Two dozen more charged in voter fraud probe, many non-citizen foreign nationals: North Carolina federal attorneys

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Federal attorneys in North Carolina have been investigating allegations of voter-related fraud, and on Friday, announced that 24 additional people have been charged over the last 18 months.

Agents of Homeland Security Investigations under the Document and Benefit Fraud Task Force in the Eastern District of North Carolina launched a probe into voter fraud. On Friday, the U.S. attorney’s office for eastern North Carolina released a statement revealing that four defendants were being charged with making false claims of U.S. citizenship in order to register to vote in the 2016 general election. The two charged with unlawful voting also are accused of false claims of citizenship, according to the Associated Press.

“Gabriela Guzman-Miguel, 26, and Jose Abraham Navarro, 42, both of Mexico, are accused to have voted despite lacking the legal status to do so,” the Epoch Times reported. “The list described both as aliens or immigrants.”

The defendants hailed from 15 countries, including Honduras, France, Yemen, Iraq, Nigeria, and Canada. The first charges were filed in September 2019, and arrests have been as recent as this month.

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“The charges include making false claims of U.S. citizenship in order to register to vote, naturalization fraud, and fraud and misuse of visas, permits, and other documents as it relates to the registration to vote, and false statements in immigration proceedings,” the statement from the U.S. attorney’s office for eastern North Carolina reads, adding that there are no charges of conspiracy.

“Those charged face jail time and fines of up to $350,000 if convicted,” the Epoch Times noted.

In August 2018, charges voter fraud-related charges were announced against 19 foreign nationals. Robert J. Higdon, Jr., United States Attorney for the Eastern District of North Carolina, unveiled charges against foreign nationals from Mexico, Italy, Korea, Haiti, Panama, Korea, El Salvador, Germany, Poland, Guyana, Nigeria, Japan, and the Dominican Republic. The foreign nationals were hit with criminal charges of voting by an alien and false claim of U.S. citizenship.

“The right to vote is a precious privilege available only to citizens of the United States,” Higdon said in February 2019. “When a non-citizen votes in a federal election it serves to dilute and devalue the vote of American citizens and places the decision making authority of the American electorate in the hands of those who have no right to make those choices. This case is particularly disturbing as the defendant worked for the Board of Elections. My office will do its part to protect the rights of every American citizen to cast their vote freely and to have it counted fairly.”

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  1. I don’t think anyone cares about info about election fraud from 2016 anymore. We want to see info about election fraud from 2020.

    So, I wouldn’t say they’re doing their job. They’re doing a smokescreen.

    “We’re investigating fraud! From old elections. Where even if we lock these people up, all we’ve done is arrest a criminal. We’ve Fixed Nothing.”

    1. Sometimes it takes a while for the investigation to mature. In most cases it takes longer as we know very well. We’ll be hearing about 2020 until at least 2030 I’m sure. What I want to know is, who’s going to jail?…

    2. The democrats rigged both elections. Obama is not an American Pelosi lied through her teeth. Kamala Harris is not an American and no one wants the proof.

      1. Actually sir, you do not speak for many of us independent non-partisan voters. We would like to see the proof because the truth is in the proof!

    3. Wow, are you sure you aren’t a narrow-minded Liberal? You do seem to be very dismissive of history, with the “nothing to see here, look over here” viewpoint.

    4. And sadly the United States Attorney’s Offices for Congressional Districts are now in the hands of Dopey Joe Biden’s Department of Justice. And who will believe that any more “vote fraud” investigations will be allowed?
      What should happen is the investigations into vote fraud should have authority based on the States within the Districts and not be subject to departmental political bias. I won’t be holding my breath for such government transparency to be shown.


  2. Why did the article not say which party they voted for. Could it have possibly been democrat? I wonder.

    1. Actually the probabilities are the same for both parties, 1 in 2 chance they voted for either party. Recent fraud investigations have shown that the GOP benefited from the few cases of fraud found. By the way, eight of those countries of origin were friendly to the USA and often lean GOP. So wonder away dear boy!

  3. Is this the same fraud that the stunning and brave know-it-alls on the left told us never ever occurs? Or is it the same voter fraud that these same geniuses told us doesn’t occur “in significant numbers”? Or is it perhaps the voter fraud that never occurs in number sufficient to change a particular election? Perhaps it’s some other voter fraud? I can’t keep the BS leftist stories straight. Neither can they.

  4. Democrats always state “the voter fraud, if any. was minimal”. I ask, what amount of voter fraud is acceptable? Or is “minimal” voter fraud OK if the democrat wins?

    1. It is hard to believe that even one illegal vote is acceptable but it is; except the number is in the millions. Little tiny Third World countries have more secure elections despite being poor and backward than America. 2020
      will go down in history as the death of America unless some recourse happens. This is not a “beating a dead horse” situation. This is the most egregious thing to happen to America in it’s history. But the government and especially a terribly corrupt and feckless SCOTUS didn’t want to be bothered to do it’s job. Several members of the SCOTUS really need to be impeached for multiple offenses related to their failure to honor the oath they took.

  5. KentDA: I do agree with you about 2020 election fraud. real problem is: Our justice system is just too slow. Think: The Durham probe.

    I do not pretend to know all of the answers… one of the problems is that the cost of “getting caught” is not sufficient… Think: Illegal aliens.

    Illegal Aliens:
    When we deport these people they need to be handed a bill for the services rendered by our country. This would include the cost of meals provided, cost of shelter provided, cost of incarceration (Border Patrol salaries, etc.) while waiting deportation, medical care provided, and the transportation provided to the illegal to get home (air line fares). The bill should include any money earned while living in the U.S. illegally. That bill should be interest-bearing. The bill must be paid before applying for legal admission to the U.S. Coming to the U.S. before paying this bill in full (with interest) should constitute a felony. Committing a crime (any crime, including traffic violations) in the U.S. while living here illegally should automatically result in a doubling or tripling (after 1st deportation) of any sentence/fine.
    In short, fear, yes FEAR, of breaking any law needs to be instilled in these illegals. Is this considered ‘piling on?’ Yes, you bet it is.

    1. I agree with you. Just get caught crossing into Mexico. If you are ever seen again it is a miracle. Mexico does not take kindly with reverse crossings. And who would even consider doing it? But the truth is even if you are a tourist / visitor and you commit some infraction by accident, you will be treated very differently than the U.S. treats them when they come here. Just going there to visit you best not go alone and make sure all involved let their family and friends know every detail of your visit. It is not at all the way chef Rick Bayless makes it sound.

    2. While I agree that there should be penalties I’d say there’s 0% chance of collecting a cent. Most, if not all, don’t have a pot to piss in. Where’s the money going from? My answer to that is Soros, Mr. Open Borders. Hit these liberal billionaires hard and where it hurts.

  6. They need to deal with those who vote ligule us citizens can vote only the others need to be fined and deported for cheating you cant let this go

  7. Donald J Trump would have been our president, but for the criminals the Democratic party leaders have screwed us big time. Folks when President Trump was in office we had good employment, we had a measure of stibility , world leaders respected him and our tax structure was stable. Now we are stuck with a has been and is being run by D.leaders who belong behind bars. Repubs. you have let us down,you were elected to serve us, but all we see and hear is your talk talk very little action, we arn’t stupid like many of your members seem to think,short of armed take over, somethings have to change.

    1. As long as inaction by the GOP is allowed and they still get their very lucrative pay checks nothing will change. How about we change the benefit package for Congress to be based on the “piece work model” or “production model” ?? If they accomplish what they are responsible for they get a pay check. If they fail to do what they are assigned to do they don’t get paid. Miss three checks and they are fired and their pensions are denied. Oh, and “we the people are the ones who decide if they made the grade”.

  8. OMG!!!!!! 2 of the 19 charged with illegal voting. Others not charged with illegal voting but misuse of papers?
    19 out of 4,741,564 votes cast in 2016!!!!! That’s like .0004% of the vote!!!! Rampant voting fraud!!!!!! Headliner news!!! Why if the uptick was 1000x that, it might even be enough to affect the vote.

    1. Sounds just like a liberal. The reason so few are ever caught or charged is because liberals don’t think anybody should be held responsible for their actions. Liberals in every line of work prefer to look the other way. That makes the people responsible for finding the people committing vote fraud have no interest. If they do find such people the DA’s won’t even bother to charge them. If a member of your family was physically injured by an illegal you would expect that person to be charged and prosecuted. You would be very angry if the DA said they won’t charge the criminal because your family member wasn’t killed. Vote fraud is a crime punishable by a fine up to $350K per event. If it is your vote that was negated by an illegal vote and an election was flipped because your vote didn’t count maybe you would be angry, but then, vote fraud is okay with you as long as t is only a little.

    2. Get out of here, Lauri! Go read some of your radical left fake news! Logic will not be accepted here, so take that high falutin’ critical thinking and blow!

    3. OMG!!!! Socialist has no problem with voter fraud, can’t grasp concept of a sample in statistics! Shocking story at 11!

    4. Have you bothered to note that there are other voter fraud cases that have resulted in incarceration or are currently under investigation? These examples are not the only ones that have been reported.
      Also, we have no way of knowing how many total cases of fraud go undetected so your liberal math and assumptions here are very telling.

  9. 2016 or 2020, same old same old…

    ““Those charged face jail time and fines of up to $350,000 if convicted,” the Epoch Times noted.”

    BTW: There was no fraud or improper doings in the elections, the news media, many court judges and several government agencies told us so…….
    (ya right!)

  10. Wow! 4 cases, huh? I bet the radical liberal antifa blm’ers will say that’s not enough to make a difference, but look at Honduras!!!

  11. How about all the county and state clerks that just passed the buck letting the crooked BS go. Also the rigged Dominion voting machines and ones seized to prove it that got blown up in the Nashville warehouse explosion?

  12. Michigan has ruled that SoS Benson acted illegally to send out absentee ballots to all registered voters (most of which got intercepted and cast for Biden, but they won’t say that), but nothing will happen to her. And AZ has okayed a full forensic audit of all ballots and machines in Maricopa County, but even WHEN fraud is found, Sleepy Joe will still get to ruin the country, or pass it to Kneepads Harris to ruin.

  13. Of course they cheated in 2016, that is why they were confident Hiliary would win, until she didn’t. So they figured it out in 2020:and waiting until votes were counted to dump the fake votes so they knew they had enough to win. Practice makes perfect. Just because they have not been caught does not mean you statistically can’t prove it. Not to mention, how many brain dead people are out there to vote for a candidate that clearly demonstrated dementia and inability to get anyone to a rally

  14. Investigators need to determine who put them up to this. I suspect they might have been misled, paid or recruited into participating in an illegal activity. I don’t think immigrants are fully aware of their voting restrictions and legal consequences when they first come here.

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