Media Analyst Says Joe Biden Is Governing Like A Dictator By His Own Definition


Joe Biden has been president for barely two weeks and has already signed over 40 executive orders.

Back in October, he said that he couldn’t govern that way because doing that would make someone a dictator.

Now he is fine with it.

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Media analyst Joe Concha just called Biden out for this.

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He writes at The Hill:

By his own definition, Biden is already governing like a dictator

“I have this strange notion, we are a democracy … if you can’t get the votes … you can’t [legislate] by executive order unless you’re a dictator. We’re a democracy. We need consensus.”

Those are the words of Joe Biden. And, no, this isn’t a matter of unearthing a clip from the 1980s or ’90s in an attempt to play a game of gotcha on some antiquated flip-flop. That’s Democratic nominee Biden, less than three weeks before the 2020 presidential election, talking to ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos about the dangers of governing like a dictator.

In President Biden’s first week alone, he has signed 37 executive orders and actions as of Thursday. That’s 33 more than the guy he indirectly referred to as a dictator, in the form of predecessor Donald Trump. It’s 32 more than his old boss, Barack Obama, and 37 more than George W. Bush, who signed zero in his first week as president.

“With unity we can go do great things, important things,” Biden said during his inaugural address. “Unity is the path forward. We must meet this moment as the United States of America. We’ve never failed in America when we’ve acted together.”

See the October video below:

This is just one example of many showing that the Democrats are pretty much everything they falsely accused Trump of being for four years.

And they think no one sees it.

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  1. No president should have the power to run the country with the stroke of a pen. He is not that sharp and there are people behind him pulling the strings. Now he intends to sign a 2 trillion $ covid stimulus without the senate. NO individual should have that much power to spend the tax payers money without checks and balances.
    THIS HAS TO STOP ! He is turning into a Chinese dictator and the people eventually will wake up and there will be
    Hell to pay. Put him in a corner for a time out and give him a pacifier.

    1. Remember his mentor was obambam with his belief of “all I new is a pen and a phone” so I’m not at all surprised. They were warned that if he got into office that they would be voting in a socialist/communist dictator. During the 2016 and the 2020 elections the dems were saying that the next president would be the last. Those that voted him in they did there usual listened to there words and totally ignored there actions of the whole party.

    2. Alla biden is definitely a dictator and all the ones directing him are as well. With the troops all over DC makes me look at all the Socialist countries. Hitler had his brown shirts and dumbtator has the National Guard. I hope all the conservatives will be able to weather the storm and hope all the demoonRATS and liberals that cheated for biden take a long walk on a short pier.

  2. This is a case of “be careful what you wish for”. The left operated with such hate for 4+ years against a man who man more positive changes for we, the people. Even things like building the wall were originally a dem issue that they wanted but never built. This administration is absolutely power hungry and will undo all the good we accomplished under Trump. As a Christian, I trust God is showing us this for a reason. I urge all people of faith to hang tough in your faith and know that God has our backs even when our leaders don’t.

  3. Every one of you, that voted for this wolf in sheep’s clothing, are responsible for, failing of our country! We can no longer post negative things in comment sections, while the left continues to call President Trump, AND HIS SUPPORTERS, ugly names. Social media is clamping down on our posts! We are becoming the nations of china, north korea, russia, where we can no longer speak freely against our government. AOL is my server, and they reject EVERY COMMENT I MAKE. They will not post it! Facebook is working with biden to and they are censoring us. Just look at the conservative accounts that have been deleted off of social media. Now, let’s see if they allow this to be posted!!!

  4. Beijing Biden is so cognitively challenged that he doesn’t even know what he’s signing. He just does what his handlers tell him to do.

  5. Most of Trump’s executive orders were used to enforce legislation that had been passed by Congress. That is a major part of the President’s job and executive orders were created, in part, to allow for this.

    Biden is just using EOs to undo what Trump has done. He gives no argument as to how undoing what Trump did will better enforce the law. It is pure and simple rule by fiat which is a very good definition of dictatorship.

    1. The really sad part is that he is signing these orders without thinking the consequences. Some are just for show as there are already laws in place covering them like ordering OSHA to enforce health and safety at workplace or “Prevents workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity” this has been present for decades. Others that won’t take place for 9 years like his change of the Census requirements “Requires non-citizens to be included in the Census and apportionment of congressional representatives”. This can’t be made retroactive for before he was sworn into office so will only count towards the 2030 census unless overturned by then. so just for show.
      Also as for not thinking of consequences his EO on 2/26 “Directs the attorney general not to renew federal contracts with private prisons” yet he doesn’t have any solution for all of the prisoners being held in these facilities. Guess they will open the gates and let them loose as the main reason for them was over crowding federal and state facilities without the budgets to build or expand.

  6. Civil War is lurking around the corner. Joe, Karmala, Nancy, and Chuckie will be the very first casualties of that conflict.

  7. After the 1st and 2nd amendments are gone there is nothing left. Those currently in charge have no respect for human rights and believe their manifesto will eventually be swallowed even if choking is necessary

  8. I sat and watched him take executive order pamphlets from a stack that were just to his right. Every time he took one from the stack he would open it and not look at the contents, he would just blindly sign it. He had no idea or a clue of what he was signing, he only wanted to erase everything that Trump put into law and thats the only reason he was signing the executive orders. His hate for Trump like all democrats especially Pelosi and Schumer will come back to bite them in their sorry asses. They do not belong to be in their positions, but will continue to use all their power to destroy our country and constitution. Good ole China Joe will remain in hiding and slink away like an escaping rat when the going gets tough and he has to face the American public for his traitors deeds. Hell he can’t even stand to answer tough questions, instead he runs and hides as usual. Joe, you need to get in touch with reality and get the facts straight with God, so beware he’s coming for you.

  9. Equalizer, I agree with you 100%, the check and balances will take place soon. this communist/chinese/marionet have to be stopped. he is being push like a soccer ball, he has no idea what he is doing, except signing what he is told to. all these democrats in congress and senate are responsible for the ruining of our economy, oil and gas, the very same people the kiss ass Obama had are the same one that are again telling us what to do. the gas at the pump is going higher, we are now oil dependent from other countries. the 40 plus executive orders have to be voided, he is not a legal president, he is a what he is and has always been. ”A THIEF”, CORRUPTED, PERVERT, AND NOW COACHED FROM A WHOLE LOTS OF PROSTITUTED PEOPLE WHOM DO NOT CARE FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BUT FOR “””CHINA””” THEY ARE BEING BOUGHT AND PAID IN YUAN.


  10. there are people being the scenes pulling this Sock Puppet’s strings. This wholesale destruction of Trump EO’s was already in place that is why the Sock Puppet just signs away. This is banana Republic like ruling and the “Collectivist/Socialist” are in power. As long as people tolerate this it will only increase in its severity. We are a bankrupt nation throwing trillions of dollars at windmills and foreign nations. Economic destruction lurks in the physical policies of these tyrants and those who support them.

    1. You mean like signing EO’s with no idea of how to enforce them or what to do after they take effect? What will he do with all of the prisoners being held in private institutions built because the government ran out of room and using the private facilities was more economical than building or expanding new federal or state facilities yet his EO is for the DOJ not to renew their contracts? Will they all just walk?
      What about EO’s that can’t take effect for 9 years? The Census is done, was completed last year under previous administration. Biden can’t throw that out and require a new census because he didn’t like the last one. Yet he signed an EO requiring the counting of non-citizens to be used in determining federal representation in the House. Sorry but the decisions on our laws and legislature needs to be based on US citizens, not temporary residents or people who entered the country illegally for what ever reason. This was solely written to expand democrat seats in the House and NO other reason.
      At the same sitting where he stopped drilling and exploration on all federal and public lands including tribal land without consulting tribal leaders, he signed and EO that “Recommits federal agencies to “engage in regular, robust and meaningful consultation with Tribal governments”
      He directs the Department of Housing and Urban Development to review the Trump administration’s regulatory actions for their effects on fair housing and to then “take steps necessary” to comply with the Fair Housing Act. Without even knowing if any of the previous administrations actions effected fair housing act. At least this time he is having it studied for him.
      In Oct 2020 while campaigning for office he basically stated anyone using EO’s to get their policies across were dictators and he didn’t believe in it. In just 8 (eight) days he signed 42 EO’s only 13 reversing Trump EO’s. I would guess it would be fair to apply his own definition against him based on his first 8 days in office.

    2. When you have no freedom Bernd, all you will have a mirror to look in so you can remind yourself how fuckin stupid you are, you fucktard

  11. When did Biden take a competency test? He lied that he had but truth was he never did. Couldn’t possibly pass it. He’s not capable of communicating in a normal way, look & listen. He never explains anything & when the tries, it’s short, dictatorial like the rest of the them, mumbles through it, cannot & will not take a question. If one get’s to him , he’s the angry bastard he has always been. Much of this will get overturned. He did not win anyway, no mandate for this Commie, Chavez loving crime family head. The country did the best of my lifetime under Trump. My modest house went up 40- 50% when the economy took off. It was completely flat in here all 8 years of the absolute worst, American hating liar ever to be in office. He’s pulling these strings now & it’s just hate America, kill jobs, silence all of us ruin the Constitution if they can stuff all the time. Like his 8 years of pure hell. Biden, Obama & Hillary should be jailed for their abuse of power. Executive orders that help people be able to work, businesses come back from overseas worked out damned well. So, if that’s incompetent to some, they just want Government handouts or something & don’t want to work & do well on their own. That’s not America, Dude!

  12. OH WOWWW!!!
    What happened is nothing short of treachery, deceit and treason by the hidden elitists trying to ruin OUR nation.
    They STOLE the election and the country NOW positively knows they did. OH, some don’t want to face that or admit to it but we ALL see it now. I think this will come to light pretty soon and will be reversed with the hand of GOD in His timing.
    The media is bought and paid for by these IDIOTS so they will be the last to admit to any of this but sooner or later this will too change…once the country is back under GOD controlled leaders.

    I totally expect my post to at the very least put me on MORE of their terrorist list…have any of you seen their list of definitions of terrorist lately? Of all things it included any and all men and women just out of the military…..REALLY? Are you kidding me? No sheeeit?
    Well, I fall into several of the definitions and they include, but not limited to, Christian, Speak with the idea that I still have that freedom, Own GUNS and even reload my own ammunition ( I reload for much better accuracy, savings and the utter joy of knowing I can take my game with one shot as humanly as possible and this is my constitutionally legal given right and I always adhere to all the regulations and make certain I do all this within the safety guidelines professionally printed and legally distributed by the makers of all the components I use to reload) Why they want to restrict me this right is with their self righteous and UNCONSTITUTIONAL, DICTATORIAL RADICAL VIEWS…is beyond belief and certainly not mine nor most of you that are as legal and morally compliant that they seem to have lost in their hunger for “MORE POWER”, I hunt game for sustenance within the lawful hunting season regulations (lately that’s ONLY when I can afford the time and expense), I don’t listen to the radical far leftists or swallow their demented ideas, I don’t adhere to their positively insane “Peaceful Protests” that damage property, injure and even shoot to kill INNOCENT bystanders and then of the absurdity of it all, get nominated for a NOBEL PEACE PRIZE.

    NOW, I will go on record and say. This post will not last out the day and will be deleted with not even a shred of decency of an explanation of WHY.
    I hear some of ya-all asking, “What would make you say such a thing?”
    Because I am a free thinker and believe we don’t need some ELITE telling the rest of US how to live an Asumed FREE life….I obey the laws and don’t threaten anyone or resist or attempt to restrict their right to free thought and speech so what makes them decide that I am a threat to them or anyone else for that matter? Is it because they are afraid of us? I don’t think like they do so they want to RE-PROGRAM and RE-EDUCATE ME? What a bunch of HOOEE…Come on Man. LOL

    IF they want to live that life then they have that right. HOWEVER, conversely, they DON’T have the extra right to dictate that I am not allowed my freedoms set forth by the constitution we’ve all lived by for the entirety of the existence of the republic of “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and not the DICTATOR AMERICA that they want to take us to…not going so well for them so far…just look at the unbelievably HUGE mistakes they’ve already made.
    LOST all those 200million-something vaccinations, THEY want to vaccinate ALL the detainees at Guantanamo Bay EVEN BEFORE our own TROOPS and US Citizens….Brother, how unjust is any thinking like that?

    I usually sign off with; “JUST SAYIN'” but not today I’ll sign off with what I really mean here,
    “I AM SAYIN’ “.

  13. The grass just SEEMS to always be greener on the other side! Invariably, this is proven to be false. Well, I hope all those Union workers who voted for “Unca Joe” Biden are happy about being out of work. Oh, well, the Government will just extend unemployment, and print the money needed, so, no harm, no foul! And, don’t overlook the GOP, RINO and “Never Trump” Republicans and their complicity in this fine mess we have gotten into. While the Liberal Progressive Socialist Democrats who stole the election deserve what they get, We, the People do not…

  14. Sure is starting to seem as if pedo Joe is the new China virus … and seems he will cause more death and chaos than the previous China virus, covid …

  15. He IS a dictator. Really, after badly losing the election he was still sworn in due to widespread and proven fraud. How else could Mr Biden be ruling?

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