Data Shows Wind Power Failure was Chief Cause of Massive Texas Power Shortage


A historic winter storm and cold blast caused chaos in Texas last week.

Power outages were initiated by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas early on Monday morning and lasted for days. This meant hundreds of thousands of Texans are without electricity for short periods of time. Temperatures fell into the teens near Dallas and 20s around Houston.

According to reports nearly half of the wind energy is down in West Texas after the turbines froze.

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Seven days later the data shows that wind-power was the chief cause of the massive power outage.

Via Zero Hedge:

With the worst of the Texas power crisis now behind us, the blame and fingerpointing begins, and while the jury is still out whose actions (or lack thereof) may have led to the deadly and widespread blackouts that shocked Texas this week, Cascend Strategy writes that “in case there was any doubt why the Texas grid collapsed, the data is clear”

  • Wind failed as “Ice storms knocked out nearly half the wind-power generating capacity of Texas on Sunday as a massive deep freeze across the state locked up wind turbine generators, creating an electricity generation crisis.”
  • Natural gas made up the difference for a while
  • But then everything else followed down

Oil and natural gas producer Texas could not keep up with the power needed last week because their Chinese wind mills froze up in the cold.
You really can’t make this up!

Never trust Democrat on green energy.

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  1. And as we go into the new green deal and watch our grid crumble because of wind and solar can’t keep up, just remember that the barack insane Obama told everyone all they have to do is plug their electric car in and supply the grid with electricity. Politicians know nothing about real science and communist democRATS are only out for genocide.

  2. Can’t wait till the eco-crazies turn there sights on the NE fuel oil users. And do not even think about using your wood burning stoves! lol

  3. Wind power and solar power are worthless and will take a hundred years to make any difference as compared to the tried and tested oil and gas companies and coal and nuclear industry along with water power.

    1. They will never replace something that works as both are intermittent. Solar only produces six hours a day and at a fraction of the potential due to the reflection of sunlight from the required glass covers and the wind is unpredictable.

      We are 40,000 years overdue for an ice age according to the Vostok Ice Core studies from the 1957 IGY. The sun now has no spots, which are like bubbles in boiling water, indicating it is cooler than normal as bubbles are formed from excessive energy.

    2. They aren’t worthless , a home ,off-grid w/wind power ,solar panels and its own well would be the only way the house could withstand the extreme cold and heat.
      While the upfront cost may be expensive ,it will certainly pay for itself in the long run.

  4. Excuse me…

    Everybody knew this already. What is the big whoop? Wind is worthless if you have to depend on it, like we just saw in Texas. Those windmills stop and people die, as we just saw in Texas! Oil and gas, on the other hand, are always there, plentiful, and right now taboo because somebody has their head up their ass! PEOPLE DIED BECAUSE OF STUPIDITY AND BAD JUDGEMENT! WHO IS GOING TO ANSWER FOR THAT?

    1. The Socialist Marxist Communist Democrats will never take the blame for anything. They will blame Pres. Trump for that too.

      1. Numerous reports and testimony identify that Texas gets less than 20% of its energy from wind turbines. Yes, some froze up, but the primary cause of the power outages was Texas failure to “winterize” their systems which was recommended from a 2011 study/report. The freezing of the coal supply and of the natural gas infrastructure is what resulted in the majority of the outages. You can blame Democrats, Biden, Obama, whoever you want, but if you would ask why Texas didn’t implement the 2011 recommendations perhaps you would arrive at the actual cause and be able to pursue with your legislatures when and if steps will be take to prevent future outages. Just a thought….

    2. It should be the FED’S since they did not allow Texas to ramp up generation due to EPA environmental concerns , ie. Pollution!!!
      What a crock when we are having a once in a hundred years storm and they will not allow us to generate additional capacity to keep people alive and property not damaged.
      Thanks Uncle Joe.

  5. Made in China says a lot but most blame needs to be directed at idiots running “ruining” this country. The worst is yet to come. If you ever thought Obama was nuts wait until Biden gets done. Maybe he’ll try to get Greta to be Department of Interior Secretary or better yet Department of Energy head. Given her knowledge and experience she’s as qualified as anybody. But don’t let her in the country legally.

    1. Interesting,…Biden’s nominees are being confirmed with record bi-partisan support,…and the “former guy” had 6 Directors of National Security in 4 years and 3 Attorney Generals,…and to top it off, lead an insurrection and threw his most loyal choice, V.P. Pence under the bus! Sure is the kind of guy one wants to work for!

      1. OK, troll, you need to be posting your drivel on the communist pelosi propaganda website. You obviously are not intelligent enough to recognize a good economy when you see one, nor smart enough to know who is leading you by the nose. Think you’ll enjoy your “slave position” under China joe’s regime?? Good luck with that.

  6. Keep blaming wind and solar for the Texas power outage it’s been Texas lawmakers who are actually at fault here. If they had winterized their equipment none of this would happen. Texas lawmakers have been against any other power source except for fossil and natural gas fuel. For some reason, Texas lawmakers think they know more than anyone else but have proven over the years to put their feet in their mouths with their massive mistakes in their judgement then want to shift the blame somewhere else.

    1. Texas is not equipped to handle such freezing temps. I mean how often does see temps below zero in Texas?
      The fact remains Texas had usually, extreme ,cold weather.
      Texas did the best they could with what was available.
      Fact: it was cold
      Fact: pipes freeze , burst in cold weather
      Fact: the weather was NO ONES fault
      Fact : Texas sucked it up and dealt with it.
      Fact : yes it could have better
      Fact: One lives and one learns
      Fact: it won’t be such a problem if this weather occurs again.

      Do like Texas, Handle it!

      1. Texas didn’t have power for numerous days. No water. People died. Wind and solar doesn’t work.
        Pipes wouldn’t have frozen if we had heat.

        1. Well, more heat, OR better insulation AND pipes and conduits buried MORE THAN one foot underground- -in New England, pipes and conduits are buried 4 1/2 and 6 FEET underground, to “prevent” freezing, during their winter months (freezing months) that last from early Oct. to mid-May.

      2. Texas had this same cold weather back in 2011 and suffered through rolling blackouts and complete power loss for days. ERCoT was under fire back then for being woefully unprepared for frigid weather and vowed to winterize the whole powergrid. Guess what…it didn’t happen and history just repeated itself. It’s funny that Governor Abbot holds a press conference vowing to find out who’s responsible and get to the bottom of it! Look in the mirror. Keep blaming solar and wind power source failures as the primary cause, that accounts for only 10% of Texas’ total. No excuses from Texas leadership, people died.

      1. I read a couple of days ago that Texas was not connected to the national grid. Who is lying. I GREW UP IN NEW ENGLAND AND I CAN NOT REMEMBER BEING COLD . WHEN WE PUT ELECTRICY IN MY HOUSE WE NEVER LOST IT. And I lived in a town of 900 people.

  7. Alexandria Occasionally-Coherent thinks that windmills just automatically work without anything to keep them going and that electric cars can just be plugged up anywhere and get recharged! She’s too stupid to know how stupid she is!

    1. But she raised $5M to support the people of Texas. Smart enough to do that,…while their Senator was vacationing in Cancun.

      1. Obama could take his family to Hawaii multiple times but Cruz couldn’t accompany his children on a vacation for a few days.
        Such hypocrisy!!!

      2. Well, we haven’t heard that Texas actually received any of that money, have we? Best guess is she gave to her boyfriend, the same one she got caught giving campaign funds to – -the same one she allowed to set up his own website, on her government site. By the way, that Tx Senator didn’t “vacation in Mexico”, he escorted his family to Mexico and took a return flight home. Too bad more people can’t just “clam up” when they can’t find anything good to say. For some reason, too many folks like the “great divide” that’s been created between various groups of people and they seem to enjoy making that divide ever wider. That divide was first created by a “community organizer/destroyer” who psyched too many weak-minded people into thinking that was something good – – the result has been the cascading destruction of the United States of America. We are no longer united- -a minority want to complete the destruction of law, order, economy and any kind of civility.

  8. So much for green energy. Kerry (AKA Frankenstein) is making millions while polluting the air with his plane flying all over the world. I wonder if he has an electric car…umm probably not.

  9. In short “green energy” failed them. Which is no surprise. I’m not against green energy. We should take care of our planet. But, we should also have backup plans for when green energy fails us.

    Texas was a wakeup call (hopefully) to make us create and maintain backup plans.

    1. They not only had a plan but they had stores of natural gas to fall back on if they needed additional power. Turned out windmills froze up and natural gas pumps and well heads also froze. It didn’t take long to use up the backup gas to keep my sizable tush and a bunch of others warm/

  10. I live in San Antonio, TX, and lost my power for MOST of 4 days! I take great exception to the statement “without electricity for short periods of time”, by some dumbass who doesn’t even live here! I lost my power late Sunday night, and it was out until Thursday morning, except for about 6 or so hours! We learned all about “Rolling Black outs”, by the power company that, oddly enough, didn’t disturb SOME customers, and power company officials, with them! Yes, “SOME” neighborhoods NEVER lost any power, for ANY length of time! My wife has an O2 that runs off of electricity, and back up O2 bottles, for emergencies. After her bottles went empty, we finally called 911, and the EMTs told us that they could take her to a hospital, but she would be turned away. Our power company KNOWS she needs O2, and even called her by robocall to inform her that the power would be back on soon, but it didn’t! Funny thing, though, the next day, after a few older people had actually DIED due to these “Rolling Black Outs”, our power finally came back on, and then never went off, again! Now, why did somebody have to DIE to get our power turned back on? We had approximately 30% of our power comes from wind turbines, and they FROZE up because of our record setting cold snap! Apparently, power company officials didn’t see any need to “Winterize” them because, well, we live in South Central TEXAS,not New York! Well, we set a new record for Highs and Lows every single day from Sunday until Wednesday! Power company officials are paid salaries of hundreds of thousands of dollars every year, and the users have to pay surcharges to “increase and improve” or power grid, but nobody could do any Preventive Maintenance on these “Green” renewable power sources? Heads need to roll…

  11. Do you think for a moment that any of these morons pushing global warming garbage are using wind generators to power their homes? Just make sure the peons are doing it! Looks like it didn’t work too well did it!

  12. Of course it was. does anyone really think that the crap the left is trying to ram down out throats will actually work? Name one thing that the left has done other than lie, cheat and steal that actually works.

  13. I live in a rural part of Washington State. I have power to my house but everyone up above my on the road is off of the grid. They are always bragging about, “We get our power from the sun.” The thing we never hear about is when the sun ain’t shining, we get our power from Big Oil.” They are running generators to charge their batteries and most of them cook (ranges) with propane.
    This country need electric power…………….period. Solar Power is lame!


    Turns out the other thing they failed to winterize beside windmill turbines were natural gas pumps and well heads. A large number of the well heads supplying the gas froze and the emergency back-up supplies held things up for the whole system until they ran out and then the blackouts (managed) were implemented . I live in Texas and thoroughly hated the week I’ve just spent lightless, heatless, waterless, but I’ve saved up plenty of piss and vinegar for lying DAs (the ‘D’ stands for dumb) that don’t know crap but sure can’t wait to find out before starting their lying,

    I don’t know what fool started this crap about the failure was due to wind turbines freezing up. They did, but they did not contribute to the loss anymore than any other source.

    I was born and raised here in Texas and I always pay attention to what’s going on including the move from fossil fuels to renewables. I grew up paying Little League baseball on a field supplied by ESSO who owned the field and the derricks and pump-jacks that covered the area populated by company employees who lived on site to maintain operations from a sizeable field in housing supplied by the company. I rode my bike around and delivered campaign circulars for
    Congressional candidates. Perhaps some of you remember Wright Patman, a well known and mostly respected for umpteen years Congressman who was a fierce critic of the Federal Reserve.

    For those who leap before knowing and will continue lying in face of facts, please have your tongue removed from that lying mouth and inserted in the lower back orifice where you’re doing all your talking from.

    1. You are proof positive of the saying, “When anything good comes to the United States it will HAVE to come from texass. Because so far NOTHING GOOD has ever come OUT of texass!”

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