Insurrection! Democrats Are Now Trying to Steal Iowa Republican’s House Seat


Hey, they were able to lock the arena doors in Philly and count out a million votes for Joe Biden, what’s stopping them from stealing a US House of Representatives seat in Iowa?

In late November Republican Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks won her recount in Iowa’s Second Congressional district by 6 votes!

Miller-Meeks was the 14th pickup for the GOP House in the 2020 election.

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Republicans won ALL 27 “toss-up” seats in 2020 in the US House elections thanks to President Trump’s historic landslide.

Not a single Republican lost reelection in 2020.

Nancy Pelosi was predicted to pick up 5-15 congressional seats this year according to FOX News and liberal pollsters.
Instead, Republicans flipped more than 14 seats thanks to President Trump’s historic landslide on Election night.

The pollsters were wrong again.
That’s why the impossible lies about Joe Biden’s win are a bit hard to swallow.

Now weeks after the election Democrats are hoping to toss Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks from office.
They used to call this an insurrection!

Politico reported:

The House is readying to wade into another election integrity fight — this time to decide the legitimacy of one of its own members.

With a contested presidential race and impeachment crisis behind it, Congress is turning to a Democratic candidate’s claim that Republican Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks was improperly declared the winner of their match-up last fall. That candidate, Rita Hart, has formally contested her 6-vote loss — one of the closest federal elections in recent history — possibly placing lawmakers in the uncomfortable position of having to determine whether it seated the wrong woman in January.

The House Administration Committee gathered virtually Friday afternoon to finalize the process by which it will adjudicate Hart’s claim, which was filed under the Federal Contested Elections Act. The committee has been largely silent since Hart first made her contest in December, but the hearing suggests that it is preparing to review the matter further.

So will Twitter block Democrats who challenge this election?

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  1. Of course Twitter will block all who challenge the election results, I mean they set their own rules on that, with anyone who challenge the 2020 national election results. There is no way that a non bias business would ever show that they favor one challenge of an election over another.

    Plus the fact the house already accepted winner as legit, well what can you do

  2. On election night when Fox news said that the democrats will pick up 15 seats and they didn’t has caused me to stop watching Fox except for Tucker and Hannity. Now with this HR 1 which is blatantly unconstitutional the democrats think they can just legislate themselves into permanent power. If by some miracle this bill passes and the Supreme Court does not strike it down riots will be that last thing that the democrat party will have to worry about.

  3. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. To overturn this election the Demoncrats will have to go against everything they fought Trump with…. but they have proven to be unafraid of demonstrating hypocrisy in the past….

  4. Double Standard,when do the demorats start working for the American people,not the big business,and foreign governments,and stop becoming the rich people of the USA.when do they wake up and start working for the American people and not themselfs.

  5. They drug this election out for a long time like they did Al Franken’s mysterious win. I thought for sure they’d find votes in car trunks or boxes like they did for Franken but nope, they didn’t quite make it. This Lady probably won by a lot more in reality. It’s over, enough is enough. They had all that time & recounts possible unlike the 2020 Presidential election, nobody ever verified signatures & no Court ever heard the evidence which was massive. Now? Over one seat, they ground their b.s. into sawdust already. Dems cannot win except by cheating & they’ve had ever chance to produce what it is they’re trying to invent…… tells me she won by even more. Hillary was unglued because they convinced her she had it made & in the end, they didn’t cheat enough that time……it’s over……our Candidate won.

  6. There are usually mechanisms in place that allow for a recount in case of a win by a narrow margin, and six votes is certainly a narrow margin. But why wasn’t this issue raised back in November when it would have made sense? Democrats are digging to gain seats and then wonder why people question them on elections. There is something either corrupt or stupid behind it all.

    1. Of course fraud and corruption behind this. The Republican won. AMEN. to try to nullify the vote of the people is criminal. But what else do you expect from democrats. After all that is how Biden won.

  7. The Democrats are wicked, vicious and relentless in their pursuit of tyranny. If it would help their cause they would deny the covid vacine to their wives and children. Simply stated they are the personification of evil. Even if Trump had won I’m not so sure he would have made it to the Ides of March.

  8. Oh, they will probably find a couple hundred ‘uncounted’ ballots in a cardboard box in a corner somewhere, all predated to Nov.1st, 1920, and all for the democratic candidate. An open and obvious fraud – just like Pennsylvania and Georgia!
    But WHO CARES? Who is going to stop them? Certainly not the lily-livered republicans, who
    were hiding under their desks in mortal fear as the Shumelosi Storm was raging on!
    Some government we’ve got. The republicans are terrified of the demoncrats, and the demoncrats are terrified of the people – and we have a senile old fart for a president!

  9. Instead of attacking the capitol again , or any other government institution, how about we go after the liberal media and shut them down. Hackers unite and shut them down, Sponsors , advertisers pull the plug! After all most of us know what we like and buy every time we shop. That should save you billions and lower the cost of goods..

    These Democrat pricks are hiding in their bunkers and need to be flushed out and sent packing..

  10. Trump won. That’s why all the fuss at the Capitol, the fence with concertina wire and armed guards only a prop to make Trump supporters look radical and violent. Sympathy for the fearful democrats, taking attention away from voter fraud investigations. They ripped Marjorie Greene for believing Q Anon theories before she was elected but yesterday shut down the house because chatter from Q Anon followers posed a threat. Silly democrats.

  11. Democrats are desperate and out of control. Despite Biden’s so-called win—and all the advantages they’ve had over the dissemination of information, their majority is the slimmest in 100 years. What’s worse, is they continue to lose down-ballot, which has given republicans a majority trifecta in states legislatures across the country.

    This desperation is dangerous, reflected in the democrats overreaction to Jan 6 as they attempt to criminalize conservatism—or pass HR-1 to control federal elections. They’ve only got to 2022 to consolidate control so things are going to get worse.

  12. Always remember, “if Democrats didn’t have double standards, they would have no standards at all!”

  13. Term limits. Term limits. Term limits. And don’t forget we need to “break up” these big, tech company monopolies. Today youtube took down Trump’s CPAC speech.

  14. Biden even states he won because of fraud. So why didn’t the messiah listen to that? Instead they stayed silent and wouldn’t show that clip.

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