New liberal line: Biden is “afraid of looking soft” on illegal immigration


Have you ever had one of those moments when it seems as if you’ve slipped through some sort of dimensional doorway into an alternate reality, as happened in some of the original episodes of the Twilight Zone? Reading some of the liberal editorials making the rounds these days can produce a similar effect. That’s what happened when a reader sent me a link to this editorial in the Boston Globe written by Marcela Garcia, a member of the paper’s editorial board. The subject was immigration (carefully avoiding using the word “illegal” anywhere in the column) and the author was seeking to find an explanation as to why President Joe Biden was being too tough on immigrants and not relaxing restrictions on immigration. I’ll just give you a moment to collect yourselves after that shock to the system.

The official name of the malady is xenophobia. Donald Trump did everything he could to spread the condition, and it still infects us.

Unlike Trump, President Biden doesn’t fear displaced foreigners who fled their homes due to civil conflict, natural disasters, persecution, or systemic violence. Nor does he blatantly use them as handy political props. Still, he may be afraid of appearing soft on immigration, just as some were labeled soft on crime a generation ago.

That could be one explanation for why Biden hasn’t reversed Trump’s historically low refugee admissions cap of 15,000 annually, leaving many in the resettlement world baffled. It could also be that the administration is consumed with managing the influx of migrant children at the US-Mexico border.

Garcia goes on to describe Biden’s “delay on welcoming refugees” as being a “huge disappointment” to advocates like herself. To her credit, the author does draw a distinction between people who have left their home countries and traveled through a second nation, applying for the United Nations refugee resettlement program along the way, and those who simply show up at our border demanding asylum. The former qualify as refugees in the technical sense and are at least trying to comply with our laws, while the latter are illegal immigrants. But that credit is diminished when the author turns around and basically lumps both categories into the same basket.

Donald Trump did indeed lower the cap on the number of refugees America accepts. That move turned out to be rather prescient when you consider the effects of the pandemic and the measures we were forced to take in bringing it under control. And while we’re making some admirable progress, the pandemic is still with us. Many of the countries these refugees hail from still have alarming infection rates.

But if Ms. Garcia wants to talk about the total number of refugees of any description that are being “allowed” into our country currently, perhaps she should take a look at the latest news from the southern border. In case anyone has somehow missed it, thanks to Joe Biden’s changes to our immigration policies we are currently “welcoming” so many people into our country that we have nowhere to put them and many are being released into the country without a court date and some without even having been ID’d for a background check. The author is concerned that the refugee cap isn’t being raised from 15,000 to 65,000, but the Border Patrol currently estimates that they will end up dealing with more than a million illegal alien encounters by the end of this year.

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Does any sane person honestly believe that Joe Biden is mismanaging the crisis on the southern border because he’s “afraid of looking soft on illegal immigration?” Before even taking office, Biden did everything short of going down to the border and literally rolling out a red carpet. And the aspiring illegal immigrants have taken his invitation to heart, wearing their Biden campaign t-shirts and giving press conferences about how hard it is to get their official documents and spread across the nation.

Joe Biden is hardly afraid of being seen as being too soft on any border control and immigration policies. He ran his entire campaign on promised to be precisely that guy. Now he’s made good on those promises and we have him to thank for the burgeoning crap show currently unfolding on the Mexican border.

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