Hellhole Portland: Defunded Police Were Too Busy With Shootings to Stop Antifa Rioters

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On Saturday night, a mob of antifa rioters ravaged the Pearl District of Portland, smashing windows and spray-painting anti-police messages on businesses, including a Safeway, a Starbucks, and a Chipotle, among others. Police resources to deal with the riot had been strained by multiple shootings in the city that same evening.

Rioters terrorized at least one person still inside the Chipotle when they attacked the building. Rioters spray-painted “ACAB,” which stands for “all cops are bastards,” on the location.

Rioters also smashed the window of a Starbucks.

Businesses dispatched workers to board up buildings in the middle of the night.

The Portland Police Bureau (PPB) explained that few officers were available to deal with the rioters due to multiple shootings across the city.

“Police response was constrained by multiple shooting incidents happening across the city, limiting the officers available to address the criminal behavior in the protest. Still, officers responded to the criminal behavior and made two arrests. Items that could be used as weapons were seized, including a large bat,” PPB reported in a news release.

The riot began at about 9 p.m. Pacific and lasted over two hours. Police warned the rioters over the loudspeaker with this message:

To those marching in the Pearl District: Officers have observed and community members have reported members of this group have damaged buildings in the Pearl District. Immediately stop participating in criminal behavior including damaging property. Failure to adhere to this order may subject perpetrators to detention, citation, arrest, or use of crowd control agents, including, but not limited to, tear gas and/or impact weapons. Immediately stop participating in criminal activity.

The news release went on to explain that “while tear gas use is currently restricted, state law requires that warning be given.”

In other words, Portland’s laws require that police warn rioters that officers may use tear gas against them, even though Portland’s current regulations prevent the use of tear gas.

Police arrested one adult and one teenager. “The adult was issued a criminal citation and released (due to current COVID-19 restrictions for booking at the Multnomah County Detention Center). The juvenile was released to his parents and will be given a future hearing date,” the release explained.

Last June, the Portland City Council voted to cut at least $15 million from the police budget, eliminating 84 positions.

On February 27, when police faced three separate shootings and a violent antifa riot, the department’s resources were stretched too thin to protect private property and keep the peace in the Pearl District, where Mayor Ted Wheeler once lived before antifa pushed him out. The Black Lives Matter movement demanded the defunding of police, and Portland complied. As a result, antifa violence has gotten worse, not better.

Funny how that works. It’s almost like appeasing the mob is a bad strategy for law and order.

Tyler O’Neil is the author of Making Hate Pay: The Corruption of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Follow him on Twitter at @Tyler2ONeil.

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    1. I will definitely never visit Portland or Seattle again. Twenty years ago they were both great places to visit. This is liberalism at it’s best.

    2. Its amazing that the Biden administration does nothing about the Portland and Seattle situations. This has been going on too long. They are more concerned of what happened in the two hours at the Capitol on January 6th than whats been going on for 10 months in cities that were attacked by Anti-Fa and Black Lives Matter. I guess rioting, looting and destruction of property in The 2 Billion range is acceptable by the Democratic party with countless police injuries as well as deaths. What a sad, sad country.

      1. It’s even more amazing that the mayor of Portland and the Governor of Oregon have done nothing.
        They are getting what they asked for!

        1. Mayor Wheeler actually sided with the rioters, until they rioted at his place. No neighborhood in the downtown Portland area is safe now. At night you never know if antifa/blm is hovering right around the corner to attack in the night. They are sneaks that come out in the darkness. They used the truly peaceful protesters, who actually believe what mainstream media is selling. Once they leave for the day then all ‘peace’ dissipates.

      2. Oh, the Harris/Biden administration IS working on it with a new bill sending billions of taxpayer $s to those and besieged cities in select Democrat states. YOUR taxpayer money at work to rebuild police de-funded cities. Wasn’t that fraudulent election wonderful?

    3. Napoleon said that while history never repeats, historical situations do.
      In my study of history, I seem to recall rather cheeky fellow, Neville Chamberlain, appeased Adolph Hitler, prior to the US entering WWII, with similar results.
      Wait a minute; I thought Biden told the American people that Antifa was just an “idea!” How can a “idea” cause a “violent riot?”

      1. I think it was Mark Twain who observed that “history has to repeat itself, because no one is listening”. Or words to that effect.

    4. This is a case of sheer ignorance on display. The more people who see it and recognize it, the more will move “right”!

    1. The actual dollar price will be paid by all of us that get to underwrite these liberal cities failures via our tax dollars being redistributed through “covid relief” packages.

      1. There was a video out some time back of what happened when BLM decided to viit a town in Colorado. It did not go well for BLM. Lots of horse mounted citizens drove them out of the town.

    2. There’s also (slugs for thugs)
      if a thug comes at you send a hot slug there way, hot slugs have a very solid effect on the bad guys, they have a way of putting thugs on the ground very fast and very hard.

    1. Has anyone else wondered if these left-leaning cities “governed” by the same party for two generations have engaged continuously over the last 60 years in vote manipulation as demonstrated during the recent national election? While this manner of demonstrating isn’t justifiable, it may be that these folks have no real “voice” at the ballot box???

  1. Ya can’t make this crap up. It’s too ridiculous to be believed, but it’s true. This is the democrat party’s future of the United States.

    1. You are right!!! This seems to be what they want the country to look like. I think after they take absolute control and eliminate all apposition they will crack down and basically turn the country into a marshal law controlled country. There are calls for eliminating one by one, anyone who disagrees with them by not allowing them on the internet and eliminating their platforms to communicate. It could be radio, or websites on the internet or other things. This is evident from Yahoo and other internet entities eliminating the ability to comment on articles. This was done before the election so that they could control all information and eliminate as much opposition and free thinking as possible. There are even voices now calling for the elimination of the FOX News channel. I never thought this would come so fast. I am afraid “America, home of the free” is almost finished.

  2. I live in small town KY. Anyone starting this kind of crap would be shot, likely multiple times by multiple, unknown people.

    1. THE SMALL TOWN IN KY HAS THE RIGHT IDEA. I don’t believe there would be a shortage of volunteer snipers to take action anytime they pick up a weapon, rock, club or torch, he should get a shot from a surpressed weapon firing sub sonic ammo. Nobody would know where the shots came from. If that doesn’t do the job, there are harsher methods. Rooftops or second story windows are good positions to shoot from.

    2. One hopes they remain unknown, but the FBI would spare no expense or resource to hunt them down. The FBI is on their side, not ours.

    1. Yes, yes, yes, if only our LEO would stop letting these insane demon crates make the most stupid rules of engagement, they should all just start shooting until no one is left standing. In all reality there is no reason these demons should be alive. Kill them all and this insanity will stop.

    2. You got that right i have been saying this for years stop play games with these idiots shot to kill and it will stop.

  3. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, all stopped free press, controlled the news, confiscated guns. Then they took over, get ready America.

    1. Mao killed over sixty million of his own people. Stalin killed over fifty million and Hitler killed over 12 million people and six million were Jews. And if the people in America don’t think that won’t happen here than there none to bright.

  4. Now that Liberals and other morons have turned Portland into a third World SH**HOLE – time to build a fence around the place and let the maggots take over. Any other place this crap would not be tolerated – but in Commie Portland this crap goes on.

    Just another liberal ghetto where the chimps have taken over the jungle.

  5. If they hate America so much. Leave go to China, Cuba or Russia and see how far you get in your BS that you are spewing. We should get ICE and deport your A_ _

  6. If there are not enough police officers to do the job, call out the National guard and order fix bayonets. I would bet the rioters would disappear. And of course have loaded weapons.

  7. time for a new movie we’ve had escape from LA, escape from NY now we can film real life escape from Portland…oh so much fun. You’ve got one choice you either take control or you surrender the entire city. Because Biden’s not going to help you at all.

  8. Look at Portland. Go vote, elect a liberal government and bingo–eventually you too will have a city burned to the ground, ruined, destroyed by rioters.

  9. Looks like they got what they asked for. Still, who with even the tiniest lick of sense and responsibility would cave in to the demands of groups of people acting like chimpanzees with rabies? Isn’t it clear that they only wanted to defund the police so that they could get away with anything they wanted? Our only hope now is that the San Andreas Fault will crack open and everything from Baja to Canada will fall into the ocean.

  10. Live ammunition would go a long way toward quelling these riots. If nothing else, there would be less members of ANTIFA & BLM left to riot!

  11. I say we all join hands and circle them all with Love just like the democratic party is doing with our tax dollars tossed on the very same ground where our rights and the Law can be found. What say you business owners anybody interested in a Love fest?

  12. Kill them off. They contribute nothing to Society anyway. Lay around all day ,so they can loot and burn at night.
    It would be nice if someone asasanated George Soros

  13. The VERY SIMPLE solution…allow people to defend their property!! Both loads of a double-barreled shotgun to the head of anyone destroying private property would VERY QUICKLY stop this bullcrap!!

  14. “The Portland Police Bureau (PPB) explained that few officers were available to deal with the rioters due to multiple shootings across the city.” Oh, wow… sux to be them… I know it’s not “PC”, and not even very “Christian”, but, enough is enough! Time to bring the Judgement to these people! Not be “Judgmental”, but “Judgement”…

  15. Business owners, (grocery stores, pharmacies, and others) should just close the businesses down and leave, let the bastards there starve!!!

  16. Spineless Ted and Jo Ann “I hate the police and everything about them, and Uber & Lyft drivers are racist” Hardesty are wholly responsible for what has happened and what continues to happen in the shit hole formally known as Portland.

  17. The powers that be don’t care if cities in America burn. It takes the focus off of what they are doing in DC. After all they will just take our tax dollars and rebuild their liberal paradises. Power corrupts, Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The Bible says, “You reap what you sow”! Now they are sowing anarchy, now they are sowing lawless behavior, now they are sowing what intolerance of their meaning of tolerance has become. I pray for the police and first responders (that have their hands tied in doing their sworn duties). If Jesus isn’t your Lord and saviour you should ask him to save you and repent (turn) from your sins. He may not take you out of the storm, but he will be there with you, and help you in the storm. Jesus is the only answer to America’s problems.

  18. Willie, I say, “Amen!” We know what these thugs are even if our president and other Democrats say they don’t exist. I”ll bet the people in Portland know now too. You turn your eyes away from violence and it continues. Since our government won’t do anything about it we as the people of America will have to defend our cities ourselves. God bless America!

  19. Portland was offered help by then President Trump and the mayor refused, saying, “We don’t need or want your help.” That being the case, I feel Portland, Seattle and any other city that refused help should be left on their own. Residents there should simply pack up and move out. I just hope they don’t come to my state because they seem to have a tendency to bring the problems they run from with them.

  20. With Dems supporting this ( Freedom Fund ). Life in America will get worse. More riots in more cities. Portland and Seattle are only practice areas. They will start hitting the grid, the transportation and supply chains, and more cities. The Dems promote and support this by not prosecuting anyone. They will prosecute you if you are Conserative and defend your home.(McClowskey case). Stock up people for the people in D.C. are declaring We The People expendable. They want to take our Freedoms. Lock us down and censor us. Be prepared – stock up for time is short.

    1. I can’t believe when I’m reading these POS are breaking the law and you have to give them a warning first. I have a better idea all storeowners arm yourselves and when they come you take care of business all law-enforcement stay out of the area don’t respond to any calls in that area we the taxpayers will Clean it up and believe me they won’t be coming back anymore enough is enough this is America we’re not going to be held hostage by a bunch of Runny nose scumbags

  21. And this is exactly why the Neo-fascist left will NEVER disarm patriotic Americans. It is also exactly why they want to disarm you.

    When seconds count, police are only minutes away, and it is up to the citizen to defend, or protect themselves. Always!

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