NY Senate just passed a concentration camp bill to forcibly throw people in camps, just like the Nazis did in World War II

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The Democrat-dominated New York state Senate has passed a bill “allowing” government officials to throw people in concentration camps indefinitely if they are deemed to be a public health threat.

The next phase of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) plandemic, the legislation reflects what the Nazis did in World War II when they decided that human rights no longer apply during a “crisis.”

Should the bill get signed into law by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, even healthy people who are deemed to be “contagious” could be scooped up and thrown in prison camps for the “safety” of the general public.

Assembly Bill A416 “relates to the removal of cases, contacts and carriers of communicable diseases who are potentially dangerous to the public health,” the bill reads.

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Anyone deemed a “case” or even just a contact of “case” who might be “infected” or possibly a “carrier” of any illness, not just the Chinese virus, would become a target of government officials in New York who would have leeway and discretion to respond as they see fit.

The legislation specifically states that as long as the “opinion of the governor” dictates that a person is a threat, he or she could be removed from the home and placed in government “care” for as long as the governor sees fit.

“Such person or group of persons shall be detained in a medical facility or other appropriate facility or premises designated by the governor or his or her delegee and complying with subdivision five of this section,” the bill further reads.

Welcome to the New World Order, brought to you by the Chinese virus

In essence, AB A416 overrides the Constitution and replaces it with a new system of authoritarianism whereby the government, at least in New York, will now have unlimited power to take people from their homes and deprive them of life and liberty on a whim.

All the government would have to do is accuse a person of possibly being infected with a “virus” and that would justify that person’s removal from society. Just think of how many political dissidents might be swept up in this scheme and eliminated under the guise of public health.

Perhaps the worst part about the bill is the fact that entire groups of people would be targets merely for being around a person who is accused of being an infection “carrier.”

“This bill isn’t specifically for those who are known to be infected,” explains the NoQreport. “It can also apply to groups who are designated as potentially infected.”

“This bill grants the power to the Governor and his czars to declare a wide variety of circumstances to be worthy of indefinite detention, aka quarantine.”

Say a person is accused of carrying an infection and that person had previously spent time at a local bar or pool hall. Under this new bill, everyone who was inside the bar or pool hall could be picked up and thrown in a concentration camp.

“This opens the door to indefinite detention, particularly for diseases that remain in one’s system for extended periods of time,” the NoQreport adds.

“Covid-19, for example, has been shown to allow infections to persist for over a month after a person is first exposed. Mutated variants of the disease could hypothetically extend their contagious period for much longer.”

If New Yorkers sit idly by and allow this bill to become “law,” it will eventually spread to all other states. Be warned, America: The New World Order is here and it is coming for you.

More related news about how scary “viruses” and other “threats” to public health are now being used to imprison and enslave people can be found at Tyranny.news.

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      1. I have a pretty good idea that ALL DEMORAT politicians in New York are gonna meet their maker real soon!

    1. Say goodbye to peaceful assembly. (for conservatives of course) All they have to do is implant 1 person in , say, a “Rally”. Then obtain as much facial recognition info as they can, then identify their implant as Positive for whatever infection and then round up all they can and drop them in the bin. No more Trump rallies. No more gatherings of any kind that the left would consider contrary to their ideology. Say goodbye to: Church, Picnics, ballgames, movies, shopping, etc. If you are targeted it would be easy for them to get you caught up in the web. This is how they can selectively remove anyone they want from circulation. Then there is always the extreme over the top conspiracy theory that there could be “Virus incidents” at some of these “camps” where large numbers of people suddenly and mysteriously perish. That would coincide with Bill Gates population reduction agenda. Just thinking out loud. Crazy stupid-YEP. But then just look at what has taken place since 1-20-21. You be the judge. Sweet Dreams.

      1. what happen to this country? they voted for democrats. Americans brought this on them selves. they vote blindly because they’re too lazy to find the facts. goes for both parties…they always vote for the best liar, then it’s too late.

        1. Democrats are the main source of America’s destruction. Just look at the so called squad, Nancy and Chucky. We have actual card carrying Communist sitting in the Senate and Congress and the Mayor of New York City. The Dem’s are a sick bunch and like a just like a sick animal should be put down. The Constitution provides for the people to remove and replace a government that has run amuck like this one. The only question is, how to do it. I would say that a so called million man march, armed march with everyone carrying, locked and loaded show up on Capitol Hill and demand the resignation of every Tom, Dick and Harry, including the President and his V.P. It is then and only then can we as a Nation save our Constitution and Bill of Rights before they are gone forever.

    1. Actually the Communist Party has been alive and well in America since 1919. Communism has been entrenched in our political system since the 1920’s because both Woodrow Wilson and FDR, running as democrats included communists in their cabinets and administrations. The democRAT party has hidden their communist/socialist leaning since shorty after the Civil War. Not until Barack Obama did the party openly admit this fact. NOW everybody with a brain knows what they are; radical Marxist communists using the same violent and totalitarian techniques used by communists to overthrow governments promoting liberty and freedom.

  1. I can’t believe what I read. I never thought this would come in my lifetime and I’am 74.

  2. So coo moo is planning to use nursing homes as concentration camps for people with covid, figures!

  3. So did they put cuomo in yet ??? He’s the biggest threate to the state . He should lead by example

  4. Don’t forget that the dems do have a ‘bit’ of a track record regarding putting ‘undesirables’ in camps. Think Nisei – but at least (as far as we know) they didn’t engage in wholesale slaughter like the krauts did.

  5. To the people of New York, you had better recall or impeach your governor and the democrats in your state legislator before you are rounded up and sent to New York’s interment center.

  6. Just be wary…if they start adding ‘new showers’ and staff that work those are wearing ‘hazmat’ suits with gas masks.

  7. It is not so surprising to see New Jerk assembly come up with something like this. After all they stood up and and gave a standing ovation when they passed the infanticide bill allowing a doctor or the mother have the baby killed up to 2 weeks after birth for what ever reason they could come up with. This type of tyranny is bringing us way back to Hitlers fondest wishes. These people are SICK and have no morality or a sole. I am a believer that when these idiots get together to make these rules they sit around a table with a BONG in the center and after inhaling for about an hour they come up with these things, there is no way a sane and sober person could come up with this.

  8. It is time for “ALL” of the RED States to succeed and form what is left of the USA and become the” Constitutional United States of America.” Leave the crazies to fend for themselves to do the socialist thing. This is not the country I defended in uniform for four years to protect the citizens and the Constitution. May God Bless those of us who believe in the USA!

  9. This is scary the power it gives the Governor under his/her discretion to detain anyone for minimum 3 days up to 90+. And don’t forget once incarcerated even if you weren’t exposed prior to (just suspected) after placed in here you could accidently be exposed to others locked up in same facility opening a potential endless cycle of exposure. Even if not you are in solitary confinement (isolation) for minimum 3 up to 60 days. And if you provide family/friends to contact to let them know where you are. Imagine if they decide you had contact with each of these and round up everyone on your contact list as potentially infected or exposed.
    All this based on the “opinion” of the Governor, one who sent known contaminated patients into nursing homes with people who were healthy prior to his order. After removing his own mother first that is.
    NY you got what you voted for and it is a sad and now dangerous state you have placed yourselves in.


  11. Concentration camps in the USA. Who would believe that. New York has gone crazy First, kill off the old people and now put the rest in concentration camps? Kill babies at birth? These are sick people in this state. What have you people in New York done? Above comment had it correct. time to form a new country. Conservative states and the nut case states.

  12. There’s absolutely too much anti American crap going on. When Obama was in power FEMA reportedly built hundreds of ‘relocation’ camps for the elderly. Concentration camps would be a better description. Then we start seeing reports that FEMA is storing no telling how many thousands of plastic coffins all over the country. Then I saw one report that FEMA had purchased tons of poison gas, the same as the stuff Hitler used in his concentration camps to kill Jews. Then Biden welcomes what will probably turn out to be millions of illegal aliens into our county. Put with those things the fact that socialists managed to get Biden illegally elected with a fraudulent election. Now, Biden is bypassing the congress his socialist party controls with his record number of executive orders. Could it be that the illegal aliens being brought in will soon be citizens, registered voters, and we who actually belong here will eventually end up in one of the concentration camps taking gas showers and being buried in plastic FEMA coffins? I learned a very long time ago that NOTHING is impossible. In closing I want to thank those morons who blindly voted for a socialist to be our “leader” and helped destroy what was once a free nation.

  13. Time to use their tactics! Every Democrat you know paint Communist in big letters on their house and car. They started this , it’s now time to stop them before we lose more of our country. You can ask anyone of them how anything they propose help our country or our people and they can’t answer it.

  14. The New York Senate passed the Concentration Camp Act today and nothing happened. So tomorrow this President and this Senate will also be able to pass this law, according to which we will all be made prisoners of concentration camps throughout the country, if you and I allow this to be done with us. We cannot be silent any longer, we cannot tolerate this, we cannot allow these criminals to destroy our country!

  15. I suspect a lot of New Yorker’s will be moving south. There should be a moratorium on allowing them to vote for not less than 30 years or at least until They have gotten the communism out of their system.

  16. America is the free-est country in the world, but over half of the population is drinking the Cool Aid of Socialism, Marxism and Communism as an elixir of eternal youth. Why are the majority of news makers aiding and abetting the destruction of our Constitutional freedoms when the world is trying to flee countries of oppression with the hope of U. S. citizenship being the carrot held out just beyond their reach by the Democratic purveyors of tall tales & fake passports? It’s incredible what Pelosi and Schumer will do for 20+ million new voters. We taxpayers are getting clobbered by the promise of new taxes, longer business closures, no school openings in Blue states, more bankruptcies, longer family separations, deeper depressions leading to a multitude of drug, alcohol, mental illness and suicide deaths and no end in sight of a guaranteed safe Covid vaccine cure only to now be told the quarantine locked-in-sites are being prepared for our safety! It’s a giant crap shoot with humans agreeing to be experimental guinea pigs of the New World Order and waltzing to the tune of “I’m a loser” (the Beatles- 1964) substituting the ‘girl’ for Lady Liberty. Dante’s Inferno with the sweet smell of roses with poisonous thorns is waiting for the masses who either can’t or won’t hear the angels telling them to open their eyes and question the “Crazies” ( a 2010 American science fiction horror film) around them. All the signs are here, all the evils are spoken- where are the hero’s?

  17. I will defend this country and our GOD GIVEN rights against ALL enemies foreign and DOMESTIC!
    That includes wannabe dick-tators.
    The only way this cancer can be stopped now is by surgical removal at the business end of firearms in the hands of PATRIOTIC legal Americans defending their country against the Neo-fascist left!

  18. People in authority either use people for their own means, or they serve people for the good of the community. The Left is just using the American citizens for their own end. We are the ‘chopped liver’ so to speak. The Left is honoring those who are supposedly victimized by us. We are the oppressors. So, the only thing we can do is to fight to keep America free. There is no reasoning with the Left, and so many conservatives are apathetic to the cause. As Sean Hannity says, we get the government we deserve. Evil people are voted into office by evil citizens. But most of America has a moral compass. I think it’s apathy on the part of the conservatives, as well as deception created by the mainstream media. We need to wake up before it’s too late.

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