President Trump Makes a Statement About Big Media Discounting 2020 Election Fraud


President Trump Makes a statement about voter fraud.

Andrew Solender, a reporter at Forbes, released this statement from President Trump from yesterday regarding the 2020 election:

This reporter makes a snarky remark showing his liberal bias, but he did share President Trump’s statement:

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President Trump is correct. Americans know the 2020 election was stolen from President Trump.  For example, still today there are over 400,000 absentee ballots in Georgia that were included in the 2020 election which have no legally required chain of custody documentation with them – they should have been thrown out and no doubt a huge percent of these are for Biden:

UPDATE: Four Months After the 2020 Election in Georgia, Over 400,000 Absentee Ballots are Missing Legally Required Chain of Custody Documentation, Yet Biden Was Given the State by 12,000 Votes

Yes, there was fraud.  There was lots and lots and lots of fraud.

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  1. Everyone knows that the election was illegally stolen. Hopefully, one of these days the truth will emerge and the guilty parties will swing!

    1. “swinging” is the only way to put an end to the level of crimes committed. I never thought that I would ever believe that would ever be the case. Things that are happening in this country are proving that the only thing left is to prosecute treason and execute the guilty. The “media” is the largest terror organization in the country and should be dealt with accordingly. What they are doing has nothing to do with free speech. While I’m ranting, pass all of the unconstitutional gun laws you want to. Who is willing to come get them? I would be willing to guess most gun owners are going to give them up muzzle end first!

      1. Absolutely! We all know it was a stolen election even the lion liberal cheaters they damn well know it!

      2. What we witnessed on live TV newscasts election night was exactly what Biden himself stated in his speech; “I believe our team has created the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics”. That is about the only true thing he said during his entire non-campaign. He knew about the plan and that is why he was not worried about not even campaigning. He knew the deck was stacked and what he said was his usual “open mouth, insert foot” type of statement bragging about the treason to take place. How the public misconstrued what he said is impossible to comprehend.

  2. yes, it IS sad….am 77, thought I had seen everything bad that has happened to this country

  3. YEP, the only people who do not see it are the one’s who hoped for it. The left knows no depth of wrong to destroy this nation. Anyone with their head out of their rear see’s all of this. We know who they are. They will steal the 22 election to. In their warped mind they got away with 21 so why would they not. Yes all my airhead fellow Americans that’s why they are after our guns. Well that’s why our founding fathers put gun ownership right after free speech. Some should read the writings of our founding fathers. They new all about the sorry ass overlords of the world. To all you vets. GET YOUR GEAR READY. The time is near. (22)

    1. such anger and dismay can only be generated by an obsession with right-wing media to disrespect and disparage fellow americans who may have a different view of social and political issues. Is it really necessary to talk of civil war, of threatening those who differ, have we become so pathetic in our political views that even our humanity is altered.

      1. The only ones trying to alter humanity is the far twisted evil left. Do you really not see what is not only transpiring in America but the entire world. Until you and ones that have this thought pattern see this, things will only get increasingly worse. Instead of spewing about how horrible the right side is maybe get in your vehicle and drive around this nation and see the atrocities that are currently transpiring in America. Turn off your programming devices in your home and see it for your own lying eyes. Because I’m telling you from my own experiences and travels the ones that are currently destroying America are blatantly lying to you and America. I’m so beyond the point of trying to get other’s to open their eyes.

        1. Well said. Today’s political parties are so corrupt with the lies they spew. The right seems to be the only 9arty who has any morals.

      2. I beg to differ with your comment re: right-wing media. As one who seeks balance in written media, and even TV anchors, I find difficulty with the blatant left-wing narrative. I am angered by the censorship practiced by social media. Yes, there are differences of opinion but those are squelched, and I will say personally by the left wing followers…WAPo, NYT, NBC,ABC,CBS, CNN etc. etc. etc.

      3. NOT following your oath of office/breaking the law is a call to correct the wrong.AMERICAN Patriots should hold people accountable for their actions. 70% OF THE NATION THINKS WE’RE HEADED IN THE WRONG DIRECTION.

    2. Yeah voter fraud was so massive according to Trump that after 60 law suits and multiple court appearances he still could not show a convincing number of cases. You people are such a joke! And I am an independent unaffiliated voter.

  4. The Republican party doesn’t seem to grasp the big Pic. All I ever get is emails wanting money, saying we have to stop the boggy man, pelosi, schumer, the democrats and any left leaning political thug. They don’t seam to understand this is a global war and the democrats and the other so called progressives, social democrats are just pawns for the totalitarians and will be squashed and brought in line when the take over is complete. When I hear that the conservatives recognize the fact that the US and the other western democracies understand that this is a global war and we are being attacked and have a plan to defeat the communists, then I might be more forthcoming with resources. Right now the Republicans are in water way over there head and don’t seam to know how to swim, what to do or how to fight effectively against this brutal onslaught.

    1. I concur with your statement. We are in a global war that none of us have ever seen. I refuse to donate any more money. After that disaster of this stolen election and the Republicans not doing their jobs that we put them in place to do its time for the American people to step up and save this nation.

  5. Our founding fathers feared that this would happen. Those that want to eliminate the most important amendments need to feel and fear the legal voters of this country. They depend on illegal voting, lying, and hypocrisy to further their agendas. Learning Spanish for me was an attempt to respond to a need to understand and accept another language and culture but have been rejected on many occasions because I’m not a native speaker. It’s too late to apply this logic to non English speakers. It’s obvious that Jill’s attempt is nothing but a charade. I always thought that foreign language proficiency was a requirement in upper level education. It appears that the president’s wife failed but miraculously graduated anyway. Calling her anything but Ms Biden is an error.

  6. Everyone knows, not excluding the Democrats, that the elections were stolen. This is very dangerous, because, in addition to the elections, the following were stolen: – The Constitution, the Supreme Court – except for the only honest judge who continues to fight for the victory of justice – Clarence Thomas, the Senate was also stolen, America was stolen, Freedom was stolen. Either we must return all this, or this is the death of our Country.

  7. The big lie that wasn’t which Trump still promotes to this day is a lie. He can’t stand to be called a “LOSER” because he lost 2020 election and that eats at him daily. No one stole anything from him or his party.

    1. Another ridiculous statement! You utter such BS while this country is going in the crapper. Geez.

      1. Leroy is right on target. The BIG LIE was just that!!! A WHOPPER!!! Donald trump is the O.J. Simpson of the 21st century. Got away with an insurrection,…but won’t get away with evading taxes, money laundering or illegally interfering with an election. Jail will be due justice/

    2. You don’t seem to understand that there was wide spread voter fraud. It has been proven in a court of law yet you still keep your head in the sand and say Trump is a sore loser. I’ll pray for all of you dumbasses so that you’ll see the light.

      1. I agree with God fearing. Why are Foreign Countries interferrng in our Country’s Election’s other than to make us members of the NWO.

    3. I live in an all Republican county. Every local office is held by Republicans. How did this county flip to the left? Dominion voting machines!!!!
      What about the rallies? Thousands of people attended Trump rallies, while the Biden rallies drew only a few hundred each time.
      The left had issued threats to any judge that supports Trump.
      No one is following the money trail!!!
      Heads of the media are also being bought out with Soros money and big money from Biden’s China!

      Stacy Abrams actually came out and made statements about how to steal an election after the 2016 election after their failed attempt to steal the election for Hillary. She said it was necessary!

      It is not Republicans vs Democrats. It is American Patriots vs anyone trying to destroy America.
      GW. Held office as a republican, but not a Patriot. GW Bush, Clintons, and the Obamas are all part of the New World Order and are trying to destroy america. That is why they want your guns and that is why PRESIDENT TRUMP and the rest of the AMERICANS are so upset.

  8. As long as the left controls the media and sets the narrative; and until we get some conservatives in power who will call out the liberals and hold them accountable for their lies and concealment of the truth, this country will continue to spiral downward. Far too many Americans believe the mainstream media because they don’t look any farther.

  9. If in all these informal polls, 95% of the people agree with Mr. Trump’s position, how did 80 million people vote for Biden?

    1. The people didn’t vote for Biden and those who did are Traitors to our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  10. If he had made a comment about the ‘raid’ of one car, (still a very bad thing), two officers down, barricade rammed into, it would be about another Islam follower spouting crazy rhetoric. This reporter didn’t do his homework. Tsk! Tsk!

  11. The sadness thing is All those that tock the OATH are standing Down ! We either Fight or lose the county ! It time Mr. Trump look at the truth ! In 1776 we didn’t prat for the King to get out , In the Big war ( World War 2 ) we lose a lot of good men a lot ! Now is time too take back the county ! They all committed Treason Its time for arest & Exetution At Gidmo And it starts with obama ! Any of those you leave Standing well start again !

    Mr.Trump its up to you , The people ,armed force ,the police yes even the F.B.I Stand with you When well you stand we us ?

  12. Trump was a wee bit late; he should have reacted when Twitter shut down the NY Post re Hunter.


    Definition of “democracy” from
    Government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.

    We, the People must demand that we receive objective and truthful information to allow us to enjoy a functional democracy as it is defined.

    Without TRUTH, our efforts at democracy fall within the genre of “garbage in, garbage out” and our efforts at achieving a functional democracy will fail. Thus, any intentional impediment to truth must be eliminated and considered problematic and conceivably treasonous.

    If it were rational and logical to conclude that our goal is a functional democracy, it appears that an intentional and material lie or the withholding of truth by a Senator or Representative should be punished by expulsion and criminal penalties.

    Our forefathers who wrote the Constitution designed a system of checks and balances by establishing the three branches of government; legislative, executive, and judicial.

    Codified within the First Amendment of the Constitution is that Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech or of the press. This portion of the First Amendment enables the press or anyone else to present objective and truthful observations of our government. The First Amendment does not imply that the press or anyone is protected from untruthful information.

    Whereas the press has the freedom to present the results of observations and investigations, it cannot present knowingly false information and, if it were to do so, would be subject to financial and criminal penalties. The withholding of exculpatory information would be subject to the same penalties. The critical tools which must be utilized by the press are objectivity and truth.

    Large entities which are conduits and disseminators of information should be characterized as utilities, i.e., not proprietary.

    Based upon the above, it should be considered that these entities, Twitter, Google, and Facebook are treasonous. An effective Congress should assess substantial fines and demand an immediate reversal of the withholding of the New York Post article.

    The key elements of a functional democracy are objectivity and truthfulness.

    michael zitterman
    mikiesmoky @
    October 28, 2020

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