TeslaCam Catches Highway Robbery in San Francisco in Broad Daylight (VIDEO)


Just another day in Nancy Pelosi’s utopia of San Francisco.

San Francisco is a lawless cesspool thanks to radical Marxist policies.

A TeslaCam caught a highway robbery in San Francisco in broad daylight Friday afternoon.

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This is something you would see in a dangerous 3rd world country.

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ABC7 spoke to the victims who just happen to be from Iran and they said they’ve never seen anything like this.


More from ABC7:

The driver, Alex Mehregan, says he was about to get on an onramp, heading east on I-80. There, he witnessed someone come out of a Honda Accord and smashes a window of a Prius.

The thief grabbed a bag and drove off.

ABC7’s Dion Lim spoke to the victims of the robbery, a husband and wife, who are from Iran. Ben says they are real estate photographers and were on a shoot near Dolores Park.

Ben, the driver of the Prius, says his wife, Marsha, noticed someone following them after the shoot.

The couple says about $7,000 worth of camera equipment was stolen. They said they have not seen anything like this before.

They have filed a police report.

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