Schools now subjected to “diversity audits” that are nothing more than fascist “woke policing”

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One of the nation’s leading independent schools recently conducted a “diversity audit” to determine how “woke” its teachers are about “sexual identity,” “social justice,” and other far-left “virtues.”

The Harvard-Westlake School in Los Angeles brought in an outside consultant to quiz faculty on their compliance with progressive views in six categories of diversity: racial identity, religious identity, socioeconomic status, family structure, sexual identity, and disability status.

Teachers were asked to assess themselves in terms of how effectively they feel they convey each topic to their students. They were also asked to fill out a worksheet indicating how effectively they think their classes, regardless of subject matter, promote “diversity.”

The sheet specifically asked teachers to describe how their courses “foster an understanding of systems of power and encourage students to develop tools for equity and justice.”

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In light of last summer’s “racial justice protests,” Harvard-Westlake thought it would be a good idea to analyze how effectively social justice ideology permeates class curriculum, and make adjustments accordingly.

All of Harvard-Westlake’s roughly 200 teachers were given the worksheet as part of a “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” (DEI) curricular review, which was initiated by the Glasgow Group, a Maryland-based consultancy that connects independent schools to professional “diversity administrators.”

Emphasizing language that is characteristic of contemporary DEI priorities, race, as one example, is described on the worksheet as “a social construct that is used to group people together in relation to power and privilege.” “Family structure” is likewise defined as anything that “relates to various aspects of families, the way that they are organized and who makes up a family unit.”

The implication with the latter is that all family structures, whether married, unmarried, divorced, or other, are all an equal part of “diversity,” and should not be looked at as better or worse than another.

It’s all about vilifying white people and elevating “people of color”

This far-left approach to the curriculum structure has become commonplace across the country, including at bougie schools like Harvard-Westlake where tuition runs upwards of $40,000 a year.

Teachers at these schools routinely use gender-neutral pronouns, apologize for occupying “native land,” promote the idea that “climate change” is real, and advocate for domestic terrorist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM).

“It’s intrusive and completely inappropriate that Harvard-Westlake is demanding teachers get involved in indoctrinating students about things like ‘family structure,’ and it shows how pervasive and revolutionary the goals are,” a member of the school’s community who chose to remain anonymous is quoted as saying.

“This isn’t really about George Floyd and ‘racial justice’ – it’s about creating a new, extremist mission for the school that attacks our society and indoctrinates students with radical political views that are presented to them as uncontroversial and mainstream.”

This transformation is being propelled by an ever-expanding workforce of DEI professionals, including the five DEI administrators that currently work at Harvard-Westlake. These administrators sent out a school-wide email back in the summer that discussed its new expanded “antiracist” agenda.

The Glasgow Group, by the way, is made up of 12 diversity professionals who make money spreading anti-white propaganda to the impressionable. The group actively foments anti-white racism while claiming to fight racism, all while discouraging healthy debate about sensitive subjects in favor of creating “a culture of dialogue.”

The group issued a statement before the election saying that it anticipated “a range of emotional responses to the outcomes.” The goal was to then “validate” this range of emotions “and provide outlets for processing.”

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  1. My math teachers always used white chalk when they taught, so I never really learned the blackness of mathematics.

  2. Definition of diversity:

    1. the state of being diverse; variety.
    2. the practice or quality of including or involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds and of different genders, sexual orientations, etc.

    So, shouldn’t “diversity audits” make sure there is more than one viewpoint that teachers have about “sexual identity,” “social justice,” etc.?

    1. Makes me wonder how diverse the auditors are. Are they accomodating the precise percentage of various diverse groups to be within the parameters of the accomodation guidelines? Do you really think Booby Biden thinks diversity or is he just a plain, garden variety politician ( in his case a rather cognitive impaired one)?

  3. It seems they would be more focused on the students and not race, color or sex. One thing that jumped out at me is the said race is “a social construct that is used to group people together in relation to power and privilege.” Did anyone tell Webster that his definition, that has been around and accepted for years is wrong? Race is “a category of humankind that shares certain distinctive physical traits” so where does power and privilege come in? THIS is what is going to ruin America

  4. What are they going to do in the nba , no diversity, have to let more whites ,Latinos, oh Asians play . That is how stupid this whole thing has gone . Schools , jobs should be on merit or experience. Applications should not have race on it. Fire these teachers and professors that teach more than there subject . No sex or socialism. That is what has happened to this country. Young people have been brain washed to believe they are the wrong gender , everything should be free. You better hope the government have to reinstate the draft

  5. I wonder what color the fuhrer’s children will be wearing this time in Germany it was brown in China it was blue denim ,now they only have to brainwash the young people into reporting on their parents loyalty to the national socialist Democrat American party and it’s complete except for the reeducation camps ,Hitler and Gobbles would be proud of the jackass party

  6. This is nothing more than the left’s attempt to further radicalize Academe and public schools. These institutions are nothing more than re-education camps masquerading as institutions of learning. Mind control and “right thinking” are hallmarks of Marxist regimes. Recall the four Olds of China’s Cultural Revolution, Stalin’s Purges and Hitler Youth. All had the same objectives as this latest leftist insanity, mind control and lockstep adherence to a state philosophy. It will either be Rebellion of Subjugation. The answer lies with the people who will wrest control of this oppressive mindset from the left and return to a Constitutional Republic.

  7. I am against all this diversity stuff and diversity audits. But, I found no explanation in this article of where the DEI, which I’ve never heard of, comes from. Is it a government entity, or a private entity which is under no pressure from government about diversity? If it’s the latter, I cannot have any principled opposition, although I could, and would, oppose it. But five DEI “administrators” working at Harvard-Westlake doesn’t convince me that the DEI is a government entity. I must be told, then shown. If the DEI is, indeed, a government entity or if it is a private entity under pressure from government, THEN I am up in arms about it, and oppose it, on principle.

  8. I read somewhere that Einstein said it best

    Genius has its limits but stupidity knows no bounds

    Even if it wasn’t Einstein, sure sums up America’s Government today

    How could a nut job like AOC even be elected ?

    My god first went common sense and then…………………………

  9. Every “white” should go on strike, and offer NO help for ANYthing when SHTF. Let them do it all with no help from the middle class taxpayers. Then see how long this BS lasts.

  10. Academia has destroyed this country. The current “woke” generation is a culmination of decades of social engineering that began with the Self-Esteem movement, as academic achievement took a back seat to personal enlightenment and social responsibility. Feelings became more important than facts.

    This is followed by an obsession to “create” equality and achieve parity, bowing at the altar of conformity. Suddenly, one of the most important attributes in childhood and adolescent development was attacked—Adversity. The attempts to remove all barriers and obstacles; to lower the bar to be more inclusive and diverse; to remove any kind of struggle that might become an impediment, has done nothing but create unreasonable expectations of entitlement in the minds of many young people.

    It’s even worse for the Black community, since academia is responsible for creating various social theories that perpetuate failure. Before “White Privilege” became popular it was “Cultural Bias,” which was condescendingly used to explain why Blacks couldn’t learn certain subjects.

    In reality, these were excuses academia was using to explain their own failures to address the disparities that continue to exist in education. Instead of recognizing their failures, and ignoring root causes, they create theories to blame everybody else, that inevitably harm and infantilize the black community. It’s all part of the same bigotry of low expectations that has kept many blacks, and whites, from rising above a perpetual state of adolescence.

    From speech codes and safe spaces, to trigger warnings and micro-aggressions, public schools and universities have created a false sense of reality that doesn’t exist beyond the halls of academia. Suddenly, anything offensive or uncomfortable has to be removed from society or attacked and silenced.

    This is why we have a generation of young people who feel entitled to the hard work and labor of others. It’s why we see mostly privileged students and young people engaged in riots, looting and violence (Antifa BLM) around the country, claiming to be oppressed. It’s Marxism, period!

  11. The claim of “diversity” is garbage in many ways. For starters, when some entity pride themselves of their diversity, ask them how many employees are

    a) Republican
    bI Libertarian
    c) Conservative
    d) Practicing Jews
    e) Practicing Christians
    f) Of Asian origin


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