Father-to-be killed in accidental explosion of gender-reveal device in New York

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Another gender reveal accident has led to lethal consequences after a New York man was killed while trying to put together an explosive device for the celebration.

New York State Police said 28-year-old Christopher Pekny was killed just before noon Sunday when a practice device for a planned gender-reveal party exploded in the town of Liberty in the Catskills region.

The device was intended to explode in a cloud of colored powder, but instead sent lethal shrapnel flying.

Pekny was killed and his 27-year-old brother was injured by the shrapnel.

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Police confirmed that Pekny was the father-to-be of the child whose gender was going to be revealed by the device.

Pekny’s brother suffered injuries from the shrapnel hitting his torso and his legs. He was taken to Garnet Medical Center in Middletown for treatment.

State police said there was no “malicious intent” in the lethal incident, according to WCBS-TV, but they and the bomb disposal unit were still investigating the incident.

A lethal trend

While most gender-reveal parties go off without a hitch, a few incidents with deadly results have captured headlines since the trend began.

In October 2019, an Iowa grandmother was instantly killed by a gender-reveal device that police say looked more like a pipe bomb. In early February, another exploding device took the life of a Michigan man who was attending his friends’ gender-reveal party.

Among the worst incidents to date was a gender-reveal mishap that resulted in the massive El Dorado fire in San Bernardino County, California. The conflagration lasted for two months and resulted in the death of one firefighter.

Here’s a local news report about the lethal accident:

Father-To-Be Killed By Explosive Device Intended For Gender Reveal


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  1. They should leave the ‘gender reveal’ parties until the 8 year olds have decided what gender they will choose…!
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