in the street:

By around 8:30 the mob was on the move:

Smashing as they go:

They are smashing businesses and parked cars.

Another angle:

The cars belong to Sheriff’s officers which is why they are a target:

They stopped at the county jail and rattled the fence:

They were chanting “Free them all.”

Eventually a line of police officers blocked the march:

The mob turned away, smashing windows as they went:

Andy Ngo points out that sometime last night police arrested two people who had gone onto a roof:

There needs to be an investigation of the incident at the street race. A person was run over and put in the hospital. The injuries could be very serious. But smashing windows at random doesn’t help that process. It just creates an expensive mess for lots of people who had nothing to do with it. Mob vandalism is not how we do things. At least it didn’t use to be. Increasingly in Portland, Seattle and now Tacoma it seems like this is the new normal.

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