REPORT: Biden Preparing To Sign Executive Order On Gun Control


Joe Biden is reportedly preparing to sign an executive order on gun control.

Over the last year, because of the pandemic and the riots, millions of Americans have become first time gun owners.

Gun control is not a popular issue, but it’s something the far left wants and Biden wants to give it to them.

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The Blaze reports:

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White House confirms Biden will sign executive order on gun control

The White House confirmed on Friday that President Joe Biden will sign executive orders on gun control.

During Friday’s White House press conference, CNN Chief White House Correspondent Kaitlan Collins asked, “Should we still be expecting executive orders from the President on gun measures?” White House press secretary Jen Psaki replied, “Yes,” and said there isn’t “an exact timeframe” on the gun control actions.

“I will note that when the president was the vice-president in the Obama-Biden administration, he helped put in place 23 executive actions to combat gun violence,” Psaki added. “It’s one of the levers that we can use, that any federal government, any President can use to help address the prevalence of gun violence and address community safety around the country.”

“We have to address this epidemic, address the threat of gun violence across many avenues,” Psaki said. “And he will. He’s committed to doing that.”

During Wednesday’s White House press conference, Psaki said President Biden has been weighing using executive actions for gun control measures “for several weeks.”

People on the right are speaking out.

America does not need or want more gun control.

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  1. If they ( those dumb ass “dam rats” ) try to pass gun control. They don’t think that all hell will break loose

    1. That is what they want to have happen. They want people to start fighting back and cause more incidences of shootings which gives them more leverage to take more actions and gain more support from people that are on the fence.

      1. Do the Democrats’ think the 23 executive orders from the Obama/Biden administration solved anything? Apparently not, so what good are more of the same

        1. The “problem” they want to solve is the fact that millions of Americans have the means to resist their tyranny.

        2. So true. If the military doesn’t stand and fight then, We the Citizenry of America Must!
          This is a Clarion Call for all Patriots to prepare. We are also asking All present Military Personnel to resign under this Illegal Administration and join the fight to Save America! GBUSA!
          Eagle Underground

      2. I agree. I believe that is what has been playing out for years. Creating crisis to change laws and that includes gun laws.

    2. This country is being pulled more and more apart by this administration and, I could be wrong, but I would not be surprised if there is a repeat of November 22, 1963 one day. We are having our rights taken away, we are being censored by what we say/believe, books/movies/etc. are being done away with and there is going to come a day when someone will have had enough of all this BS going on and want to do something about it! I worry about the generations to come since this country is becoming a Communist nation one day at a time and people are letting this administration and the idiot Democraps who have been in office entirely too long to get away with what they are pulling!!!!

      1. I don’t believe there will be any unity if a November 22, 1963 act happens. Some patriots may cheer the passing and others make take matters into their own hands. But one thing is certain people will not surrender their firearms without a fight. You can not take rights from people and expect no response

      1. How about losing someone close to a drunk driver?? We banning cars, trucks, etc.? It’s not the gun it’s the person. Just like the auto.

      2. So as a cop let’s make this perfectly clear to you! GUN CONTROL DOESNT WORK, IT NEVER HAS AND NEVER WILL! Their called criminal for a reason because they dont follow the laws! PS not sure who their (DemonRats) are gonna get to enforce these news laws I won’t help and won’t follow. Constitution = same weight as 10 commandments don’t mess with either. Drop the mike !!!!!!

      3. I can honestly say no to your statement as this issue is way bigger than just myself and losing a loved one. Check FBI statistics on armed areas versus unarmed and look at the differences between them. Hands down the armed areas have less crime overall. Do yourself a favor and try to see what the real agenda is here. They know what they are doing. I don’t think they realize what will truly happen when they go beating on doors going after our guns though. Surely not.

      4. “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

      5. Maybe you should consider Just how good gun control has actually worked. It has never prevented gun violence, and never will. Look what happened in Australia when the outlawed guns. Gun violence and crime went up.

      6. Sir, do you realize that the same document that gives us the right to bear arms also gives us the right to free speech, the right to legal representation and a fair trial. It also gives our government the authority to govern. If we let them remove one of the core amendments, where do you think they will stop? Do you think they will let free speech stay? Do you think they will take away our right to a fair trial (think about the recent terrorism changes)? Do you think they might eventually try to change or completely abolish the U.S. constitution entirely for a rule of law that suits them better (think communism)? If violence where the actual issue here, more would be put into actually fixing the problem. These people are smart, they know gun laws fix nothing. Its a hot topic issue right now so they are on it like green on grass. It also gives them a lever to use to gain power and ultimately money. Money for the politicians that are associated to companies that service the government. Because thats what it boils down to. They sit in their personal libraries and figure out ways to make themselves rich on our dime. You guys want to fix the problems in this country. Its high time career politicians weren’t a thing. Term limits across the board. Elected positions should have term limits period.

    1. Totally agree! They are all worthless idiots who should be thrown out of the government immediately and permanently!

    1. To many of us have guns. Does he really think we’re going to just give them up and say sorry. Hell no. My house, my castle. Stay out. socialist should take care, there will be a revolution.

  2. If it violates the 2nd Amendment…it’ will be an illegal order. I’ve never liked ‘executive orders’ from ‘any’ President. They are ‘not’ law as only Congress can pass laws. Gun control only punishes the law abiding and does ‘not’ punish the criminal. Then, again, gun control is all about ‘control’ and does nothing about crime.
    “If gun laws in fact worked, the sponsors of this type of legislation should have no difficulty drawing upon long lists of examples of criminal acts reduced by such legislation. That they cannot do so after a century and a half of trying – that they must sweep under the rug the southern attempts at gun control in the 1870-1910 period, the northeastern attempts in the 1920-1939 period, the attempts at both Federal and State levels in 1965-1976 – establishes the repeated, complete and inevitable failure of gun laws to control serious crime.”—Orrin Hatch

    1. Do you think that just because it is illegal, that will stop Biden. Not a chance. He is doing it by EO because he knows the Legislative Branch wouldn’t pass it!! 2022 will be very interesting, especially when the Dems lost control of the Senate and House of Representatives, which WILL happen if Biden is stupid enough to try an end run.

    2. Dave your welcomed research on gun control and reference for the impending need to impeach Joe is right on. However Joe should be committed not impeached but more appropriate exiled to China. There is no logical explanation to explain how he was elected. The worst maybe yet to come but true Americans will rise to the occasion as they have done since 1775. Tears for the poor and valiant souls who have died for this country could flood the Grand Canyon. The opening of the border is like commanding all zoos to release every serpent in their charge. My heart felt condolences to all who resist tyranny not just here but around the world. Crocodile tears justifying insane progressive agendas are just that.

      1. I’d feel safer with all the serpents being released from the zoos. At least…I could shoot the serpents.

  3. Any and all of these ‘Executive Orders’ that are being prepared by radical progressive leftist and given to our mentally impaired President should be tested in the court of law for agreement with the laws of the land it’s agreement with the Constitution. President Joe Biden is mentally impaired and does not understand what is being shoved in front of him for his Executive Signature! Shame on those who are taking advantage of this old man with Dementia!

  4. Biden, you do not make sense. Penalize Americans and let criminals cross the border. You are opening a really big can of worms.

  5. I forgot to add…If it violates the 2nd Amendment, then Biden will have ‘directly’ violated his ‘oath of office’ and should be removed and tried for treason.

      1. Jill – more precise to say that his handlers/enabler can (and do) use him for their ‘front man’. I’m not so sure he has had an original thought in years, much less the ability to actually articulate it.

    1. Wait until his successor takes over! Then what happens. As an aside how much will each border breacher cost over the next ten years?

  6. My thoughts,here we have a President,that has a mental problem signing orders that is truly unsafe for the majority ofUSA citizens,kind of makes you wonder,where are our elected Senators and Congressmen and what do they think.

    1. You seem to forget that the Democrats are in control and they are not capable of intelligent thinking.

  7. If he signs something that is actually contrary to the Constitution we will know exactly what we are up against. He should be reminded of the second paragraph of the declaration of Independence and the fact that the long train of abuses mentioned does not specify whether it refers to time or the length of the list. If you have read it recently read with the above in mind.

    1. Tim – many (most?) of us already know (or certainly should by now) what we are up against. In case there are still folks out there who don’t realize it, their end game is total unbridled and absolute power and control.
      If reading those parts of the Declaration don’t wake up those who aren’t yet aware of their intents, I don’t know what will.

    2. obama wrote and signed quite a few unconsitutional executive orders. look what that go us, obamacare and daca are just a couple of unconstitutional examples that we are stuck with.

      1. Unfortunately, Obamacare was approved by the lawmakers. Remember Pull-osi stating “We need to approve it to see what’s in it” and they did. The wool has been pulled over the citizens’ eyes many times. I just don’t believe how she gets voted in with high 90% votes. Crooked as Lombard Street in SFO.

  8. Bottom line !!! They’re not getting my “Gun”
    I don’t care how many EOs Get signed !!
    Biden’s an “Idiot” & so are his followers??

  9. Please would someone take China Bowl Joe ‘s CW away from him before he signs the Worthless EO. IT wouldn’t be any Good by the Time he gets it to sign it. I bet it will take him 30 days to WAKE UP and ask what they want him to do Next. 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Biden.

  10. In 1775 England tried to take our guns….we all know how that ended. Biden and his cabal want us all to
    believe that being a patriot is actually “sedition”. Sorry Joe, that dog won’t hunt. To paraphrase Admiral
    Yamamoto after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941….”I’m afraid all we have done is awaken a monster.”
    Better consider reverting to your original talking point of UNITY.

  11. Dementia joe will sign it as fast as he can find that…. thingamajig…you ahh umm….well ahhh….awwe shucks you know what I mean. C’MONN MAN….

  12. I truly think you will see a revolt, that nobody’s today in this Country has ever experienced. This will finally wake up True Americans now. Good luck to the left. You asked for it and I truly believe you are going to get it. His Bless America.

  13. I truly think you will see a revolt, that nobody today in this Country has ever experienced. This will finally wake up True Americans now. Good luck to the left. You asked for it and I truly believe you are going to get it. God Bless America.

  14. They f–k with the 2nd they will see a sh-t storm like this country has never before seen. Lock and Load!!! Live Free or Die!!!!

  15. “Senile Joe” and the “Hoe” will attempt to wade their corrupt filthy toes into the deep end of the Second Amendment pool, then the masses of legal, responsible gun owners like meat eating piranha, will promptly remove them up to their F’n knees.
    Try it….in the meantime, keep the powder dry, it’s coming.

  16. Isn’t it interesting that all you a________’s don’t understand that nobody’s taking away your guns. It’s background checks and the abolition of the sale of assault weapons, both of which are supported by a huge majority of folks (80-90%) in this country. I think it’s called a democracy, Duh!

    1. The USA was formed as constitutional republic, not a democracy, Duh!
      There are already numerous laws on the books requiring background checks before purchasing a firearm.
      The thing is, criminals do not obey the law, so passing more laws is pointless.
      As to your other point about abolishing the sale of “assault weapons”, what exactly is an assault weapon?
      If I bash your head in with a baseball bat, wouldn’t that be considered an assault weapon?
      What about a brick, a knife, or a board with a nail sticking out of it?
      How about if I just punch you in the face repeatedly until my arms get tired?
      Would you call my fists an assault weapon too?
      I am not sure where you get your “majority of folks (80-90%)” number, but I can assure you that is not correct except in your group of liberal, snowflake soy boy friends.

    2. Richard define for me the term “assault weapon” and tell me how its anymore evil or virtuous then any other rifle. Second the majority of America actually supports owning the sport rifles you are trying to villify. that Bidens trying to take your right away to purchase them is absolutely trying to take peoples guns. Only in libville do they blame the tool instead the dumbass holding the tool. what if this dude used a suburban to ram into the store and kill people would you blame GM for making SUVs? NO. What if he decided to poison people would you blame the food manufacturer or the dip that did the poisoning? You wouldn’t know democracy if it bit you on the keister

    3. you are the du…ss! No contemporary soldier would use a semi automatic rifle in a fight (assault). An assault rifle has the option (select fire) to chose from semi automatic fire to fully automatic fire. The 80-90% figure is a flat out lie just like there’s NO CRISIS AT THE BORDER. When you buy a firearm from a dealer you have to go thru a background check (NICS). If the the laws on the books were enforced we would not have the crime situation we have. more murders x 2 are committed with fist, hands, bats and other ways; x 5 by knives and not sure of the numbers on drunk or reckless drivers…all as opposed to semi automatic or bolt action rifles.

    4. first control then removal happens with every law or restriction the leftist commies propose try to take my guns or ask me to register my guns i absolutely will not just because of shitty new laws like old joe proposes. we don’t need gun restrictions we need enforcement of the laws we have now. no gun killed anybody some one had to use it it is our right as American’s not a privilege a RIGHT. come for mine i will use IT and so will MILLIONS OF GUN OWNING AMERICANS .we love the constitution and no president can TAKE AWAY RIGHTS GIVEN TO US BY THE FOREFATHERS .many have tried.. many have died.. defending these rights and will do so every time it is necessary…..

      1. The first thing Hitler did was to disarm the people so he could control them. If the Jewish people had not given up their guns he wouldn’t have been able to slaughter them by the millions.

    5. Wow, what a politician!!! “Nobody if taking your guns away” you just can’t buy the most common rifle. This is GUN CONTROL. If they wanted to stop crime, they wouldn’t ban a weapon that is responsible for about 1% of the gun crimes. Also, not sure where you got those statistics, but in the properly taken polls, with neutral question, and not concentrated in areas known to be anti-gun, the stats are 44% for gun control and 61 percent against.

      1. What we have now with all these shootings is the by-product of no CAPITAL PUNISHMENT….you know. No death penalty.
        Eye for an eye.

    6. Hey Richard, gun laws are not needed cause all States have laws against murder so I’m sure criminals would obey that law……Oh wait, maybe not.

    1. Unless…our Congressional leaders let it.
      “Foolish liberals who are trying to read the Second Amendment out of the constitution by claiming it’s not an individual right or that it’s too much of a safety hazard don’t see the danger of the big picture. They’re courting disaster by encouraging others to use this same means to eliminate portions of the Constitution they don’t like.”—Alan Dershowitz
      Our ‘leaders’ and I use that term loosely have ‘all’ sworn to uphold the Constitution. Will they do it? I have my doubts, even though there will be some, but they will get overruled. For those that try to curtail anything in our Constitution…that will be a direct violation of their ‘oath of office’…they should be removed from office and tried for treason…and then hanged. Or…just take them out and hang them…save taxpayer dollars.

  17. I have the distinct feeling that the reason Joe’s signing this executive order is because he and the dims are feeling a little nervous and a tad insecure. Barb wire, fences, and National Guard just aren’t doing it for them.

  18. President Biden wants to ban or outlaw ownership of certain models of semi automatic firearms, It would be better to return to legally labeling certain criminals as “Outlaws”. Print ‘wanted’ posters and remove all legal protections! Being an “outlaw”, any honest citizen could kill or bring them in for a reward. No homicide charges would be filed for killing a fugitive. A lot less people would take the criminal path if every citizen was so empowered!

  19. TO UNCLE JOE AND THE FAR LEFT PROGRESSIVES, in the first 60 days of, you are really “pissing off” 80 million citizens with your barrage of executive orders. Open border, tranny’s competing and showering with biological female sports, taxpayers paying for sex-change operations, USA immigration laws completely nullified, fuel prices rising dramatically by killing the Keystone pipeline and the 10’s of thousands of jobs and businesses associated there-with destroyed, rejoined the Paris Climate Accord not holding China, India, other countries accountable for massive climate pollution, you reinstated the Iran Nuclear Deal that you, Obama, & Kerry fawned over, that Trump nixed, you put a major crackdown on oil and gas leases on land and sea thus highly infringing on the USA NOT being energy independent, about to raise taxes through the roof for all businesses, AND NOW you are immediately threatening 100+million law-abiding American citizens with potential govt gun confiscation, registrations, nixing current conceal carry laws, WHILE DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to STOP the CRIMINALS from possessing and using guns in their say-to-day lives of committing crimes. REALLY ON ALL OF THESE POINTS!!!!!!, Uncle Joe & Kamalalala, you have awakened a massive armed society, the largest by millions of folks on this planet, take heed and tread lightly going forward is my humble opinion. Not that I, yes I, me,,,,,am promoting sedition against the US Government or its judicial figures or its politicians on any level, the writings and actions you,Uncle Joe, are “kingly/dictatorily” detrimentally declaring on 50%++++of this populous does not “seem” it may end well with your run-away freight train you have set in motion. May the Almighty help guide our country “back to” civility and normalcy for all.

  20. Biden’s a god damn IDIOT and ALL democrats are ASSHOLES. if he continues to sign these executive orders destroying my country, I see another REVOLUTION coming, and this one will be one for the books…these stupid democrats and anyone who support them are mot going to like the outcome. Americans that is true Americans can and do conquer anything and to think that democrats are going to destroy America well they had better live in some other country because we will not fail to KEEP AMERICA NUMBER ONE AND FREE.

  21. “Jen Psaki replied, “Yes,” and said there isn’t “an exact timeframe” on the gun control actions.

    “I will note that when the president was the vice-president in the Obama-Biden administration, he helped put in place 23 executive actions to combat gun violence,” ”

    “23 executive actions to combat gun violence” – SO WHAT HAPPENED?

    1. Wyatt, her comment is right up there in the same realm as slow joe’s ‘bingo’ comment regarding taking away guns. Right up there with him wanting to appoint bobby frank (beto) as a ‘gun czar’. ‘Almost’ as ridiculous as his shoot into the air off the balcony or shoot thru the door comments.
      And there are still hoplophobes out there that maintain that barky didn’t do anything to infringe on the RIGHT of Law Abiding Citizens to keep and bear arms. 23 executive actions certainly doesn’t sound like ‘nothing’ to me.

  22. I truly hope ol Joe doesnt start a civil war like Lincoln did I m afraid the results will be much worse than last time ,gatlin guns and repeaters werent widely avaliable until the end of the war , this time millions of police ,soldiers ,and national guards are well armed and sworn to protect the constitution, with their duty to the constitution old Joe will be very lonesome. Trying to destroy America.

  23. As spoken at a Virginia meeting, in the law should be a requirement that any enforcement of confiscation should be led by the signers. They are putting the lives of our good men in blue and green in danger. I already sold or threw in the ocean all my guns, but what happens when they go to confiscate Michael Bloomberg’s bodyguards machine pistols?

  24. This is proof positive that our ‘representatives’ have no intention to ‘represent’ us.
    Their sinister plan is to RULE us. They can’t do that without first DISARMING us!
    They do not care about crime – or criminals. They’re not afraid of them.
    What they’re afraid of – is US!

    1. Tom – good point – they have admitted on more than one occasion that they KNOW that criminals are still going to commit crimes. The ‘proof’ of that is that NONE of their ‘gun control’ proposals specifically target (pun intended) criminals nor attempt to further curtail them. On the contrary, they intend to create an entire new class of criminals – that would be us Law Abiding Citizens.

  25. Psaki had an answer right off the bat and didn’t have to circle back to the question. That let’s you know how actively they are talking about gun grabbing.

  26. Psaki shows her ignorance on Executive orders. They cannot violate the Constitution and the Biden order on gun control will do so. Does Biden know thi? Probably, but doesn’t care, knowing the liberal Democrats in the Senate and House all agree. People are not going to surrender their firearms. Does Biden know how many guns there ar in America? More than records show. This order must go to the Supreme Court; however there is no telling how the justices will vote. I think we know how Roberts will vote. Take away legally owned firearms and the criminals will still have theirs. Why can’t Biden understand this?

    1. ALSCV – there will be some percentage who will comply, even with an illegal executive order. Look at the compliance rate for bump stocks, never mind that a recent court ruling has essentially overturned that ‘ruling’ – which was actually more of an executive over reach by an unelected bureaucrat and not really any more legal than an EO contrary to the Constitution would be.
      Further, look at the non-compliance rates in CT and under the noo yawk ‘safe’ act.
      Personally, I don’t think that the gun grabbers have really thought thru the unintended nor especially the unexpected consequences of their over reach.

  27. Just how do Biden and Harris think these executive orders are going to stop the killings. The bad guys will still do the killings no matter what is put on a piece of paper. The only people that will be effected by these orders are the honest citizens. The bad guy could care less about a piece of paper.

  28. All of you poor, ignorant “assault weapon” ranters should take a crash course on “Assault” weapons.Anything which is used to assault another person is an ‘assault weapon’…fist, knee, foot, stick, rock, bottle, hammer, axe, hatchert, knifed, and on and on…ad infinitum….For the genuinely stupid who argue that the AR15 is “Assault Rifle 15” sit down and shut up ! The AR15 is not, emphasize NOT, an assault rifle…
    #1: The AR designates Armalite, the division of Colt Firearms which made and sold the military rifle to the armed forces as the M16, a true assault rifle in that it came with a selector control which allowed choosing Bang—Bang, bang, bang..or Bangity, bangity bangity, and for the uninformed gaggle (BANG–semi-auto..1 trigger pull per shot), BAND-BANG-BANG three round bursts) And (Bangity-Bangity-Bangity, full auto) as long as the trigger pull is maintained.
    (BTW, selective fire and full-auto firearms are already illegal to the public, unless one undergoes an extensive background screening and purchase an expensive license for each weapon owned)

    Do yourselves and humanity a favor and STFU ! Every time you argue “Assault Weapons”, you not only display your ignorance and/or stupidity but you cause the collective IQ of mankind to decrease by several points !
    Your turn….prove me wrong….I’ll wait

    1. Jerry – about the only things you sorta ‘missed’ was who actually invented the term ‘assault rifle’ (original – ‘sturmgewehr’) AND the fact the term has both a military and legal definition. OTOH ‘assault weapon’ was/is a totally made up term created with the specific intent to confuse people who are uneducated or ill informed about weapons. It has no military definition and only very ambiguous ones based on various state laws.
      You should probably not have said that select fire weapons are ‘illegal’ since people can indeed own them (if they have LOTS of $$$$$) by jumping thru the hoops you mentioned. Perhaps heavily ‘restricted’ as per NFA ’34 would be a better choice.

  29. See If the dumb ass starts with his own sons gun . You know the one hunter tried to get illegally before the ss stepped in and took the gun away before it got out in the news . But it got out anyways

    1. Old – I haven’t heard what the disposition of his gun is. It certainly appears that he did lie on the 4473 though. Never mind that the secret service is not normally tasked with enforcing ‘gun control’ laws – so what were they really trying to accomplish – and who told them to take that action. Inquiring minds want to know………………..
      My guess is that it was a concerted effort to try to cover up a felony, but that is nothing new, after all, certain groups have been covering for that crime family almost as hard as they have for the clinton crime syndicate, maybe even longer

  30. We are keeping our weapons no matter what Biden signs and the Communist Democrats think!
    The 2nd Amendment was written specifially to protect “We The People” from a Tyrannical Government!
    When the people fear the Government youhave Tyranny, when the Government fears the People, you have Freedom and Liberty!
    Joe BIden and the Communist Democrats can go eat crap and die!

  31. Beijing Briben has already taken many illegal and unconstitutional “executive actions “ on other things. Does anyone really think he wouldn’t do the same thing to restrict the constitutional rights of law abiding gun owners?

  32. Do you remember when Biden told his wife if anyone tried to brake into their home she should take the shot gun and blow them off the porch. Is he going to give his gun up?

  33. Even Biden isn’t dumb enough to take our guns away. But what the Progressives, via Biden, can likely get away with is greatly restricting the manufacturing of guns and ammo, and their raw materials as they have already done with lead. They can impact the cost of guns and ammo through marketing and sales restrictions, increased taxes, and encouraging more lawsuits against manufacturers and gun owners. They can slow walk any and all gun purchase background checks, find reasons to disapprove them, and add a big tax/fee for the check. Now add in encouraging, if not forcing, more red flag laws allowing one embittered person to claim another person he/she is upset with is volatile or crazy or made threats so that law enforcement can take away their guns without a trial or even an investigation. So we will have to rely on Red states to negate such executive orders and declare them unconstitutional and unenforceable. But those in Blue states will have no such protection.

    1. Yep, you are correct on all points,,,,,but, what about the millions of gun owners that already own guns, need no more, and have most likely stockpiled 100’s and 1000’s of rounds, and need no more. Just not quite sure how Biteme, Kamalalala, PlugsSchuuuumer, SaggytopPeeloser, Buttigurgle, & Betaataata O’Rooooooorkeeeee, are going to disarm 75++million gun owners especially when the forces they might send out to “try” are gun owners too, along with their husbands, wives, children , brothers, sisters, family and friends that are gun owners…… ANNNNND, we thought the Civil War was bad a 160yrs ago?

  34. Signing an executive order and then trying to make people comply with it are two different things. Any executive order Slo Joe signs, especially when it infringes upon the 2nd amendment, will be met with 99.999% non compliance.

  35. Biden is an illegitimate president therefore I will be a civil disobedient to any law he pushes through by executive order on my 2nd Amendment Rigjts. If the populace actually agreed with any kind of gun control then we would already have it. Look at NY and CA with highly restrictive gun laws and still high crime and murder rates. Criminals don’t follow laws so why the hell do they care when more gun laws are passed? Gun laws only affect people who follow the laws. Of course Biden and his son don’t follow the laws either.

  36. If you have everything locked up and unloaded, the jackbooted thugs won’t call ahead of time or give you time to prepare. Just sayin’…

  37. Biden has the right to get rid of guns that don’t belong on the street but all the right see is what Trump told them. Biden is NOT taking away your guns, you still have the right to “ bare” arms, keep your weapons. You don’t need A-R guns to protect yourself, that is what these laws will be doing, protecting all the people from the assaults rifles.

  38. I haven’t had time to read through all previous responses prior to mine to see if this was already touched upon:

    How will we be expected to ‘win back the house’ by pissed off and disgruntled voting gun owners if the means of voting has been compromised? If the vote was stolen – and I firmly believe it was – what manner of recourse do we have going forward from here on into the future?

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